Aquarius Woman Virgo Man

Between Aquarius woman and Virgo man, there may be a magical attraction, an invisible link and anything else, but you will not find any logic in this relationship. They are completely different people, who have different energy, temperament, outlook on life. All their dreams and plans are aimed in different directions. The only thing that can keep them next to each other is mutual curiosity towards the inner world of the partner, his external and inner life. About Virgo man and Aquarius woman can easily be said that these are people from different planets and speaking different languages.

The Virgo man creates his house as a fortress, seeks any possible ways for material prosperity, comfort and a secure, secure life. Virgo man is looking for a fragile, not spoiled, attractive woman, he is impressed by submissive humble, hostile, hard-working women. It is valuable for him — to have a general idea of farming, raising children, and strengthening the material budget of the family.

Beauty Aquarius woman is active, emotional, craves for impressions, adventures. She does not sit in one place, she is constantly looking forward, does not tolerate boredom, monotony, life, routine work. In the Virgo man, she will appreciate his natural courtesy, gentleness, patience for her extraordinary antics, free life. In gratitude for this, she will not break the peace of her man, his personal space will not be hurt.

From the side, the couple looks as if everyone lives by himself, there are no quarrels between them, no storms of joy and laughter, manifestations of love are only in intimate moments of life. A convenient existence for everyone, which is hardly good for a strong love relationship. The Virgo man, paired with Aquarius, will become the keeper of the hearth, will manage with domestic life.

Woman Aquarius for him like a ray that shines, heats, charges with positive energy. Virgo will not encroach on the freedom of Aquarius, will support in the pursuit of career growth, will not be forced to give up a noisy pastime. Aquarius woman next to a Virgo man will feel spoiled, weak, she does not need to solve difficult life problems, make changes, all this will be done by a pedantic man-Virgo.

Both signs of the zodiac are inherent in selfishness, so the main thing for them to control its outbursts, otherwise the idyll can disintegrate. The patience of a Virgo man will last for as long as he is in love with the Aquarian woman. In addition, she must become his best friend, support, in which case a joint long life for them is real.

Aquarius Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the woman Aquarius and the man Virgo, their family union is rarely when it is lasting. The Virgo man is cautious and circumspect, and the Aquarius woman is unpredictable and voracious, than just frightening the Virgo man. A woman-Aquarius is not satisfied with her companion because of stinginess and not hospitality.

In everyday life this couple meets quite a lot of contradictions. It is even enough that the Aquarius woman loves spending most of her time away from home, while the Virgo man, on the contrary, has a home-stay, which causes her husband to complain and complain that their life is not interesting enough and monotonous.

Of course, in compatibility of Aquarius-Virgo pair can be happy, but for this, both partners will have to make a lot of efforts. If these relations are really expensive for both women and men, they should try to accept the partner as he is and see only positive qualities.

In an ideal pair, the Aquarius woman and the Virgo man learned to accept each other as they are, to respect someone else’s opinion and their desire to live in that way, and not otherwise. A woman-Aquarius simply as air needs a sense of freedom, and in an ideal pair she gets it. Nothing hinders her movement. Virgo man is happy that the Aquarius woman does not try to pull him out of a cozy nest just to go to someone’s house.

Aquarius is impractical and suffers from this, but next to the Virgo man, this problem is solved in the best way. In turn, the Virgo is glad that he is safe, he does not need to risk and get into embarrassing situations.

The biggest difficulty in the compatibility of the Zodiac signs of Aquarius and Virgo is that they can not agree on how to spend their free time. If at first acquaintance, a woman-Aquarius and will be interested in the measured and calm life of a Virgo man, and that for the sake of experiment and can once again another, plunge into the whirlpool of events in which the Aquarius woman lives, then all the same, sooner or later everything will be on Their usual places. A woman-Aquarius needs a lot of new impressions, communication with friends, a variety of active activities. And Virgo loves her cozy home and quiet evenings.

For a harmonious life, the spouses only need to agree that they will spend their free time separately, but this does not work out. The Aquarius woman sincerely believes that the Virgo man will like her in her company and in every possible way tries to "drag it out", and the Virgo man starts to suspect his wife of treason because of her craving for communication. This greatly offends her, because she is sincere in her feelings.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Aquarius and Virgo, so that in their family there was harmony, the Aquarius woman needs to learn not to take offense at caustic remarks, hints and criticism of the Virgo man. He does it not from evil, he just has such a character. The Aquarius woman can do it perfectly. After all, she by nature has incredible subtle humor. When you hear the remarks once again, just translate it all into a joke, and the conflict will be exhausted.

Just do not criticize in return. The Virgo man will not tolerate this and the situation will only worsen. Also, going to the next meeting with friends, do not forget to tidy up the house, and then the man-Virgo can quietly do his business and almost do not notice your absence.

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