Aquarius Woman Aries Man

Aquarius woman and Aries man — this is the case when they say "he is worn with her as a decommissioned tuba" and suffers from unrequited love. She is cheerful, sociable does not see her chosen one in the brave Aries. But it is filled with friendly, motherly feelings of care for him. She will not give him cause out of pity, will wait for his patience and perseverance to run out.

Initially taking inaccessibility for a woman’s trick, the man-Aries will only express his courtship more vividly. He is ready to make cute surprises, bold and dangerous acts, if only he would appreciate and praise him. Not finding the reciprocity of the man-Aries, will go even on friendship, if only to keep his presence in her life. Although he is a "hooligan" such a friendship is alien, but here, he will become a humble and loyal friend. If the intervening unknown forces helped to find a pair of lovers’ status, then the development of relations is possible.

The Aquarius woman is not jealous, not picky, slightly indifferent. On small intrigues Aries will close his eyes. She will love him for her unbridled, passionate, sincere, open, reckless all these qualities are alien to her, because they can attract her. Aries man, will not leave unnecessary pressure from the fans, will be jealous and demand loyalty from the lady.

Linked his life with Aquarius, Aries must compromise with his own "I". In this pair, all the hope for the preservation of relations, lies only on Aries. His task is to surround with attention and love the Aquarius woman. He will have to shower her with beautiful words, courtship, and cherish her stories, catch every word and agree in everything.

For compatibility, the Aries man in alliance with the Aquarius woman will have to completely suppress her essence, because he himself needs enthusiastic views and in her "hymn" in his honor. The Aquarius woman lives in harmony with herself. Principal nature, does not particularly care about the feelings of others, rarely regrets someone. She likes an idle and easy life. Work, dedication, perseverance, not her hobby.

What can keep this pair from breaking up? Perhaps only if the Aries Man and the Aquarius woman meet in a more mature age. They will acquire life’s wisdom, experience, their interests in creating a family, an equal understanding in the upbringing of children.

Aquarius Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Aquarius women and Aries men, their family union can rightfully be considered one of the most harmonious. To many, it seems from the outside that there is no stability and peace in this pair. But Aquarius and Aries like it. Couple with each other they will never have to be bored. Both consider their spouse an ideal.

The first meeting of the Aquarian woman and the Aries man will immediately be marked by sparkling fireworks and "short circuit". The ambitious Aries man and the bright, unpredictable Aquarian woman are drawn to each other with incredible strength. All incompatibilities of their character are easily compensated by intimate relations. Whoever excites whom, attracts — it is difficult to say. But one thing is clear, in this respect, they try not to yield to each other and even compete in whoever will surprise them more pleasantly. In bed, they find mutual understanding in other areas of life. In their life there is always a lot of romance, care, passion and love for each other.

In a pair of woman-Aquarius and a man-Aries very often talented children are born. But, so that this union does not cloud the clouds, a strong Aries man can not suppress such a vivid and original Aquarian woman. And she, in turn, can not cause Aries feelings of jealousy. The ideal pair of Aquarius woman and Aries man at a young age is always active, sociable and mobile. Both love communication. Aquarius woman easily gathers around her a company of interesting people. A man-Aries happily takes a leading position in this company and shows himself in all its glory. Both spouses like active rest and are not afraid of difficulties. In life, they achieve a lot.

Over time, both partners change and are already less likely to spend time with companies. The Aries man "sweats", in him the most self-centered and authoritarian is manifested. And Aquarius wakes up the desire to live for the sake of a loved one. The couple rarely appears on a visit, since not everyone likes the authoritarianism of the Aries man and the woman who is constantly writhing around him is Aquarius. But, this does not prevent them from remaining happy and contented with each other.

According to statistics in the pair of compatibility Aquarius-Aries, more often than others, there are no children. At the woman-Aquarius the place of the child is occupied by the man-Aries, and she does not have a craving for motherhood. The problem of compatibility of the Aquarius and Aries zodiac signs is that in their family union conflicts can arise because the Aries man feels that the Aquarius woman does not belong to him completely.

Aries belongs to that category of men who need a woman to be a faithful companion and the only meaning of life for him. The Aries man is a patriarch, a warrior, and, in his opinion, a woman should not have many friends who are not indifferent to her. A woman-Aquarius simply can not live without a lot of people. Therefore, her friends are one of the most important reasons for quarreling in a pair.

It is also good that the Aquarius woman, unlike the Aquarius man, is less inclined to sacrifice her own interests for the sake of friendship. But, nevertheless, the man-Aries still feels that he is not the center of the universe, and this can not but upset him. At first, he just spends a lot of energy and energy to fully capture the attention of the Aquarius woman, and then, her behavior starts to cause him irritation and anger, which inevitably leads to quarrels and even a novel on the side.

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