Aquarius Woman Capricorn Man

Lightning-fast feelings can turn a head to the woman-Aquarius and the man-Capricorn already from their first meeting. They are waiting for a beautiful novel, a love story and a happy betrothal. In the ideal of their relationship is hard to believe, but, nevertheless, the pair were supposed to be created for each other. Man Capricorn is beautiful, smart, neat, polite will certainly win the heart of a cheerful and light woman Aquarius. However, not everything is as simple as it seems. In the pair, there are many illusions, unfulfilled hopes and promises. Both in moments of love they completely forget about reality, and about what they really are people. In ordinary life, they share a lot, they do not find common points of contact.

Woman-Aquarius is windy, frivolous, funny nature. Life perceives in pink colors, does not see dangers, lives only in rainbow illusions and an unreal world. In the man-Capricorn he discerns a worthy, patient, brave man. He can give it a "landing", become a support in an uneasy real world. Difficulties and difficulties she bypasses or avoids, gathering a heap of problems and unfinished business, throwing everything halfway.

Appeared man-Capricorn can order her life, ask a calm and carefree rhythm of life. The Capricorn man "gritting his teeth" will be the one responsible for events and changes, make decisions and create comfort for his family on his own. He is more irritated by indifference, carelessness, naivety and not desire to grow up his half.

The soul of Capricorn Men is dark, closed from all, inaccessible. His actions, thoughts, words require profound meaning, just, so he will not even "move". He loves loneliness, does not like when they try to learn him, take possession of his space, take him. It is vitally important for him to retire, at least in order to gather his thoughts, gain vital energy and strength.

Woman Aquarius does not tolerate loneliness, adores society, noisy places, seeks not to burden herself with earthly cares. Her sense of humor is not always clear and acceptable to the man Capricorn, so she should be vigilant. Touching the pride of Capricorn, even joking, the risk of getting a grand scandal with an unpredictable finale. He is very touchy, vulnerable, vulnerable, with great difficulty forgiving sick words addressed to him.

There are a lot of confusions in their relations, it is not clear where they are going and how the relations develop. The impression of others is that each of them lives his own life. However, in any problematic relationship, one can find an outlet for a positive and iridescent development. The Capricorn man must see the efforts and attempts of the Aquarius woman to strive to create a family, to become a faithful wife and loving her home and children.

Aquarius Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

A family union in the compatibility of Aquarius woman and Capricorn men can be happy only if both sincerely love each other and are interested in maintaining relations. If you look at all, then in the Aquarius-Capricorn pair there are a lot of contradictions that are solved long and hard. For Capricorn man is difficult to get used to the originality and extravagance of the Aquarius woman, to her fresh jokes, healthy humor and unconventional views.

The Aquarius woman easily loses her reputation and prestige in the eyes of the Capricorn man. She aspires to a free life, has got used to noisy night feasts and can easily "beaten", than shocked to depth of soul of the strict man-Capricorn. But, nevertheless, a thorough and serious Capricorn man and a freedom-loving, non-accepting woman-Aquarius border can be a bright and interesting couple.

The Capricorn man is always fascinated by the lightness and romanticism of the Aquarius woman, and she finds a responsible and reliable companion in the person of the Capricorn man who can balance her violent emotions. Woman Aquarius, despite the fact that it is far from the ideal of a good housewife, still brings the life of the Capricorn man inspiration, imagination and creativity.

In an ideal pair of Capricorn men and Aquarius women both find what they lacked so. A Capricorn man from a dry, rational and even, sometimes, cruel man, turns into a brave knight who is ready to protect and guard the freak of the Aquarian woman all his life. Her kind heart and open soul melted the ice of the impregnability of the Capricorn man. Next to the spouse, born in the sign of Capricorn, Aquarius gets the opportunity to do what she likes most, engage in spiritual search, and she does not need to think about daily bread. Aquarius woman in exchange gives the man-Capricorn consolation, support, and, most importantly, the approval of all his actions. Most often, the man takes the leading position in the external world in a pair of Aquarius-Capricorn compatibility, and the woman provides psychological comfort within the family.

The main problem of the compatibility of the signs of the Aquarius and Capricorn zodiac lies in a different view, not life. Aquarian woman and Capricorn man, before they understand that they need arc to a friend, overcome many difficulties and trials. The Aquarius woman does not like any patterns, frames, restrictions, and the Capricorn man is used to acting according to strictly defined rules. He is reasonable and purposeful, used to respect the order in everything. He clearly feels what can and can not be done. The Aquarius woman, on the contrary, behaves as she sees fit, and does what she likes. Because of this behavior, the Capricorn man worries, gets angry, calls his wife to order, but, all is in vain. People born in the sign of Aquarius are very freedom-loving.

It is worth noting that as soon as the Capricorn man "takes place in life", will stand firmly on his feet, he will cease to be afraid that the Aquarius woman will spoil his reputation. But, he will point out how the woman-Aquarius should dress, how to paint and what to say. To other women such care might be and would have liked, but not to a woman-Aquarius. She will take it as "tediousness", and with a high degree of probability will leave her husband.

By the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius and Capricorn will be successful if the Aquarius woman wants to preserve peace and harmony in her family, she needs to listen to the advice of her Capricorn and accept his conditions. Moreover, there is nothing wrong with that. The Capricorn man wants the Aquarius woman to observe the rules and norms of etiquette only in society, and when they are alone, he very much likes the original nature of the Aquarius woman. And even more, he does not want her to lose her charm. Over time, the Capricorn man learns to see beauty in unusual ways, and the Aquarius woman begins to feel that she only wins, combining in her image classic and extravagance.

In general, difficulties in finding a compromise over decency and rules arise in the young couple of the Aquarian woman and the Capricorn man, when an external image of a person often associates with his worldview. Then both spouses understand that in this matter it is easy to find a compromise. Capricorn man likes the inner freedom of the Aquarius woman, because he is deprived of it, and the Aquarius woman, who listens to the opinion of her husband, only wins, acquiring the status of a "mystery woman".

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