Venus in Leo Man

If a man’s Venus is in Leo, he may be attracted to women who are proud, outgoing, and perhaps even gaudy. Aloofness or a dignified, confident aura is usually appealing to these men. These men are more inclined to enjoy women who wear a good deal of makeup and jewelry. Flashiness is often appealing, although some will prefer a slightly more understated look. The bottom line, however, is usually a rather bold, confident manner.

Proud Mary! Fabio! Venus in Leo wants to be admired and adored. Leo is the sign of gold, royalty, and children. The best partners and friends for you are those who will play with you, who encourage that childlike wonder in you. You lavish your partner with compliments and shows of appreciation. Gold, purple, and glitz are your colors. You express yourself dramatically. You need to find an outlet for this in your life, such as painting or theater, or you might create soap opera theatrics in your personal life which can be harmful in your relationships. Leo rules the heart and spine.

The Leo Male is strong and affectionate, with a magnetic personality filled with fun and good cheer. He tends to be very generous, and successful enough to recover from his sprees without skipping a beat. He is attracted to beauty in all forms of lovers, specifically the ones who are adept at adoring him. In bed, the King of Beasts will live up to the title, but before you’re done purring, he’s probably raiding the fridge or making a sandwich. This man will give away his heart fully and with great ease, but from time to time he is likely to forget with whom he left it!

Leo Venus Man

May prefer to date exceptionally gorgeous women who naturally get a lot of attention like actresses and model types. My love the theatre and show business in general. May love bold gestures in relationships and dramatic displays of affection. May prefer to be around glamourous and beautiful people.

Venus in Leo natives are very honest about their feelings. They are never afraid to tell you exactly how they really feel. They are very used to getting what they want and they do not handle it well at all when anyone doesn’t like them or puts up a fight. They feel very insecure when they are rejected and usually internally combust when that happens. They can be very violent when dealing with rejection - breaking mirrors, punching walls. They are often very naive. They often think that just because they like someone, that person will automatically like them. They can be very arrogant and may not have the capacity to understand that not everyone adores them.

May have lots of glamourous or famous friends. May get bossed around by his girlfriend. May be overshadowed by his partner. May tend towards extravagance and may be somewhat obsessed with his appearance. In some cases he may prefer blondes or those with a very “golden” complexion.

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