Uranus in Aries

Uranus in Aries is original and independent. Full of ambition and energy, they are very resourceful. Challenges that would send most people running are handled easily by those with Uranus in Aries. They may come across as impulsive or abrupt, which can make them a bit hard to get along with, even though they didn’t mean to upset anyone. They like to have a change of scenery, so may move frequently. They may be forced to change jobs or cities due to their rude manner.

Aries Uranus may feel that there is nothing left for them to learn they know everything that is necessary. They may be impatient with the ideas of others. They may lose friends over this because they easily get into arguments over unimportant details. Their rather clinical, scientific ideas of children’s education are meant to protect them from society’s disorganization.

Aries Uranus has a well developed practical sense of business and finance that comes in handy. Combined with their inventive abilities and originality, they can be unbeatable. Overflowing with enthusiasm, intellectual prowess and energy, it is hard to repress their natural love of freedom. They are always ready to go back to school for more learning, no matter what their age.

Uranus in Aries has the ability to intuit a new direction for humankind, as well as ways to implement it. Unfortunately, it has just as much chance to be a bad direction as a good direction. They are not afraid to pioneer new ideas. Some are blessed with healing talents.

Uranus in Aries can also be a bit foolhardy, inconsistent and rebellious. Their temper can be legendary. In order to succeed, they should learn to control it and slow down. They can be plagued by headaches if they don’t learn how to relax. This is a time marked with sudden, abrupt changes. If they are not careful, they may end up in accidents due to their haste.

Highly Creative and Freedom

With Uranus in Aries, the planet of freedom and revolution lies in the first of the signs which is all about new beginnings and rebirth. People with this combination are therefore highly creative in their thinking and can help pioneer new ideas entering into society. These people have the ability to come out with highly innovative and radical ideas.

Possibly someone like the author HG Wells and his ideas of landing on the Moon and Time Machines, which were a hundred years before their time would be indicative of this combination. People with Uranus in Aries are unfazed by the fact that something has never been done before, for them the challenge is in the new adventure and being some of the first people to do it.

For people with Uranus in Aries, both the planet and the sign epitomise the principles of freedom, so these people will not take kindly to limitation of any kind. They will feel quite claustrophobic if surrounded by figures of authority who tell them what they can or cannot do or what is or is not possible.

People with this combination, as we have said, will have great energy and enthusiasm for starting new ideas and projects, they may well however have a limitation and lack of desire or staying power to see these projects through to fruition. This all depends upon the other aspects of their chart. They may also suffer from launching headfirst into new ideas before thinking through their consequences. This impulsiveness can sometimes be echoed in people with Uranus in Aries having a temper.

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