Aries Woman Capricorn Man

The relations of the Aries woman of Capricorn man are similar to business beneficial cooperation. To one another gives what the satellite expects, but the difference in temperament and mutual misunderstanding have a special place in the union. All because the woman Aries is open, inclined to change, is actively tuned to the development of relations, is positive and expressive. Man Capricorn is a secretive, courteous, tactful man. In his statements, he is restrained, his words are thought out, his actions are measured out. The soul of the company is not called, he eschews noisy places, prefers solitude and silence.

A wonderful feature of the character of Capricorn is that he knows how to present his thoughts or remarks in a soft form, delicately. Surprisingly, outwardly serious and distrustful person, in fact, easily lends itself to provocations, does not know how to read human falsity and hypocrisy.

Aries woman is a power-hungry, wayward, selfish person. Loves to show off, surround a crowd of fans, favorites. It is inherent in inattention and inconsistency of actions, doing actions, regrets and ponders them afterwards. When this is in love, it is as if she "sleeps", speaks out of place, is silent and mysterious. He does not tolerate advisers, people who teach, always discuss and ridicule their words. In the man Capricorn, she sees an experienced partner who has the discretion, the ability to correctly place the accents and constructive steps in solving problems.

Unfortunately, the Aries woman has overstated requirements to the partner, so Capricorn will have to prove his mind, ingenuity, gain the authority of the word. The Capricorn man attracts the emotion of Aries, her healthy ambition, cheerful and easy temper. In it, he sees the mother of future children, a faithful wife, a real mistress. Sometimes you will have to Capricorn and pacify a stern and disobedient woman Aries. She is stubborn, a great debater, sometimes infantile. Capricorn man — who has great patience, will endlessly try to calm the restless Aries woman.

One thing is clear, the man Capricorn is not used to give up, the woman Aries sees persistence in this, and perceives it as love and strong feelings for herself. This is how their relations are kept and very successfully, if they do not cross sides and "go too far". To preserve the freshness of relations, to strengthen family positions, the timely development of relations will help. That is, you need to legalize the marriage, give birth to children, plan the implementation of professional skills, and put your strength on career growth. It is disastrous for a pair of mutual indifference, a dead end and a lack of understanding of the main question, whether they want to be together. Considering the moderately reserved and conservative nature of the man Capricorn, the task of the woman Aries all subordinate to the smooth development of changes in life.

Aries Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Aries women and Capricorn men — temperament, character traits and temperament, as well as the rhythm of life of these two partners are so different and dissimilar that the marriage union between them is carried out in very rare cases. Between them often sparkling battles — both horned, and who hurts someone to whom the horns - it is very difficult to predict. But, one thing is clear, Capricorn in this union feels like a rock, which is continuously beating the ocean wave during the surf. Capricorn man would be much nicer to bask beside a warm fireplace than to briefly be in a "crackling forest fire", coming from a woman Aries.

This pair together will not be easy. The people around them see their external success and are often inclined to blame one of the partners for "being furious with fat". In fact, such an alliance gives undoubted social benefits and benefits, but it contains a lot of tension and a lot of problems. Only Aries and Capricorn know about them, they need to make a lot of efforts to make the relationship happy.

An Aries woman and Capricorn man couple often calls envy from others, as both look strong, energetic, confident and prosperous people. In the case for which they are taken, they tend to always succeed, they have more or less normal income, but often in the family life (especially at the beginning) have separate budgets. They can unite them only when they consider it profitable or when they fully trust a financial partner.

If you look at the psychological component of the couple with the help of the synagogue, it will be seen that the relationship is held on an unspoken agreement on cooperation. Often, not together is love held together, but many reasons: joint business or finances, and most importantly — everyone has a role, a place in the life of a partner, and neither Aries nor Capricorn want to look for this role, to train and adapt another person.

In the harmonious compatibility of Aries and Capricorn, there is a firm distribution of responsibilities for mutual benefit, and neither man nor woman crosses the boundaries of the "alien" territory and the zone of responsibility. Therefore, there is little love in the couple, but much admiration for each other — because if the couple are still together, then everyone is happy with how the partner is coping with his part of the duties.

As it is banal, but the basic incompatibility of this pair — in a different character. Aries is impulsive, spontaneous, and does not want to view the consequences of their actions. Capricorn is also very difficult to understand and accept such a partner, and he will constantly push it, teach life, criticize (let’s be honest, there will be plenty of reasons for that). But Aries is not one of those that allows him to dictate to himself the conditions and indicate how to live. Because of this, the couple will have frequent quarrels, and Aries quarrels violently, she is sincere and open in her discontent, and Capricorn tortures her with cold tediousness.

Capricorn builds his life and organizes his feelings slowly and systematically, and Aries this process is chaotic, chaotic, swift, with an explosion and crackling, thunder and lightning. If Aries does not find something to respect Capricorn, then their relationship will quickly end, because the woman Aries will never be with a man who does not respect. She is constantly annoyed by the "dosed" distribution of forces and in rage, and in money, and in sex. She can begin to consider her companion stingy, stiff and emotionally deaf.

The educational work of the Capricorn man over the Aries woman is made like a drill on the command of an old sergeant major and lasts until exactly as long as it is beneficial to Aries himself. And then - remember how to call! But, any Capricorn should thank his "sheep" for giving him a whole "bag of gunpowder of life", driving out of his soul harmful melancholy and pessimism, ever dusky, dull and sad thoughts, so preventing him from not only living and loving, But even — normally breathe.

Compatibility horoscopes of Aries-Capricorn — their relationship can last a long time, only if the woman-Aries reserves patience. She should remember that the corporate style of the Capricorn man — to go to the goal slowly but surely, and in due course she has all chances to get from him everything she dreamed about. Also, Aries does not interfere with listening to the advice of Capricorn, and they often prove to be useful. If Aries combines his courage with the calculation, which insists Capricorn, she will achieve much more. Over time, the woman-Aries realizes the correctness and foresight of the Capricorn man. But at first they will argue a lot, and there’s nothing to be done.

For Aries, this union is necessary, because Capricorn is the embodiment of its complexes. It is unlikely that his Saturn traits - caution, discipline, rigidity - would have worried her, do not have it with this problem. So Capricorn is a good way to learn your lesson and get rid of the problematic aspects of nature. For the compatibility of the signs of the zodiac Aries and Capricorn, so that during the lapping and "learning" of the Aries woman, the couple does not break up, you need to find a common cause or benefits, so that parting becomes inconvenient. Often the first years of a couple’s life are strengthened by a common child or housing issues.

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