Uranus in Sagittarius

Uranus in Sagittarius is strong on intuition. They are gifted with visions, precognitive dreams and the imagination. Their premonitions may be uncanny. If they develop these gifts it will serve them well. They may be attracted to practice the occult arts. They may be very religious and have a good understanding of educational theory. They may also want to help humanity as a whole. They like to travel and learn from their new surroundings.

Sagittarius Uranus may also be very eccentric or erratic in behavior. They may hold their own opinions on the law and religion. They could be rebellious in nature, and this may lead them into legal troubles. They may only see their side of the story, being oblivious to everyone else. They enjoy shocking people by what they say or do. They are adventurous and seek independence.

Sagittarius Uranus loves science and philosophy. They love to keep abreast of the latest discoveries. They donโ€™t like conventional thinking; they like to start anew. They are not afraid to put themselves in danger to seek knowledge. They love to be free to say what they want and go where they wish. Generous, open-hearted and progressive, they may stun others with their ways.

Uranus in Sagittarius does not like the rigidity of academics, but they understand the need for it. They are optimistic. They may find that their own beliefs come from feeling the spirituality that lives in everything around them. They are interesting to talk to, and they are always direct. This person is very open to trying new things. They may clash with those who hold traditional scientific or religious views.

Knowledge and Religious

The generation of people with Uranus in Sagittarius value the pursuit of knowledge and religious truth. The insights that the planet Uranus brings to this position are of new and alternative ways of understanding and worship and the pursuit of knowledge. People with Uranus in Sagittarius are not content with how things have always been done in these areas.

Instead they bring a fresh approach or a reforming of outdated methods to the areas of eduction, philosophy, religion. Indeed their concern is within any area that searches for a higher truth or collective meaning. Often this search can lead them to be interested in foreign cultures and alternative ways of living.

This may well mean they travel a lot throughout their lives and spend periods living away from their native lands. On returning home they bring back with them the jewels of what they have learned. Above all they value their freedom to search and practise these higher truths.

As with all planets in the sign of Sagittarius there is a danger of fanaticism if the truths these individuals feel they have found are not acknowleged or accepted by others. Uranus was last found in Sagittarius in the mid 1980โ€™s.

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