Aries Woman Libra Man

The union of the Aries woman of and Libra man is a real hurricane of passions filled with a storm of emotions. Unearthly love between them, can lead either to an ideal understanding, or to a confrontation, like a cold-blooded war in the struggle for its superiority. Having met, the couple will for a long time try on the role of the chosen one, to look at the life of the partner with undisguised curiosity. They can be attracted by their own differences from each other, way of life, understanding of happiness, perception and reaction to life situations.

Woman Aries is an active, dynamic, stubborn nature. She manages everything, there is no such thing that she "does not have the teeth." In relations, it will be fiercely to uphold the dominant position. However, open attempts to drive the man Libra "under the heel", will cause on his part a hard protest.

The man of Libra protects his personal space, likes to retire from time to time, prefers clarity and freedom in relations. Woman Aries is a lover of a noisy holiday, she constantly needs the attention of society, contact with different people. Aries, like the man of Libra, appreciates independence, just does not welcome any conditions, a framework that limits her will.

Scares Aries in Libra, his unpredictability, mixed with mystery, the inability to calculate his steps, thoughts, actions, reactions. His desires or goals throughout life change the landmark, and as a result, the end result. Having achieved its place of leadership in the relationship, a woman Aries should choose a tactful tactic in relation to the man Libra. He will not tolerate arrogant words in his address, cold coercion.

The man of Libra under the right guidance of a wise woman is able to "roll mountains", it awakens an irrepressible potential for aspirations, achievements, it can reach unprecedented heights in business. In it there is a business "grasp", iron logic, mathematical mentality. The woman of Aries sign needs to be trusted, not to interfere with her meetings with friends, with her usual circle of communication.

Aries is a faithful nature, often she has a single-mindedness. Their relationship is full of vivid impressions, a string of quarrels and violent reconciliation, they do not face monotony. A notable feature in the pair is the ability to support in grief, misfortune and from the soul rejoice at the successes of the native person. She should be afraid of her own inflated ambitions, inadequate claims, rude words.

Man Libra and woman Aries will necessarily find compromises, ways to solve problems, will achieve mutual satisfaction on all issues. The stars prophesy a successful happy family life, provided they show compliance and loyalty to their partner.

Aries Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

A pair of female Aries women and Libra men in compatibility feel themselves as if they found the second part of themselves. This is a very good complement to each other, a couple. The woman Aries is very strong and resolute. These her qualities help her to go forward, keep her passion, constantly support the novelty of feelings, and the Libra man is very tactful, never invades Aries’ private space, does not like disputes and does everything to live in harmony and not to mutually alter each other.

Aries always attracts the external beauty of Libra, and the last — courage and courage, determination and fighting spirit of Aries. This marriage union can be both amusing and full of strength and life, but only on condition that they both learn to curb the negative qualities and qualities of their character and temper. Especially — Aries, with its tendency to act, advance, attack, all bend and bend, break and tear, destroy all the old and pave the path-path to everything new, yet unknown. Libra needs to smooth everything and equalize, everywhere and everywhere bring harmony, as they attach great importance to good upbringing, and the ability to behave in society, etc.

In a pair of Libra and Aries, people retain youth and health for a long time. These people perfectly complement each other, share strength and well-being. It is also important that in the couple for a long time the sexual interest to each other remains, this stimulates both Aries and Libra to look brighter, more attractive and younger.

In this pair the woman-Aries gives the man-Libra the energy he needs so much to move forward. And in an ideal pair this energy does not go into pressure. A good companion-Aries does not force a man to achieve success, but charges him with optimism and a thirst for activity. The Aries woman is happy that there is a person next to him who is willing to make concessions, easily stands up to her furious character and does not argue with her on trifles.

In an ideal pair, there is no change of roles, in which a stronger Aries behaves like a man and becomes the head of the family. On the contrary, the ideal pair (for any signs) is one in which a man remains a man and a woman remains awoman. The woman-Aries helps the Libra man to open his masculine features and achieve something in life. For this, she directs her energy to the house and family, warming them, preventing boredom and monotony from settling in the house.

The compatibility of Aries and Libra is affected by the fact that in the zodiacal circle these signs are opposite each other. This suggests that they are attracted, but at the same time there is a lot of dissimilarity and disagreement in their characters. Their main karmic task is to help each other to improve the qualities of their partner, to supplement it, while remaining himself, and not changing, breaking his partner in life. Therefore, the couple will have problems when they begin to impose themselves on each other, their view of the world. Of course, Aries occupies a leading position in this, but Libra does not give him much in this respect. They also know how to influence people, but they do it gently, and not in a hurry, like Aries.

The Aries woman should not push her man to share her passions with her. In this case, quarrels and disputes may begin. Also, the persistent proposal of the Aries woman can change the work to a more promising but tense one, if she demands Libra to have an unequivocal opinion about some person or case, and accuse him of hypocrisy. After all, the fact that Libra seems tactful and able to live easily, for Aries — duplicity and laziness.

Libra by their nature are rather sluggish and tend to weigh everything. Therefore, it can irritate the excessive activity and activity of the wife Aries. He will specially start to do it still slower to show Aries that the world will not collapse if she finds time in it for comfortable rest. But Aries looks at comfort very differently, and Libra will only make her mad.

These are the contradictions on the compatibility of the Aries and Libra Zodiac signs. And if they grow, then what? Then Aries will temporarily have to retire from home to somehow cool her hot head, Libra will temporarily cease all relations with him until the clouds break up and the domestic atmosphere is discharged and restored. In these cases, as a rule, the fate of their union almost entirely depends on the further behavior of Aries.

According to the compatibility of the horoscope Aries-Libra — in this union usually does not do without violent emotions: the man-Libra with his frequent mood swings and active, straight-line woman-Aries are not used to restrain their feelings. In their relationship, as a rule, there is love, and passion, and the struggle for leadership in the family.

Libra himself takes leadership quite calmly, but the Aries woman sometimes tries so clearly to prove her superiority that his male pride does not allow him to yield. In addition, the woman-Aries is unhappy with his financial and career successes, which with all the straightforwardness is capable of periodically expressing him directly in the face. As a result, they usually have conflicts in the family and clarify the relations that can lead to a break. However, this hot and passionate alliance can be strong enough, if only partners learn to give in to each other.

Unfortunately, even the most well-bred Aries and Libra can not leave each other alone. They can be tolerant in their views, respect the opinions of others, be tactful, but when it comes to their partner, it will not help them. Between the Aries-girl and the Libra-guy, the air sparks from tension, and for a while they will argue and quarrel. This should be treated calmly and with understanding. Over time, passions will subside, and they will rub against each other, and at the beginning of the relationship they will be kept only by fervent love and reconciliation through intimacy.

In order not to happen, in this pair the woman-Aries must learn to trust her man. What is obvious to Libra is not at all obvious to Aries, and while insight has not come, a woman should take on faith that Libra is not a hypocrite or a liar. He does not try to "be good for everyone," he tries not to disturb the harmony of the world around him and really considers quarrels as wrong behavior.

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