Aquarius Woman Cancer Man

A dynamic woman Aquarius believes that her attention is dear. She is never patient, indulging "mommy" for the Cancer man. She needs a man who is stronger than her in spirit, more mature and more determined. For Aquarius, Cancer is a real boy in life, without a drop of regret, she will break off relations almost immediately after their beginning.

Cancer man sensitive as a child, in his spirit to hide "in the corners" suffering, tormented to gnaw on the inside. This is the whole Cancer, the shell of his world, his fortress, there he will regret himself and weep. Cancer loves to indulge in memories from the past, remembering pleasant moments in memory. He likes to feel himself serene, calmly floating on the waves of life. These people are very receptive, they are very touched by indifference, disinterest in them, in their souls they are waiting for their "star hour".

Man Cancer is a person who believes in miracles, religious, optimistic, convinced of the happy ending of any enterprise. Woman Aquarius is fantastic, bright, talkative not in moderation, with sharp mood swings, only and manage to pick up a wave of emotions of this girl. Surprisingly, she looks like a Cancer man, he can loudly laugh at times when the heart is broken, and vice versa crying with happiness.

Aquarius woman — sensitive, feminine, alien pain is not alien to her, and if this is her fault, she tries to improve the situation in every possible way. She is intelligent, logically thinks, has a rich imagination. At the same time, she does not look for simple ways to solve the problem, and if she needs to prove her love with an act, poor Cancer it can cost a fair amount of worn out nerves.

Aquarius sees the surrounding world in its own way, and that for others it is ordinary, for it is a surprise and is of great interest. For the people around this couple is quite strange. He tries so hard to achieve financial prosperity, adds "a penny to a penny", she can easily spend on gifts for friends all the savings, which terrifies the Cancer man. In this case, her extraordinary sense of humor and the conviction that nothing terrible could happen to her can come to the rescue.

Their union is more an exception to the rules than the given. Having tried the taste of coziness, dimensionality, stability of life with a Cancer man, the Aquarius woman will get used to and will cease to be rabid, furious. Horoscope promises compatibility, if this couple converges at a more mature age, then they are waiting for an interesting and fruitful life.

Aquarius Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility horoscope of the Aquarius woman and the Cancer man, their family union is rarely harmonious and lasting. Both partners are so different that they find it difficult to understand each other. The Cancer man always looks back to the past, family values and traditions are important for him, and the Aquarius woman, far more than representatives of other signs, lives by the future, strives for everything new and unknowable.

The Cancer man is thorough and lives by the rules, and he even with all his desire can not understand the unpredictable, freedom-loving Aquarius woman. If at the beginning of a relationship they can be attracted by their differences and a sense of novelty, over time, the feeling of novelty becomes blunted, and misunderstanding only grows.

The Cancer man values the family and for him, a strong, stable family relationship is important. But Aquarius woman can not give him this. She is burdened by the monotonous holding of evenings at home. She’s just bored, but for a houselover-Cancer — just right. We can say that the pair of Aquarius-Cancers have absolutely opposite views on life, home, family, way of life and finding common ground is extremely difficult. This family can exist only at the expense of constant compromises and a strong desire of both partners to live together.

The ideal relationship of the Aquarius woman and the Cancer man can only be if they are united by something more than a habit, psychological compatibility or even love. For a harmonious relationship, they need some high idea with a deep sense, which can connect people so unlike each other. This may be the desire for raw food, enthusiasm for esoterics, vegetarianism, or some innovative pedagogical idea. In general, it can be anything, only both of them connected.

Another version of harmonious relationships in a pair of compatibility Aquarius-Cancer can be when a woman-Aquarius and a man-Cancer do not live together. For example, a man Cancer lives with his parents (and for him this is quite normal even in adulthood) or he already has a family. In this case, all claims about everyday life disappear by themselves, and the freedom of a woman-Aquarius only attracts a man-Cancer. Aquarius, too, can be satisfied with such relations, since she does not have to fulfill household duties, and she gives pleasure to the contact with the man-Cancer, as she intuitively feels that he is much wiser than her.

The main problems in the compatibility of the Aquarius and Cancer Zodiac signs lie on the surface. The Cancer man most of all does not like the unwillingness of the Aquarian woman to devote herself completely to the family. He is burdened by the numerous friends of the Aquarian woman, and her friendliness and openness with everyone, while he is only open with close people. In addition, he is very jealous and cautious, so regular guests in his house cause him irritation.

A woman-Aquarius does not like the attempts of the man-Cancer to press on her and teach life. Cancer man can weave intrigues, manipulate and emotionally blackmail. These his actions cause the opposite effect. The Aquarius woman does not know much about feelings. Therefore, she will not compete with the Cancer man, but simply leave the family.

According to the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius and Cancer, so that in their family there was harmony, the Aquarian woman should understand a simple thing: Cancer loves its inner world and its experiences. By the way, pay attention to the fact that the Cancer man is well-developed intuition, and his receptivity allows him to see the depth and essence of things much better than yours. So listen more and talk less. This will bring you tangible benefits and will cause respect for the man Cancer. Also, try to talk less to him about your friends, rather talk about yourself. And yet, do not show him your independence, and, most importantly, independence of thinking.

If you suddenly notice that the Cancer man has started to put pressure on you, to arrange scenes, to take offense, to be capricious, this is the first sign that he is jealous of you or not sure of your love. Do not be angry with him for this and do not rush to break the relationship. If this man is really dear to you, then find a way to prove it to him, calm him, show that he absolutely has no reason for jealousy. But, do not succumb to provocations and do not give up your interests. After this, the man-Cancer will want to subordinate you completely. Therefore, look for compromises that would suit both of you.

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