Venus in Capricorn Woman

When woman Venus is in Capricorn, you are generally steadfast and deliberate in love, finding safety and comfort in all that is tried and true. You can be on the cautious side about sharing your heart, but your reliability as a partner is hard to resist for many people. You act respectfully in love, and take extra care not to hurt a partner. For that matter, you take extra care not to get hurt yourself! This self-protective quality can sometimes frustrate your partner, simply because you are not very comfortable with letting yourself go on a romantic level. Once your defenses are down (at least some of them), you are a warm, tender, and even vulnerable lover.

Things are at their best in your relationships when your partner understands that you show your emotions and care through actions rather than words. What appears to be a certain coolness, aloofness, or even snobbishness actually hides a fair amount of vulnerability and warmth. When you feel safe and comfortable with someone, you are far more demonstrative.

Yours is a strong sensuality. You attract others with a quiet charm that fairly reeks with competence. There is a controlled manner about you when it comes to love, and potential partners can sense it. It can drive them wild if they are so inclined! You are attracted to a partner who is responsible and respectable. Someone who is passionate may at once scare you and appeal to you, and these conflicting emotions and reactions can lead to quite a powerful attraction. Perhaps a passionate person is exactly what you need to loosen up a little. You have much to offer others, and your dependability is sure to be appreciated in the long haul. For those who are up to the challenge, discovering the earthy sensuality and vulnerability inside you will be a tremendous reward. They will have to win your trust, and a little persistence will certainly help.

Capricorn Venus Woman

Just like her male counterpart, she is conservative about relationships. Her type of man is someone who knows what he wants in life. He is serious about his education and profession. Her attraction is deeper for those who are self made and disciplined. But yes, looks do matter to her. The one she wants to be with must be handsome in her eyes and should also dress appropriately. In short, her dream man must have all the qualities capable of keeping up her good image in her friend circle and security at home.

It takes some time for love to come in her life, for at young age, majority of the men are not compatible with her requirements. Also she does not open up romantically in front of those who she does not trust. She is okay with men flirting with her, but the praises being thrown at her must not be sexual and fake. Men may complain that she plays hard to get. But no, this is not her mission. She actually becomes unavailable to men she wants out of her way.

When she truly likes someone she will give him attention, testing him here and there to know whether he will be suitable for her. She does not fear initiating a relationship provided that her love interest is shy, but has given her the signal that he likes her.

In love, this woman is very traditional. Even as a girlfriend, she wants to fulfill her duty towards her partner like a wife. She wants to make sure that he is comfortable. Sadly, this is mistakenly interpreted as domination by immature young men. As a result, Venus in Capricorn women go through a lot of relationship hurdles at young age which often end up affecting their self confidence and even other areas of their lives.

Can a woman with Venus sign cheat? Not really because she cannot have romantic feelings for two men at the same time.

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