Uranus in Libra

Uranus in Libra can be gifted artistically, musically or with literature. They have an original way of expressing themselves, and quite frequently their work involves the occult in some fashion. They are distinctive, whether with color, personality or field of expertise. They are often blessed with a keen intuition.

They have a vivid imagination and many are attracted to their personality. They may make good artists, musicians, writers, lawyers, scientists and arbitrators. They have a strong sense of justice, especially for the underdog. They are liable to be successful passing legislation to protect victims and other social issues.

Alternatively, Libra Uranus may also experience domestic troubles, sorrow and separation from their marriage partner through death by accident or illness. Divorce may also loom in their future. They may have a hard time remaining loyal to their partner. If marriage is to succeed, they need space. They may have relationships that start or end abruptly. They may push the traditional perspective with an open marriage, multiple partners or other unusual partnerships. They may tend towards anarchistic behavior, or be known for their eccentricities.

Libra Uranus is usually far-sighted and can reason clearly. They can be ambitious. They are restless, and donโ€™t like others meddling in their business. Full of personal magnetism, they may find themselves in some unusual relationships. They have a short temper.

Uranus in Libra brings changes to partnerships, art and law. They do things in an unconventional, sometimes shocking way. They prefer things that are loosely defined rather than rigid. They like independence and freedom in all things. They are very tolerant of those with different beliefs or habits. They are good facilitators and have a talent for diplomacy. Uranus in Libra can be very cooperative and fair. They have progressive ideas that do not follow traditional rules. They are known for their logical prowess, and they seek intellectual pursuits.

Generation of Personal Freedom

The generation of people with Uranus in Libra brought about and value new ideas of freedom in the realm of marriage and partnership. Traditionally it was seen as unthinkable or shamefull to contemplate divorce and people often accepted there was no way out of their unhappy situation. For the generation of Uranus in Libra the ideas of personal freedom, integrity and hapiness were paramount over staying in a loveless marriage.

This combination was last seen in the late sixties and early seventies. These natives were born into a time of sexual feedom and revolution and a time of divorce amongst their parents. Having open relations and multiple partners was suddenly accepted as hip or cool.

The idea of people living in a commune or extended family became popular. Although this idea of total freedom did not last, the realm of relationshipships were transformed forever and the genie was truly out of the bottle. People with Uranus in Libra are likely to be highly knowledgeable in the area of human relationships and to champion the rights of each individual in the parnership.

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