Uranus in Virgo

Uranus in Virgo can be very original, with a strong scientific and mechanical talent. They may have a strong sense of intuition. Many have a good head for business, which will make them successful financially. They may also be afflicted by many ailments, or become a hypochondriac. They may have difficulties dealing with employers or suffer other limits to their ambitions.

Uranus in Virgo may find a great career in government or in the public eye. They are interested in new techniques for health, the environment and hygiene. They have a talent for helping heal the soil, air or water that they may not realize. They could just as easily teach, go into engineering or be a CEO in a field they are interested in. Scientific oddities are interesting to them, as are historical curiosities.

Virgo Uranus is quiet on the outside, but they can impress others with their sense of control. Inside they may be literally seething with curiosity. They are independent, and somewhat eccentric. Their intellectual capacity is excellent.

Virgo Uranus is interested in the healing power of nature and the power of the mind. They may be into the organic movement, even if is just because they have their own little garden in the back yard. They have good powers of analysis, and make good researchers or scientists. They want to help the common person, struggling to make ends meet. Alternate lifestyles appeal to them, and they have a talent for salvaging almost anything. They spend a lot of time caring for others, and relax by working.

Uranus in Virgo seeks to improve their work one detail at a time. They are attracted to both the newest technologies and what is most natural. This can create a conflict, because part of them believes that what is new is the best, while another part teaches them that what is natural is best.

Revolution and Innovation

People with Uranus in Virgo have the ability to bring innovation and revolution to the areas of the workplace, technology and medicine. The last generation born with this combination are some of the children of the 1960’s. During that time some of the first computers were being used by society and their influence was gradually increasing in companies.

There were revolutions in healthcare with the advent of the pill. Generally the 1960’s saw a time of revolution in the field of technology where people believed the automation of mundane tasks by robots and machines would free up people for a more leisure filled and better life. It was a time of optimisim in many ways after the suffering and rationing of the war years.

People with Uranus in Virgo were born into the time of this energy being prevelant in the world, and they echo these ideas inside of themselves. They have since become the people who have led the computer revolution and are now mostly well into their forties.

The sign of Virgo rules the field of health and medicine and as such natives with Uranus in Virgo believe in a revolution in the practise of healthcare and medicine. It is this generation who have brought in the gym culture, bans on smoking, organic food shops and popularisation of alternative therapies such as Homeopathy, Yoga, Pilates, Reiki and Shaitsu and a host of others.

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