Aquarius Woman Taurus Man

Uneasy relations are promised to pair of Aquarius woman and Taurus man star signs. A different approach to life, the absolute opposite of each other. On the part of those around him, an unequal union, categorical in the relations of Taurus freedom and the freedom-loving of Aquarius, are not able to develop long-term relationships. There is always a way out, despite the fact that the compatibility of these signs is far from ideal, the patience of Taurus and the healthy mind of Aquarius will help build love.

Aquarius woman is an active, free "bird". Locking in a cage means depriving a breath of air. It is worth encroaching on the will and space of Aquarius, the "bird" will fly away. Aquarius woman is sociable, comprehensive, well-developed, interesting, easily involves other people’s conversation, spontaneously gets acquainted, is not restricted in the framework of social rules, looks for pleasure in everything.

Taurus is a slow-witted man and a conservative. Does not recognize the role of the second, it is inherent in nature to be the head, make decisions, be responsible. Sometimes he is boring, does not like innovations, excessive show-off. Peace and silence, for a Taurus man and an Aquarius woman is alien, especially in a young family. Aquarius hurries to settle the conflict first, she should not apologize and pacify Taurus’s anger. It is worth learning a couple, understanding and hearing a partner, be mature, serious, and the relationship will acquire the status of marriage bonds.

The Aquarius woman is frivolous for those around her, talkative inappropriately, too intrusive with her opinion, but at the same time she will not let her soul into her soul for nothing. She will begin to appreciate her love, attention, and concern more than 30 years ago. I want to create a happy family. In the intimate sphere, looking for variety, finding new sensations, gaining experience. Not a fan of novelty, Taurus sincerely does not understand why, something to invent, because it’s so good.

In the pair there is an essential reason why they can be together is the resourcefulness of Aquarius. She will not blame the man for not paying enough attention, give him a personal space, do not criticize and does not go to "re-educate". Taurus man, although it takes the free character of Aquarius, but it does not have obstinacy, it can be easily negotiated with, it’s an honest and just nature. In general, it is difficult to talk about the good compatibility of Aquarius woman with Taurus man. They are capable of a relationship, but only if they can get used to each other, go through a difficult period of quarrels and contradictions.

Having created a family, each refuses to receive pacification, the ability to develop professionally, without being distracted by scandals and disagreements. In adulthood, the couple looks happy and exemplary, no one knows how much effort they have been given such well-being. For the sake of love, they will decide on many self-sacrifices, for the preservation of the family, not regretting what they have done.

Aquarius Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

According to statistics, the love union in the compatibility of the Aquarius woman and Taurus man are more likely to end in divorce. The Aquarius woman and the Taurus man are so different that, it seems, they do not have any common ground at all. But, at the same time, they are able to be happy if they really love each other and try to keep the family together. In this case, their differences will be an excellent complement to each other.

For Taurus man, the Aquarius woman will forever remain an insoluble puzzle. She is constantly drawn to "trick", as new impressions and adventures are needed for her. Therefore surprises, surprises, surprises will be permanent guests in this family.

Unlike his partner, the Taurus needs to stand firmly on his feet, be confident in the future and lead a sedentary lifestyle. Aquarius is a good dreamer. She has a bright, vivid imagination. She is constantly visited by sudden thoughts, sometimes truly original, but more often questionable and frivolous. Therefore, the practical Taurus man constantly has to "land" a woman-Aquarius and encourage her to occupy more practical, real, useful. In addition, that the Taurus man has to cope with the most Aquarius woman, who does not want to do housework in any way, so her house is constantly "attacked" by her endless friends and girlfriends.

It is worth noting that Aquarius and Taurus have excellent sexual compatibility. In bed, they forget about all their differences. But, only on this one you can not build a family, therefore it is necessary to look for other points of contact, otherwise relations will come to a dead end.

A pair of Aquarius woman and a Taurus man are based on mutual respect and preservation of personal freedom. Both partners understand that they are very different from each other, and they believe that preserving the family will be helped by careful attitude towards each other, and some distance that can last for many years. Very often, people around them notice their pointed courtesy to each other, conversations — discussions on abstract topics. Each of them has the right to personal time and some freedom. In society, they are perceived as a calm and pleasant couple.

Together they accumulate their material wealth. But, their distance and alienation are continued only until fate will throw them trials. That’s when both understand how close and close they have become during this time. After that, they no longer need to observe the distance. After experiencing difficulties in a pair of Aquarius-Taurus compatibility, the fear of losing each other, hidden tension, disappears, both finally feel relieved and can afford to relax.

Despite the strong physical attraction of Aquarian woman and Taurus man, there are many difficulties in their life together. The problem of compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus Zodiac signs is that it is very difficult for them to find a common language and understand each other. This is especially acute for a young couple. After all, at this age it is so important to have an adherent close to you, ready to share all the joys and difficulties. The Aquarius woman sees that the Taurus man absolutely does not understand her and can not share her conversations with her. A man Taurus really does not understand how a woman Aquarius can worry about what is not, and that is unlikely to ever happen. For him, what is important is what exists in real time in the material world, and not in the abstract ideas of the Aquarian woman.

Their differences in views on life are manifested even in the smallest everyday situations. For example, when collecting guests, the Aquarius woman is important how to arrange the guests, classify according to her only known principle. A man-Taurus will only care if there is enough for all barbecue and dessert. Both will be unhappy that a partner can not share with him his experiences and emotions about this.

According to the horoscope of compatibility of Aquarius and Taurus, so that in their family there was harmony, both spouses should evaluate those qualities of the partner, which, in their opinion, are disadvantages. So, a woman-Aquarius should stop criticizing her husband for excessive pragmatism, because many beautiful things would remain your fantasies, if a man-Taurus did not give them a material form. Taurus, like no other, is well oriented in the material world. And here is one of the tasks of the Aquarius woman, to help him see more.

Since the Taurus man only sees what is next to him, and it can be touched, then sooner or later he may find himself in a dead end. Usually this is closer to the average age and is very painfully experienced by Taurus. The Aquarius woman can show him the obvious connection between the material world and the world of ideas, thereby not only improving relations in the family, but also helping her husband cope with the difficult period.

To Taurus man was pleased to communicate with you, do not discuss with him very abstract things. The Taurus man will soon understand you, if you will discuss with him the issues of the connection between material and ideal. For example, you can explain to him how important it is to plant the guests correctly. After all, if you do not take into account their interests, they will be bored, they will be unhappy, disappointed and, most importantly, they will not appreciate the culinary efforts of the owners.

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