Uranus in Aquarius

Uranus in Aquarius has great intuitive skills and original ideas. They tend to work towards bettering humanity. They are devoted friends and truly want to help those in need. This unselfish behavior helps them to gain what they want in life. They may also be gifted with mechanical skills.

Aquarius Uranus may also be erratic. They may have difficulties with their choice of friends, who may take advantage of them.

Uranus in Aquarius likes to turn the world upside down. The revolution may be loud or peaceful, but they are part of the action either way. Naturally obliging with a pleasant personality, Aquarius Uranus is popular wherever they go. Some of their core beliefs may be a bit on the eccentric side. They may be very successful in electronics, logistic computers, space technology or anything of a scientific nature.

Aquarius Uranus likes to socialize, and they are naturals at networking. They love to be where the action is. Highly inventive, they can envision what will happen down the road. They can understand complicated social problems and come up with ideas to help ease them. They have a talent for conveying complex ideas to others. Resourceful Aquarius Uranus is a good person to have on your side.

Uranus In Aquarius has the ability to help bring in new technologies and restructure communication. They are very intelligent, yet impersonal and detached. A few may be able to be more compassionate and understand what others are going through. Strong willed, Aquarius Uranus likes to work on their own, but being a loner isnโ€™t that bad if you enjoy it. They may use radical approaches to community, and they know how to get people to unite towards a common purpose. This ability to create an integrated whole can help humanity move forward. Working with obsolete social systems can really frustrate them.

Time of Discovery and Exploration

Since Uranus rules Aquarius, this is a powerful placement for the planet of sudden, unpredictable change. This is a time of discovery and exploration, in which the grouping of peoples by nationality, religion, race, gender and age is becoming less meaningful than by commonality of purpose and vision.

On an individual level, you have a scientific and intellectual mind, but tend to be very impersonal and detached unless you have a strong Neptune or a lot of planets in Water. Without the Water you could be lacking in compassion and general understanding of more emotionally oriented people.

Exercise is very important for your health, as otherwise your circulation will become sluggish. Youโ€™re independent, strong willed, progressive, inventive, and like to work alone. With a radical approach to community and group work, you have insights into uniting peoples. You have the capacity to understand the true meaning of democracy. Uranus returns to each sign once every 84 years.

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