Aquarius Woman Sagittarius Man

Transparency, clarity, trust are the basis for the relationship between the Aquarius woman and the Sagittarius man. Loving feelings arise unexpectedly, passion flares up in an instant. Their relationship is always fresh, there are no dull colors, life is filled with sharp and vivid impressions.

Love intrigues of the couple, can serve as a good motive for a detective story. They have many coincidences, mystical signs, ambiguities, this suggests that they have received the blessing of heaven to be always together. Man Sagittarius is a bright, cheerful person, believes in the strength of spirit, in achieving any goals, he is an unbending nature, does not depend on external circumstances. He has a pronounced love for freedom, he is a cheerful person with a sparkling sense of humor.

By the way, Sagittarius, for a long time remain in bachelors, because they carefully protect their freedom. But the Aquarius woman can change his point of view on marriage. The Aquarius woman will be delighted with the openness, straightforwardness of Sagittarius. She, like him, likes sincerity, honesty, they do not accept the "sweet lie". To the Aquarius woman, there is also a love of freedom, she is sensitive to her personal space. Nevertheless, it is a generous, sweet, patient, wise woman. In relations, she is unobtrusive, but amiable, inclined to concede and partially obey. If this couple is together, then both will learn their own soul much better, will grow spiritually.

The couple will have few reasons for conflicts. Most likely, even if an outburst of anger occurs, then it will come from a Sagittarius man. Woman Aquarius is able to see in his man only good features, even comments and indecisiveness of Sagittarius can not offend or plunge into the grievances of Aquarius. The Sagittarius man will only be surprised by his partner, her versatility and incomprehensibility of spiritual qualities.

Unites a couple of love for noisy and amusing places, where the greatest concentration of people, where you can demonstrate yourself. Sagittarius is able to feel comfortable in public not with any woman, but with an Aquarius woman it is different, he is pleased with her presence, and he is proud of her.

For the duration of a novel or a strong marriage, a couple needs patience, understanding, and acceptance of the satellite as it is, with all its shortcomings and virtues. Correct the life ideas together, and not trying to press or extort submissions. The stars see this marriage as happy, lasting, friendly, and following the astrological recommendations, it will.

Aquarius Woman and Sagittarius Man Compatibility

The compatibility of Aquarius women and Sagittarius men is simply wonderful, but for complete harmony, they still need to work on themselves and improve their relationships, it becomes purer and better. We can say that from the standpoint of ordinary everyday prosperity — the couple is ideal, and for the spiritual growth of partners — one of the most promising.

Both partners behave identically in different situations, value freedom and independence. Both are independent and cheerful. Together they never get bored. The family union of the Aquarius woman and the Sagittarius man can be considered bright and extravagant. Both differ from others with curiosity and depth of feelings, a huge number of common interests. A pair of Aquarius and Sagittarius travel together, communicate, search for adventure. What is lacking in this union is the desire for stability.

In an ideal pair, both spouses find in their partner what they have been looking for. A Sagittarius man acquires a woman who understands him well and attracts sexually, and the Aquarius woman in the person of Sagittarius man acquires a friend, whom you can always rely on.

In any company, always looking forward to a cheerful and original pair of Aquarius women and Sagittarius men. They are sociable, friendly. With them you never get bored and, most importantly, they create problems and troubles for your friends. Very often this pair can be found on some exotic resorts, charity events, and seminars on spiritual growth. For a pair of Aquarius-Sagittarius compatibility it is important to always and everywhere seek the truth and share your discoveries with other people.

There are always a lot of guests in their house, as both are not fond of quiet family rest in front of the TV. By the way, Aquarius, not inclined to do housework, next to the man-Sagittarius applies all his designer talents for the fact that their house was beautiful and with a "twist". A man-Sagittarius tries to make their home rich and comfortable.

The main problem of the compatibility of the signs of the Aquarius and Sagittarius is in the behavior of the Sagittarius man, who can break the family idyll. First, the Sagittarius man easily refers to the intrigues on the side. He can easily change with a lady who likes him, and sincerely will be surprised when he realizes that the Aquarius woman will not like it. After all, it is free from conventions and prejudices. A woman-Aquarius is very afflicted in this regard, every betrayal of her deeply injures her. After all, she understands freedom in her own way. For her, it’s freedom to love, not paying attention to prejudice and loving right.

Another problem that can shake the family ship of the Aquarian woman and the Sagittarius man is the career of Sagittarius. Most Sagittarius men sooner or later advance well on the career ladder. And along with this they have a patronizing attitude towards people, the desire to teach everyone, a kind of gentility, authoritarianism. A woman-Aquarius does not appreciate any social authority and the behavior of the spouse becomes more and more difficult for her to transfer.

According to the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius and Sagittarius, that in their family there was always an idyll, and there was no betrayal, the Aquarius woman should remember that for a Sagittarius man sex is much more important than for her. Therefore, try to become for a Sagittarius man not just a good friend, but also a seductive beauty. For the Sagittarius man, all talk about conscience, conjugal fidelity, discussion of moral norms and even threats of divorce does not play any role.

To become for him a passionate and passionate lover is the only solution to this problem. The Aquarius woman has all the data in order for the admiration of the Sagittarius man to be eternal. Its unpredictability and, at the same time, reliability will play a significant role in this. A Sagittarius man can fall in love with his wife again and again. After all, she is so beautiful, original, so perfectly understands him and fits sexually.

In order not to have a second problem in this family, the Aquarius woman herself should make a good career or, at least, become a valuable specialist in her field. A Sagittarius man respects authority, and when a successful woman is with him, he will not show his authoritarian habits towards her.

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