Aquarius Woman Aquarius Man

Man Aquarius is unpredictable as a hurricane, amazing and unique in their actions and manners. He’s always young, his soul is like singing, as if he’s always eighteen years old. It can shock the public, be shocking and uneasy at the same time. Meloman, likes to nostalgia for favorite tunes, indulging in dreams and memories.

Woman Aquarius modest, dreamy, airy nature. It is inherent in loyalty, talkativeness and confusion from the slightest misunderstanding. Never cross the limits of decency, the verge of what is permissible, even if it concerns her loving heart. It is not in her rules to lead a secret life, engage in adultery.

Man Aquarius unearthly, vulnerable, unadapted to reality, soaring in his thoughts, and not wanting to think about the essential things of life. He is able to get lost in simple things, for example, to search for the necessary street will be long, inconsistent and illogical. His childishness, naivety, inattention will always amazingly embellish him.

When woman Aquarius and Aquarius man meeting, not related by love relationships with other people, can build a happy family nest. Otherwise, they can be great friends, eloquent debaters and interesting interlocutors for one another. It is not excluded that love will be born on the background of friendship or interest in one kind of passion. Aquarius people are whole, looking for results. They are trustful, open, clear to others. Their reasoning is often theoretical, devoid of real and practical meaning. About love is judged as an entertaining game, approaching a partner in order to study his inner world, to understand his earthly destiny.

Man Aquarius is looking for an ardent mistress in a woman, in the first place, she must be passionate, always interesting and attractive to him in an intimate way. Secondly, she should be an excellent listener, who knows how to nod and support her man in time. In addition, she must share with him his way of life, strive for insanity, carelessness and an illusory world. Man Aquarius, with all this, should be well-groomed, neatly dressed and nourished, then the girl will become his life partner.

Choosing an Aquarius woman as a wife for himself, a man Aquarius will have to strain, in order to keep a modest and dreamy girl. She must see in him the whole world, her genius, be her authority, deserve her respect and love. In fact, a man and a woman are Aquarius, they stand one another, and they, like no other, understand and feel each other. Therefore, the prospect of a successful marriage is quite high.

Aquarius Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Aquarius women and Aquarius men, this family union meets quite often. They have many common interests, but despite this, this union is difficult to call happy and harmonious. Someone from one couple has to sacrifice their own interests. The Aquarius-Aquarius pair proves by its example that the commonality of interests and similarities of characters is not yet a guarantee for a happy family life.

By the way, freedom-loving Aquarius and get to the registry office is extremely difficult. They can do this only under the pressure of circumstances. Each of the partners is completely absorbed in themselves and does not think from the neighbor. The most solid fetters in this case is the complete freedom of the partner. In this family alliance there are no clear plans for the future or any mutual obligations. They will be together until both are comfortable, and the rest, in their opinion, should not even be considered.

The ideal pair of Aquarius and Aquarius men is remarkable for her unusual, curious and mobile way of life. In their family, everything is different, "like people". The surrounding people like to visit the house of two Aquarius, although they consider it a bit eccentric. Both the Aquarius woman and the Aquarius man are always hospitable hosts and even during the quarrels, none of the guests will guess that they have any problems.

Both spouses are not attached to material goods and carelessly handle their resources. Many friends enviously argue: "We would have such money (education, communications!). But, both Aquarius live abstractions, for the sake of some idea, according to which they compare their everyday actions. Among them there are many philosophers, esotericists, and they are alien to the philistine way of life.

The main problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac Aquarius and Aquarius lies in banal stubbornness. Immediately after the wedding they will face the fact that none of them is ready to compromise. Yes, the couple have many common interests and tastes, but not all. Even the fact that it is a man and a woman is already making its own distinctions. If a controversial issue concerns someone of one of the Aquarius, then everything is simple - the second one will not interfere in his affairs and decisions. But, if this applies to both, then no one will want to give in. For example, in a given family there is a lot of controversy about what is a healthy diet and what kind of dinner will be. Each of the spouses is based on their ideological convictions, and tastes are the second thing.

Another problem that the Aquarius woman and the Aquarius man may face is that they themselves will not notice how they became friends. Over time, the love subsides, the romantic ardor subsides, and the spouses live out of habit, just like-minded people. But, this can only last until the moment when one person does not meet his love. People born in the sign of Aquarius are romantic in feelings and their former connections will not hold.

According to the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius and Aquarius, so that in their family there always was harmony and there was no problem to who to concede in this or that case, both partners should apply their original thinking. Why dwell on only two options. Include your ingenuity and find a dozen different and unusual solutions. The more exotic and unusual they will be, the more chances to agree, the more so, this is an excellent opportunity to laugh at pleasure. Smarter and a sense of humor — this is the magic wand that will help solve any conflict of interest.

In order not to happen the second variant of the development of events, when one of the partners finds another, it is necessary for both to develop spiritually and intellectually. Of course, the woman-Aquarius can be considered responsible for this process. She should not stand still in her development, but also help her husband to develop. The most successful and long-lasting alliances of Aquarius is the partnership of spiritually developed people.

If someone from Aquarius starts to eat life, then the partners themselves will not notice how they will start living like everyone else or out of habit. In this case, before betrayal and parting is not far away. But if Aquarius are true to their principles, beliefs, some idea, they will grow intellectually and morally, then the Aquarius woman and the Aquarius man will treasure their spouse, treating him or her as a spiritual half. And hardly anyone can dream of a bigger one.

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