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Between the man Aquarius and the woman Aries is a very complex love affair, incomprehensible, not clear relationships. Their love is like a game in which the main victory, and not a happy stay next to the chosen one. A man of Aquarius is not averse to "pogudryat brains," guessing his beloved unthinkable rebuses. Knowing perfectly that the woman Aries curious, Aquarius will fool her for a long time, give unrealizable promises, utter ambiguous phrases and thoughts about relationships.

Woman Aries, of course, will notice in his chosen superfluous straightforwardness, his statements, although true, but hurt self-esteem and give rise to anger and irritation. Aquarius man is characterized by commercialism, he cares only about his comfort, it is unlikely he can touch someone’s hard fate. He can be generous and help the suffering, but only if it somehow will be beneficial to him. In life, couples goals and plans are correct, noble, do not hurt the rules of decency. Man Aquarius is a kind, generous, cheerful person. But, all these qualities can be ostentatious, if circumstances so require. In his life, many friends and friends.

He does not infringe upon himself in freedom. Do not burden yourself with fidelity, especially in the young years, in adulthood, perhaps, family life will be welcome. Woman Aries likes to lead, she is owner and cutting in statements. She will be terribly jealous of her faithful to his numerous friends, reproach for lack of attention and love for her. The Aquarius man will conquer his chosen one by eccentricity, original actions, creative thinking and approach to life. His actions can not be calculated, he can surprise with a pleasant surprise or upset indifferent behavior.

A woman Aries will attract a strange Aquarius with determination, activity, energy. She also likes to dream, but realistically assesses her capabilities, strives to achieve her goals. Therefore, her plans are often associated with creative tasks. The intimate side of the couple will let them understand each other much better than the material. Problems can arise from the desire of the Aries woman to control and limit the freedom of the Aquarian man. He does not accept this, and will protest in every possible way. Both hot natures and conflict can erupt in an instant.

In a pair, both can spend a lot of time on mutual insults, reproaches, even revenge. Forgetting about the world, the mutual desire for a stable and measured life. Astrological forecasts for the pair are optimistic, they are compatible, but on condition of lowering their own ambitions, eradicating the sense of revenge, the desire to annoy the partner. Hearing your mind, a couple can go through life together, creating a beautiful family and raising children.

Aries Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Aries women and the Aquarius men, these bright relationships can suddenly burst out and just as suddenly disappear: as a rule, Aquarius man and Aries woman are drawn to each other, but they rarely endure the test of living together. Aries and Aquarius are well compatible in temperament and energy, they stick to a similar lifestyle and most often have similar interests. But on the other hand, it is a union of two egoists, each of whom believes that he knows everything about the Great Love, but he does not know how to love someone who is near, and to surrender his interests for the sake of a partner. In many ways, the fate of the relationship depends on the circumstances and the level of spiritual development of each partner.

In everyday life, this couple often have conflicts that begin, in the main, Aries. She does not see in Aquarius either the sense of purpose or the ambition that men appreciate, but she likes his unpredictability and curiosity. In turn, the freedom-loving Aquarius can embarrass the exactingness of the Aries woman, however, he is ready to forgive her much for her passion. If Aries woman and Aquarius man want to make their relationship truly strong, they need to learn to make concessions and take a more tolerant approach to the numerous (from their point of view) weaknesses of each other.

It is very remarkable, and this is confirmed by statistics that the most talented children are born from this marriage union. This union is also famous for its passionate love oaths and fabulous intimate amusements that do not have the equivalent in the whole Zodiac. Whoever excites whom, attracts, attracts — it is difficult to say, only one thing is clear: in this respect they try not to give in to each other.

Woman-Aries and Aquarius-man find in each other reliable like-minded people. They perfectly understand the needs of each other and allow the partner to live the way he wants. Both are interested in the world around them and people in it. Also, both have a distinctive feature — cheerfulness and sociability. They have many friends, like noisy companies and hate to stay at home. Even in adulthood, this couple does not focus on the family, and a young couple in general can rarely be found at home, and then, only with the company of guests. Both partners have a Great Goal, and they support and help each other in realizing it.

Compatible Aries and Aquarius — are sincere in love, are open and are friend to friend not only loved, but also true friends. In addition, the ardent temperament of Aries allows you to keep a couple of feelings for a long time. At the level of everyday life, they rarely get rich or have a cozy house — both of them are not interested, so wealth comes to them only thanks to a happy occasion.

A pair of female Aries and male Aquarius — are exceptional egoists. In love, both give a lot to the partner, but only what they themselves consider necessary. They find it difficult to get along, because they can not listen to their partner and understand what he really needs. Hence, there is discontent with each other. It seems to both of them that the partner does not appreciate what is done for him, and at the same time he does not justify his expectations. Accusations of ingratitude and frailty are not uncommon in this pair.

Women-Aries just like air need to be visible and exceptional. She is used to leading in partnership and besides, she is considered only with her desires. Aquarius man is also not very interested in the feelings of others. In this pair, there are often situations where, for example, Aries plans a weekend trip to the forest, taking into account both his favorite games of the Aquarius in the open air, and a pleasant company for him, and food for a picnic, but completely forgets that the loved one fell ill and rest on Nature is unlikely to please him now. And Aquarius can collect for the birthday of Aries all her best friends, and then take offense that she is busy with them, and not by Aquarius herself!

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Aries-Aquarius - that in their family harmony reigned, and Aries and Aquarius need to learn how to talk with each other and talk about their needs. And the woman-Aries and the Aquarius man believe in the existence of ideal love and expect from their partner an absolute feeling. They are absolutely sure that a loving person will always understand and "intuit" what his half wants at the moment. They endow beloved with all conceivable and unimaginable merits, fanatically believe in its ideality, which then, of course, causes disappointment.

If they step through these delusions and start talking to each other about their needs, the problem described above can be avoided. And the girl Aries, and the guy-Aquarius at the first signs of misunderstanding are not locked in themselves, and are trying to improve the situation. Both are not averse to good feelings, are sincere and ready for much for the sake of a loved one. The main thing is that your beloved should tell you what exactly he is waiting for.

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