Venus in Libra Man

If a man’s Venus is in Libra, he is most attracted to femininity expressed as understated charm, good manners, and a simple but beautiful appearance. Coarseness or rudeness is often a turn-off.

Fairness is the most important thing with Venus in Libra. You want things to balance, give and take. Air is your element, and things of the air are soothing to you — birds, mobiles, incense. Because relationships are so important to you, you tend to put a lot of importance on your partner’s enjoyment or happiness. You’re a good compromiser, and that works for you as long as you don’t compromise your core needs and values. Libra rules the skin and kidneys. (We won’t go there!)

The Libra Male is the life of the party, the kind of guy you just want to be around. Strong of mind, body, character and success, he tends to have a playboy past and is likely to throw over the latest bubble-headed beauty for a quiet, loyal, sweetheart who may turn a few less heads (but can intellectually hold their ground). For all that he is, and all that he has achieved, he tends to have abandonment issues that can run fairly deep. His deepest desire is to complete himself with the one he loves, and if it takes a hundred tries before they get it right – he’ll just keep on trying!

Libra Venus Man

May be extremely cool, calm, and collected. May be incredibly shallow and superficial. May be very comfortable with lying. May prefer relationships to be light, easy, relaxed, carefree. May prefer relationships with model types or girls that are really trendy.

They are usually very decent and pleasant in relationships, they live for romantic partnership so they don’t want to do anything to screw it up. They hate to argue and fight and are usually very docile in relationships. They don’t make a fuss about much. They are usually very complimentary to their partner and do all they can to help their partner stay balanced. They often prefer someone who is the opposite of them in some way or someone who compliments them in some way. They want to be in a couple that looks beautiful or fashionable.

May prefer relationships with shallow people. May be really into fashionable and trendy venues, gadgets, cars. May enjoy getting manicures or just being groomed. May be very superficial. May always look cool, clean, and sharp, like a GQ cover. May have an incredible knack for finding beautiful things. May be a great artist or designer.

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