Venus in Pisces Man

If a man’s Venus is in Pisces, he is often impressed with a feminine aura of softness, sweetness, and neediness to a certain degree. She need not be robust or aggressive. Lacking in confidence is just fine, and so is a touch of helplessness.

Pisces is the most psychically sensitive sign of the Zodiac. Love in the sign of the fishes is artistic, otherworldly, floaty; it ebbs and flows like the ocean. Saying no is difficult for you, so you tend to drift out of a relationship rather than break it off. Pisces is the most psychic sign. It’s helpful to realize you can feel other people’s feelings as well as your own. That’s why clarity is hard to come by sometimes, and why spending some time by yourself is very good for you. Pisces rules the feet— yours may be so sensitive that you don’t like them touched. If not, you love for someone to rub them.

The Pisces Male has a healthy respect for life, particularly when seen through his humorous eyes. He is the modern-day mystic, sans the tranquility training. He is charming and romantic, beautifully surreal. He can be obsessive and moody one minute – at times pouring out his soul – and the next, be extremely still and private. He loves deeply, and emotionally, and can find himself easily attached – but always searching for a new level of intensity. He is most attracted to beautiful people who are strong enough to keep him in line, and smart enough to do so privately with respect and compassion. The Pisces male is notorious for wanting what he can’t have and sometimes living in the melancholy memory (or bottle!) of the past he’s left behind.

Pisces Venus Man

It is usually seen that women find it hard to make a Venus in Pisces commit to them for a long term relationship. In this part of the article, you will learn why that is so. Basically the Pisces is a sign that has many dreams. Likewise, a man with Venus in Pisces has a dream girl in his mind. But the problem is that this dream girl has qualities that are not always found in the real world.

So throughout his life, the Venus in Pisces person compels himself to stay with someone of low quality just because the society demands him to have a partner or just to cut off the loneliness. The sign of Pisces wants to blend in because of its mutable nature. And this is where problems occur. It is mentioned earlier that Venus in Pisces person can read minds.

Unfortunately, this is what he does when he is with his lover. He picks up her emotions both negative and positive. Now the negative ones he picks up makes him feel uncomfortable in his heart. He actually wishes to commit, but cannot do so because he feels that his partner is not stable enough for a long term relationship. But at the same time he can find it hard to end it all with her.

The sign of Pisces is highly emotional. Same can be told for the Venus in Pisces. The carrier just does not want to hurt anyone or anything. But again, the negative vibes he gets from his partner throws him in dismay and later eliminate his interest in the relationship.

This man has profound relationship with fantasies containing glimpses a lover he yearns to be with. She loves him unconditionally and stays in the relationship for a long haul. She thinks positive and thus feeds him only positive vibes. She has all the traditional and feminine qualities he admires wholeheartedly. When he finds her in the real world he turns deeply committed and goes an extra mile to keep the relationship happy.

One of the pet peeves of this man is challenge. He does not want this to be anywhere near his date and relationship. In other words, he finds drama, competition, disagreement and disrespect irritating. But above all of them, a loveless relationship leaves him suffocated.

Cheating is definitely something that has love affair with this sign. Venus is the planet of attraction and love. Hence, we have the comfort of generalizing that all Venus in Pisces man cheats in relationships. But no, things do not go like that. Whether this man will cheat depends on his environment. He can be immensely faithful. But the people he mingles with can change his outlook. Watch out for female friends.

If he has too many of them or if he is too much of a social butterfly he will need protection from his partner. As stated earlier, he does not like challenge and one of the core reasons behind this is that he is not a vicious fighter and defender. When a woman starts to get cozy with him he will not have much power to go in his shell for the sake of his partner. We also need to keep in mind his mutable nature. It triggers him to return the favor especially in an intoxicating environment.

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