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A bright, though difficult union forms the compatibility of Aries and Aries signs. Both possess a passionate fiery nature, are swift and resolute, this combination guarantees an interesting and emotional relationship. The clash of two strong characters does not always lead to conflict. Let us consider in more detail the relationship between two representatives of this sign of the Zodiac.

Questions of compatibility in love, of course, always worry the most. If business relations or friendships can sometimes be reconciled with some disagreements, then choosing a person with whom you are going to live for a long time, maybe even his whole life, especially his nature.

How will the relationship between the love couple of representatives of the sign of Aries? Their nature is equally strong, self-esteem is equally developed. A necessary condition for achieving compatibility in love will be the willingness of each partner to make concessions to a loved one. It is everyone, because if one constantly assumes the role of leader, the second will be too hard all the time to be under such pressure. Fortunately, Aries, as a rule, are quite logical and reasonable, therefore, albeit with a creak, but can periodically give the palm to the partner.

This is the main condition for a successful relationship of such a couple. In the rest, a pair of Aries may well count on the successful development of relations. Aries does not like monotony. Therefore, such a couple will always find a new occupation or entertainment, and, what is especially good, most of the ventures of one will find the warm support of another partner, with the possible exception of perhaps the most extravagant offers.

Excellent pair for joint undertakings. Such character traits of the representative of this sign as honesty, openness, ambitiousness, will allow partners to achieve serious results in joint business. In addition, the atmosphere of trust and willingness to help another, allow them to organize really serious projects in business that require significant resources and good organization. A more accurate picture can be obtained by looking at the natal chart of each partner’s birth.

A lot depends on the relative location of the planets. If the horoscope of one of them contains stronger combinations, then the second will often have to obey the stronger influence of the partner, and being subordinate to Aries is simply unbearable. The best compatibility of Aries and Aries in business is observed with an approximate equality of planetary relationships, which will allow acting on an equal footing, or at least without the explicit dominance of one of them.

When planning serious relations, all those recommendations that we voiced earlier are relevant. Compatibility of zodiacal Aries in a marriage can serve as a basis for the creation of a strong and prosperous family. It is only necessary to take care of the feelings of a partner. Aries is serious about criticism, sometimes showing offense and unwillingness to heed the arguments of the interlocutor. Especially it is not easy for him to listen to reproaches from his second half. Try not to arrange long-term relationships. This will not benefit your union.

All can end with mutual reproaches and resentment, fortunately, short. Aries does not know how to take offense long, in addition, he will soon begin to feel guilty and try to make amends for a loved one. Often, to alleviate the embarrassment in a relationship, he resorts to the help of gifts. Do not blame him for it, it’s not an attempt to pay off! Everything that Aries does for a loved one — he does with all his heart and is completely sincere! Accept his present with gratitude and try to forget about the recent misunderstanding.

Aries are honest and sincere. Having recognized similar qualities in a partner, he will be imbued with confidence and will feel real peace of mind. It is the atmosphere of mutual trust that allows us to count on lasting long-term relationships that will become the basis of family happiness.

Aries Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

Many believe that in the compatibility of a woman-Aries and a man-Aries — it will be a constant war for peace. This is not quite true. Despite the turbulent temperament of both, it does not necessarily become the leading motive of living together. The man and woman of the Aries sign have a choice, what kind of union they will build, and without going over their nature.

It is worth noting that the Aries and the Aries women have excellent sexual compatibility, and the passions in their relationship are always abundant. But, if you do not restrain your emotionality, at least to some one of your partners, their bright hot alliance may prove fragile.

If to observe from the side, then the pair of Aries-Aries in compatibility looks temperamental and active. As if the two Aries did not adjust to each other, the Aries pressure and even some aggressiveness can not be hidden, and therefore there is a periodic clarification of the relationship between them. And to do it quietly, the couple does not know how, and it seems to others that they have more displeasure with each other and struggle for leadership than it really is.

In a woman’s horoscope, the Sun symbolizes not only her own character traits, but also the image of her ideal half, a true partner, her husband as a Teacher, who helps to go through life and develop her traits. If a man-Aries is strong, determined, passionate and sincere, in short, if he is able to become a Teacher for a woman of Aries, she will gladly give him leadership in the family. In alliance with him, she gets an example to follow, a defender and a prop. And the man-Aries, in turn, is loved, caressed, always in the first place, which his egocentricity is experiencing.

If both of the troubled Mars or the Sun, such Aries are scandalous, aggressive and conflict. Their union is also to some extent ideal, because everyone finds in him what he wanted - an external enemy, with which one can fight. According to the compatibility of Aries-Aries signs, problems, most often, arise from the defective Saturn and Venus, not Mars, as many believe. In Aries, Mars feels well and does not bring any particular difficulties to his master. If people meet different signs of the zodiac, they can compensate each other for the weaknesses of weak planets, but in a pair of one, and even such a strong sign, all the shortcomings are doubled and become very noticeable.

The feelings of Aries can flare up and fade, so do not be surprised "that the fire went out, if you forgot to throw wood in it." In addition, Aries does not know how to create a comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, he has everything on the run, on the feat. This gives a lot of passion in the beginning of the relationship, but can lead to the fact that both partners will begin to seek peace and comfort outside the home.

In relationships, Aries often manifests itself as an egoist, does not know how to restrain himself and think about another person. He also does not like discipline, moderation, and is not ready to deny himself if he has made up his mind. For all these features is responsible Saturn — a real test for Aries, this is its complexes.

Also in this union, there is a lack of practicality and a normal human desire for comfort and a family home. On some ambitious aspirations, it is difficult to build a personal life, and the struggle of the independent characters of two energetic Aries adds to this union instability and "explosive". In their life together, as a rule, conflicts, clarification of relations, struggle for leadership in the family are not uncommon.

According to the horoscope compatibility Aries-Aries — they need to constantly monitor their behavior, remember that feelings always need to be recharged, and Aries feelings, most of all. Therefore, on more often arrange romantic surprises, carry away each other, diversify leisure. This will allow you to keep the passion for each other. Due to the fact that a woman feels her Venus better, therefore, the main task to diversify the everyday, sexual and emotional aspects of life is her responsibility, as well as responsibility for harmony in the family.

Saturn will have to work harder. The Aries man needs to accustom himself to discipline and submission, but do not go too far, otherwise he can become a "martinet", cruel, inflexible and stubborn errors. Therefore, a half-hearted man can best help his Aries-man to cope with his indiscipline, and not tough bosses and life difficulties that can only embitter him. The soft participation and assistance of the Aries woman, praise for every "right" act, sincere admiration for his ability to deny himself for the sake of common interests — all this is needed by a man, and Aries even more so. Aries-man likes to be the best, he will try to continue act so that his behavior was worthy of praise.

For the sake of fairness, we note that the "quick-tempered" ergines, irritability, aggressiveness and craving for violence, as well as anger and vexation, pass just as quickly as they arise, especially in the absence of one of them, even briefly. And this is not surprising. As a rule, when they are together, arguments and quarrels are common here, but one should go to the store or the newspaper, as the other immediately becomes uncomfortable with "deadly angst".

As it was already said, the main thing in this marriage union is who will tame whom, tame, and which of them will become more "home or tame". And it turns out pretty quickly — or already during the "honeymoon", or somewhat later.

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