Aries Woman Gemini Man

The Gemini man, having met the beautiful woman Aries on life’s path, is doomed to be kind and caress in the love of this woman. An impeccable couple, only a glance, and they understand the partner, with a half-word predictable reaction to all cases in life.

Extreme people who want to paint their life with all the colors of the rainbow. Relentless energy of Aries goes to find oneself, often they are outstanding sportsmen, vocalists, actors, etc. Relationships in a pair of man-Gemini and woman-Aries are successful, they have perfect compatibility, although there would be little fire for the Gemini, and Aries would be absolutely satisfied.

Gemini’s person is an extraordinary personality, unstable, searching for novelty of sensations, he is characterized by experiments. An optimist and a joker, in the women’s company feels "like a fish in the water." Gemini is inconsistent, sharp, can say without thinking, make a random acquaintance.

Gemini man is a wonderful actor, speaks fluently, is literate, erudite, is not too smart. Physical work, will scare away the man of Gemini. He will never become torn, he will watch over his health, he is not inclined to compassion and mercy. What could attract his woman Aries?

She does not often "saw" it, how, and to him, life is not at all important, do not ask of cash savings, both spends. Together, a cheerful and laid-back couple, are not fastidious, undemanding to a partner. Except for one, the woman of Aries constantly needs confirmation of love, and in words and deeds, even from a distance.

About the woman Aries will say, careerist, orator, activist, always ahead of the whole planet. She will find herself in politics, the teaching field, will devote herself to her work without a trace. Aries is difficult to lock in the bounds of limited freedom, she is attracted to the same desire for free space in the man Gemini. However, it pains her that the man is not jealous of her at all, on the one hand she is thirsty and gets freedom, on the other, she is hurt.

Gemini man, having mastered the feelings of a woman Aries, is able to lose interest in her, because she is always on the alert, inventing various tricks, fomenting in him an elementary sense of ownership. Sometimes she succeeds and the relationship flares up with a new passion. For others, it is not clear how both are so interested in the non-stable existence of relations.

Despite this, the compatibility of the Gemini and Aries women can be considered sufficient for a stable union. Until then, until the time will be difficult, but going to the thirty-year boundary, the pair settle down, will be able to agree on all the controversial points. If the mutual desire to create a family does not disappear, they can go through life together, with dignity and happiness.

Aries Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

Between Aries and Gemini, feelings of sympathy and mutual understanding are quickly and easily born. Often here, love comes "at first sight." When creating a family, two troubled hearts converge here, quickly sparking feelings, from which directly "on the run" a real "forest fire" ignites. And often it happens that "short circuit" occurs already at the first meeting, after the first kiss.

According to the compatibility of Aries women and Gemini men — this couple is considered one of the best: the Gemini man will not tire of warming Aries passion. He will be for Aries a constant challenge and at the same time the best friend and like-minded person. Despite the contradictions of their characters, they are well complementary and often happy together. But, yet a long and happy marriage is not always guaranteed here. The main culprit of this is, as a rule, very superficial feelings of Gemini and the fact that they almost always all "double", that is, it is produced and exists in a double size — friends and girlfriends, work and hobbies, houses and apartments, and also Partners for love and marriage (but, it is worth noting that the woman-Aries can best cope with this shortcoming of Gemini).

A pair of Aries women and Gemini men is always a welcome guest of any party. Both are very sociable, benevolent, energetic, sincere, make a lively fun even where boredom reigns. These people together, without exaggeration, look happy. They always have something to tell, then to share, they are optimistic, and even in old age they retain a young liveliness in their movements and thoughts.

The Gemini man in this union receives a powerful supply of energy. He understands that while he was alone, his words lacked persuasiveness and often he stepped aside because he was not perceived. Next to the woman-Aries this type of men becomes stronger, bolder and more confident. And if a woman also works with him together, he gets the perfect performer for his business plans.

The woman Aries has already managed to get used to the encounter with Gemini, that her love quickly cools, and she is in constant search. Gemini are not the kind of man you can be confident in, so she’s jealous and angry, but it’s because of his elusiveness that she remains in love with him and finds a solid family. The couple will not be indifferent to each other, their feelings will not eat everyday life, Aries and Gemini can always support each other and supplement their weaknesses with the strengths of the partner.

The biggest disadvantage in Aries-Gemini compatibility, which violates the harmony of this couple, is that, the woman-Aries is most difficult to get used to the frivolity and superficiality of the partner. A Gemini man behaves like a fluttering moth. Aries, a woman, on the other hand, can not split her attention between several people or classes. She gives herself to any cause entirely, extremely biased. "Flying moths" she does not respect, and the more unpleasant it will be to find these traits in her beloved man.

At the very beginning of the relationship, the woman-Aries can be simply delighted with the manifestation of the living interest of her Gemini man to everything around, she is very impressed by his quick thinking and versatile interests. But, over time, she will see that her beloved does not get carried away to the end, is not ready to devote herself to one thing, and his interests are changeable. He easily refers to issues in which, in her opinion, you need to invest your soul and strength. There may come a time when she sees in him almost a traitor: he is not ready to plunge headlong into the matter or the problem that has captured her completely. The Aries woman does not have half-tones, she loves and hates with equal force, and the feelings of Gemini will seem to her and neither cold, nor heat, but "warm" — what she most dislikes in people and situations.

The Aries woman is ambitious and determined to marry her husband in the marriage and help him to pursue a career. But Gemini usually does not need either one or the other. A Gemini man who finds himself in the profession is a rare fortune. Also, in the understanding of a Gemini man, a family should not restrict its freedom, it should not report where and why it went, and Aries does not like this at all. For this reason, emotional clarification of the relationship is not unusual in their home, and if partners fail to find a compromise, their life together threatens to end in a violent break.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Aries-Gemini, despite all the disagreements, Gemini men need a temperamental and passionate woman-Aries. Her departure for him can be a heavy blow. Gemini understand this and will do everything to keep this woman next to him. They are able to be different and surprising, so they will be able to remain interesting to Aries. So, fortunately, the woman-Aries will not have to solve the problem of their incompatibility alone.

Deciding to create a family with a Gemini, Aries girl, it’s better to immediately set yourself up to the fact that she will be the leader in the pair, she will have to direct the attention of Gemini in the right direction and return it if the Gemini gets distracted. If the windiness of Gemini leads her into despair, it is useful for her to remember herself a year ago — are there many things that seemed vital then, have for her, at least some significance today? Most likely, they will not be at all. Aries, too, is not distinguished by a long attention to one object, and she should admit this before reproaching the Gemini. The only difference is that, after getting carried away, Aries believes that all this is serious, and the Gemini advance to the game as a game, leaving the right to enter into another game at any time.

If both the man and the woman in the pair are both attuned to the relationship, then the ability of Gemini to be interested in many things at once can become an excellent complementary feature of Aries: while Aries is active in one direction, the Gemini are seeking additional ways and benefits. This is especially useful if Aries and Gemini work together. It is in business matters that a woman-Aries will see this seemingly big minus Gemini, a plus that brings mutual benefit.

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