Venus in Sagittarius Woman

When woman Venus is in Sagittarius, you are confident and positive in love. You associate love and relationships with adventure, learning, and growth. For the most part, you are easygoing in matters of the heart, although you are passionate and do enjoy it when things are going your way! You want to grow through your relationships, and don’t appreciate humdrum, stagnant partnerships in which you might feel caged in.

You love variety, and can be given to exaggeration——not because you are intentionally trying to mislead others, but because you have such an expansive vision in matters of the heart. Sometimes, as a result, you may promise more than you can give. You value spontaneity, and prefer to “wing it” when it comes to love. Planning ahead takes all the spice out of your life. You attract others with a free and easy attitude, and quickly become chummy with potential partners.

You love to make people laugh, and your goofiness is generally considered attractive. A partnership that is too serious would drag you down. You are a dreamer, and have many visions. Sometimes you let others down, not because you are ill-spirited. In fact, you have a big heart. Instead, it is because your dreams can sometimes be too big, and follow-through is not your forte. In your enthusiasm with a new love interest, you can promise more than you can deliver, and when the fire burns out, it may be all too easy for you to move on. You are a generous partner, but you are not easily “tied down”. You can be easy to companion but not to partner, so to speak. You require space in any kind of partnership, and need a sense of freedom in order to feel comfortable.

Sagittarius Venus Woman

Women born with Venus in Sagittarius tend to have very colorful and vibrant personalities. They love fun and are always fun to be around. They can be very uninhibited. They love to dance, let go, and have a good time. Venus in the Fire Signs are notoriously the “divas” of the zodiac with “aggressive” femininity. Venus in Sagittarius can be bombshells with lots of makeup or they can be natural beauties. They are usually having too good of a time though for the makeup on their face to last too long.

They always have a very fun sense of style. They usually combine a strong femininity with a relaxed “rock & roll” aesthetic. They sometimes have messy hair and fringy clothes. Or they also frequently combine their aggressive femininity with a fun sense of humor. They can get all dolled up in colorful, fun, and quirky clothes. Venus in Sagittarius is very creative and has a huge sense of humor and they often choose clothes that reflect this. They can become “characters” with their clothing. They are not afraid to go totally crazy with their style — choosing neon hair colors or costume-like outfits. They look great in bold eye-catching colors. When it comes to style they are not afraid to try anything and they often do.

Venus in Sagittarius feels and looks best when they are active and fit. They tend to have amazing legs and may often dress in a way that draws attention to them. Unlike the other Venus in fire signs who can be notoriously bitchy at any given moment, the bitchy side of Venus in Sagittarius only comes out when somebody interrupts their good time. If you shut down their party they will definitely go berserk. So just let go and have fun with them if you don’t want your head to get bitten off. They have a huge sense of humor. Try not to take them too seriously. Always stay laughing with them and things will be fine.

In relationships, Venus in Sagittarius is a hopeless romantic. She often falls in love at first sight. When she meets someone that impresses her, she is ready to give her all no matter what the circumstance. She holds nothing back. She is very forthcoming about her feelings. Venus in Sagittarius women often get their heartbroken for jumping into deep feelings too soon. They are so thirsty for romance that they don’t bother to think that maybe the other person doesn’t feel the same. They can’t and often don’t imagine why someone wouldn’t want to jump into passionate romance with them.

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