Venus in Taurus

Taurus Venus loves their creature comforts. They prefer to indulge the five senses. Their idea of the ideal evening would be a comfortable location, great food and drink, soft music and a lot of alone time for the two of you. They appear solid and comfortable. They need dependability and predictability in their relationships. They can be rather possessive of their partners and may feel threatened in fast, high-energy situations. They need a lot physical expression of love from their partner.

Those born with Venus in Taurus may resist change and appear to be a little too comfortable or settled, but their partners can take comfort in the fact that they are loyal and constant in their devotion. They appreciate your loyalty in return. They don’t like to be pushed around. They can feel jealous and can act overbearing with their partner when they feel threatened.

A Venus in Taurus person doesn’t like a lot of drama in their life, and they tend to stay away from players and superficial people. They bond through tactile methods they like to hold hands, give massages and other physical pleasures.

As a friend, Taurus Venus likes to hang out when they have access to plenty of goodies to indulge in. They will show up when you need help moving or painting the house, especially if there is time afterwards for a bite and some conversation. They are a dependable friend and will be there for you when you need them most.

Taurus Venus is a cuddly person. This is attractive to anyone who is looking for a long term, stable relationship. They offer long lasting devotion, respect and an earthy sensuality. For those who truly want to win the heart of a person with Venus in Taurus, they must be patient and let things unfold naturally. You must show your own dependability to them, and be willing to settle for a simple calmness to your life together.

Taurus Venus may seem conventional, but they have a strong sense of commitment. They are romantic, but not in a frilly way. They prefer to indulge their partner in simple luxuries, like a fine chocolate or a good massage. They are practical and take their relationships seriously. They want security, and seek out a partner who can help them achieve that. A person with Venus in Taurus places this security as more important than emotional or spiritual needs. This may cause them to miss the nuances of a relationship, which can be a source of frustration for them.

Taurus Venus is usually good with their personal resources. They don’t feel it is necessary to rush or get stressed over most situations. They don’t like change unless it is necessary. They may be talented in the arts or music.

The Venus in Taurus person has a very well-developed taste for simple, fine living. They are fun to be around and know how to have a good time. They are usually cheerful and easy to get along with. The appetite for sensual gratification extends to the bedroom, where Taurus Venus treats intimacy with the same care a chef uses when preparing a fine meal.

How to Love Venus in Taurus?

To make a Venus in Taurus feel loved, avoid pushing them in love, give them plenty of time. You will probably need to cultivate patience if you are in a relationship with Venus in Taurus. Remember to be simple and natural - Taurus will appreciate it. They love material comfort, luxury, and beautiful physical objects. Buy quality, timeless gifts, nothing cheap or trendy. They love being served dinner and fine wines. They love the traditional dinner and a movie more than most. Treat them with tons of respect, use good manners, bathe frequently, and dress well to do the dishes. They love to lounge around, doing nothing. They deeply appreciate physical sensations: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Let them spend their days lounging on your sofa and they may fall head over heals in love with you. They also enjoy contact with nature. Take them on an old-fashioned picnic on a blanket. Above all, never talk of change. Don’t change your hair colour, your perfume, or your favourite meal. It makes them uneasy. Prove yourself a dependable lover.

Venus in Taurus Man

Venus in Taurus man loves the whole feminine archetype and tends to be attracted more to the image of romantic "Rubenesque" (Big Beautiful Woman) than wafer thin waif. He has an appetite and likes a woman with voluptuous curves in all the right places that he can take his time and enjoy. Mr Venus in Taurus likes a traditional, conservative woman, an earth mother. He doesn’t really want his partner to be too independent, too quick. Physical looks are important to the Venus in Taurus man, but just as important are manners, grooming and cleanliness. He prefers natural beauty instead of artificial beauty, but breast size is important to this guy.

Venus in Taurus Woman

Venus in Taurus woman is attuned to physical and material security. She likes beautiful objects, beautiful food and she doesn’t like to share. She values consistency and commitment and although slow to move, will do whatever is needed to hold onto her partner or her security- often she sees the two as being intertwined. She is classy. She loves long, expensive dinners that she can dress up for and linger over. If she’s committed to you, she will stand by your side even through poverty. She is sensual rather than sexual and is generally a same partner girl- this is one placement that doesn’t get turned on by too much variety. Cuddles, massages- anything that makes you feel comfortable makes her feel good.

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