Venus in Aquarius Man

If a man’s Venus is in Aquarius, he can be most impressed by women who are somewhat unconventional or kooky in their choice of clothes and overall style. He wants an interesting woman. She can certainly be beautiful, but boring? Hardly.

Venus in Aquarius tends to pick a lover from their circle of friends. You’re not the “swoony” type; you prefer a more easygoing partner. You are able to be objective about your relationships in a way that is refreshing to some people and absolutely unnerving to those who express themselves in a more dramatic or emotional way. You like friends and lovers who are unorthodox and march to their own beat, even if you yourself are a more conventional type.

The Aquarius Male has the mind of an inventor and the intellect and vocabulary of the most esteemed professor. All things new and developmental exist to be pondered and explored, his thirst and ability to absorb knowledge and theory is profound. He tends to appear serene and collected, at times eccentric or standoffish, but this is merely the wrapper for a humane and kind soul. He is most attracted to freedom loving partners who have kind hearts and empathetic souls. While life is but a playground for the Aquarius male, his loyalty and devotion to his chosen one hinges on the respect of his ideals and space – without fail.

Aquarius Venus Man

This man is least interested in dictating how a woman should be. He does not make a shopping list. However, he is attracted to the one who appears most different than those in the crowd. His dream lover is individualistic; a critical thinker little detached and has interest in all sorts of topics to keep him engaged. Romantically, she must be kinky, but should not go overboard with it. As mentioned above, seeing or experiencing same romantic things again and again is boring to Venus in Aquarius. The man, especially, tends to struggle with it a lot more than the woman.

Traditionally, he is labeled as unromantic or detached. Women expecting him to always show up at the door with flowers will always find themselves disappointed. Honestly speaking, he is not the mushy type. Do not still think he is a bad guy. Once in a while he does not mind showing his romantic side, but it will be wrong to expect him to be always like this. There are basically two things missing in him and they are intuition and casual feelings. This is one reason why he is not always responsive to the feelings of his partner. Just try telling him that you are sad or ill. His reply probably to it will be “oh okay” and then he will carry on with his own topics.

The urge to stay awakened is a feature that his heart has. This works in two different ways. When the man gets attracted to a detached woman his heart suddenly gets awakened to win her heart. In this situation, he turns into a lover boy, willing to do anything to woo her. If she succeeds in staying detached even in the relationship, he will take a long time to shed his romantic self.

What happens when the relationship turns tedious? We all know by now that this gets him to hibernate. Only when the disappointed lover breaks off, his heart comes out of this mode. it can actually take a long time for a Venus in Aquarius man to get out of the lake of love sorrow.

This guy often is tagged as cheater and commitment phobic. Point to note is that there is an exception in this. If he is brought up in a traditional family environment, he will neither be a cheater nor commitment phobic. In a situation like this, he will be clueless about how to approach a woman. Because of this, he may go years without any relationship. The family environment works to keep his confidence level lower. So once he finally gets a lady to settle down with, he will not stray.

But ever heard of the line “absolute power corrupts”? This is quite in tune with a Venus in Aquarius man who has full freedom in his life. If he fails to find his dream lover, he will not hesitate to jump from one woman to another. In marriage, it is less likely for him to cheat. Once again, it has more to do with his fixed sign.

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