Aquarius Woman Pisces Man

The union between the Pisces man and the Aquarius woman is interesting for both, as it serves as a source of pride and admiration for owning one’s partner. Their relationship can arise against the background of mutual interest in each other’s talents, as they find in the creativity of the partner an ideal and perfection in their presentation. Love is formed as a result of the idealization of the partner. They perfectly feel each other, reading a wave of mood, understanding emotions of the elect without words.

Both love to assert themselves, to prove their worth. In this union, both will more than satisfy their vanity, mutual worship and respect. Pisces man is an incorrigible dreamer. He looks at reality through the prism of his own illusory ideas. Often, his chosen one initially extolling as a saint, gets a shock from the quality, which he did not expect to see at all. He loves comfort, coziness, but does not want to make efforts to create this, believing that it is only a woman’s duty. Man Pisces avoids responsibility, placing all decisions and results on the partner. Pisces, with pleasure, gives the rights of leadership to a woman Aquarius and will continue to rest on the "sofa" twisted in dreams.

The Aquarius woman looks at life realistically, although she also likes bright imaginations. She easily refers to women’s responsibilities, hospitable hostess, who knows how to create a home and support him in every possible way. She needs male attention, tenderness and care. The affairs of a man for her are much more important and eloquent than romance and its beautiful words and reassurances. For a stable and relaxed relationship, a practical approach is needed. To ensure a comfortable existence requires a material base, the resolution of the issue of financial income.

It is necessary to support in all the undertakings of the partner. Both of these signs are not acceptable when their plans are criticized, even if they are flop, still need a delicate approach to explaining the hopelessness of the conceived. And lastly, one should not limit the freedom of each person’s personal space, get into the soul without an invitation. It is not necessary to lean on frankness, it is much better to keep a distance, in order to always be a mystery for your chosen one. In the union, both partners must experience suffering from love, eternal "complaints to the vest", this moves their soul to creative breakthroughs. In this state they can create genuinely brilliant and talented works. In the performance of such simple rules marriage will be long and happy.

Aquarius Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Aquarius woman and Pisces man, for their union to be harmonious, both spouses will have to spend a lot of effort. Aquarius woman and Pisces man have much in common. They are childishly sincere, have an admiring view of the world around them, are emotional, there are a lot of fantasies and dreams in their lives. Both idealists, both do not want to fit into everyday reality with its small worries, joys, salaries, aspirations for career growth, leave on schedule and creativity on a pattern. It would Seem, they found each other. But no. They are simply "not of this world" — they are from different worlds and even, despite the community of interests, they find it difficult to understand each other.

The Pisces man is passive, and this behavior provokes discontent among the Aquarius woman. She wants a brighter and more active life. A man-Pisces is immersed in himself and loves to philosophize. To the woman-Aquarius is not bored next to such a partner, he at least occasionally, it is worth taking the initiative in their own hands. If a pair of Aquarius-Pisces are occupied with one creative project, they can make up a good creative union, in which both are able to subtly feel the fine.

In a perfect pair of Aquarius women and Pisces men, both spouses are very happy. Next to the man-Pisces, the Aquarius woman finally finds one about whom one can take care of and serve the supreme idea. The Aquarius woman becomes a real muse for the great artist of the poet, musician. And for the Pisces man, in this marriage the best qualities of him are flourishing: selflessness, spirituality, creativity. In addition, thanks to her contacts, the Aquarius woman helps her husband to become famous, and even famous.

Family compatibility in a pair of Aquarius-Pisces does not stand out from others with their wealth. Even when big money comes to the family, they spend it on impractical things and deeds. Even a man-Pisces who loves luxury and prosperity, next to Aquarius, resigns with their absence.

The Aquarius woman, in union with the Pisces man, receives the moral support of a person who understands it. He, one of the few who does not consider her behavior as extravagant eccentricity, but sees in him a deep meaning that less developed and less subtle people can not see.

Most often, problems in the compatibility of signs of the Aquarius and Pisces zodiac arise from different temperaments. Woman-Aquarius extrovert, loves society, fun, communication. And Pisces man — introvert, alien to him noisy parties, and he all tries to avoid them. A woman-Aquarius offends this behavior of the man-Pisces, she wants to walk, take part in social work, in training, go to visit, etc. Pisces man, in turn, does not like that the Aquarius woman devotes little time to the arrangement of life and domestic duties.

And the most difficult period in the life of this pair is in youth. Neither the Pisces man nor the Aquarius woman can provide practical support to each other. Over the years, they learn to avoid situations in which they are weak, but at a young age they still do not know the limits of their strengths and often fall into such a position that they need help. The Aquarius woman supports her husband morally, approving his actions, and the Pisces man can support with sympathy and comfort with the help of affectionate words. But, to render real help to each other, they are powerless, although, at the same time, expect the spouse of active help and failing to get it greatly offended. And only in the course of time they can realize the weak and strong sides, both their own and their spouse, and reduce expectations.

According to the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius and Pisces, so that in their family there was harmony, and the Pisces man did not feel abandoned and unnecessary while the spouse is engaged in public affairs, it is necessary for the woman-Aquarius to praise him as often as possible, show and prove her love. Pisces reacts very subtly to words, especially if they come from the heart. When he feels that he is more important than all people in the world, conflicts will cease to take place in your life. And in order not to take offense at the voluntary isolation of the Pisces man from society, remember that the man is the creator, and he needs silence for internal development.

The second difficulty of this pair can be overcome by patience and the ability to forgive shortcomings and mistakes to your loved one. And in order to reduce the risk of getting into unpleasant situations, the Aquarian woman should use her gift of "clairvoyance", develop her intuition. And also it is worthwhile to understand that it is not worth counting on the support of the spouse or the wife and there is nothing to be offended at the person for what he can not give.

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