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Aries woman and Virgo man is a union where people clearly know what a partner can give, what can be learned from him, they can give an accurate description to their chosen one. The Virgo man is serious, his thoughts are of profound philosophical content, he is honest, fair, consistent. For someone, he is too picky, not devoid of tediousness. There is that pedantry in it that can irritate people. Choosing a thing in the store, he will literally wipe out the seller with questions, comments, long doubts and hesitations.

Woman-Aries is energetic, assertive, optimistic in life. In the man-Virgo she likes his organization, punctuality, compulsion, he inspires confidence, inspires confidence. Such men as Virgo, called excellent family man, they adore mother-in-law, admire his wife’s friends. The Virgo men often set an example for other men, for which they, in turn, dislike them.

Aries woman loves to attend noisy events, without her, a party with friends can not do without, her life is a continuous flash, where the impressions must be different, bright, emotional. In a man Virgo, unfortunately, she will not see such zeal for the masses, he is not a fan of open and crowded places, does not feel comfortable in places of unrestrained fun. In relationships, against the backdrop of different views on recreation, quarrels can develop, where Aries will not forget to rebuke Virgo in stiffness, boredom, recall all insults. He, in turn, can recall her negligent attitude to life, lack of attention and concern for him.

A Virgo man can suffer deeply, gnawing himself, even after a long time after reconciliation. Aries will certainly become more sedate, home in adulthood. Having learned all the sins of youth, having repeatedly felt the deception, betrayal, falsehood, she will thank heaven for meeting with such a man as a man-Virgo. Obligatory conditions for a successful union will require the patience of the Virgo, or the connection at an already mature age. Otherwise, the fairly worn-out nervous system of the Virgo, is unlikely to last long, but to a woman-Aries he can simply get bored.

Having created a family, both must clearly understand that their views should coincide with the conduct of the household, the upbringing of children. A Virgo man should feel support and reliability in a woman, be sure of her faithfulness, decency, modesty, predictability, this is his ideal. In the intimate sphere, the Virgo man is somewhat simple, not often seeking for sensations and varieties. For the Aries woman, this is not very acceptable, it will take her natural tact, delicacy to bring intimate life to its level. The couple will be happy, having passed the trials of destiny for strength, the union promises to be successful.

Aries Woman and Virgo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility horoscope of the Aries woman and the Virgo man, this is a very complex union, which fairly shakes the nerves of both partners and does not give absolutely nothing in terms of spiritual growth. Problems in the Aries-Virgo pair in compatibility will always be. In a hot, open and selfish woman Aries with a cold, calculating, selfish and self-serving man-Virgo, even friendship will be unstable. There can only exist ideal business cooperation, co-authorship, nothing more.

Of course, they can learn from each other by something, but to develop the features that the partner has is not their karmic task, they are useless for each other’s inner growth. Unnecessary union on the energy and karmic plane, very average at the level of sex and energy, but can be very good at the household level, if each of them has its own benefit from the partnership.

Even in the most ideal pair, Aries woman and Virgo man associates sees complete incompatibility. Woman-Aries is impulsive, contact, she often lacks thrills and impressions. While her companion is well at home. He is a homebody and quiet, does not like noisy companies and is usually immersed in his interests. Nevertheless, the ideal pair of Aries and Virgo can look good if they spend the unused energy to achieve everyday welfare. Virgo can perfectly adjust life and provide a family, albeit without a large scale.

In this alliance, the woman Aries, with her energy and ambitions, can "push" the conservative Virgo man forward. The Virgo man is usually not too happy about this, but he is able to appreciate the result with dignity: his diligence combined with the ambition and zeal of the Aries woman often helps him achieve in life much higher heights than those he was capable of alone.

In addition, Aries is fully able to assess the reliability and honesty of the Virgo, who, in turn, becomes infected with her energy and optimism. In their life together, the woman Aries, as a rule, takes on the managerial role, Virgo does the job well.

In Aries the motto "I" is a sign of personality and personality, and Virgo is a sign of service, and it is characterized by the words "I serve." If a woman — Aries decides to make a career in the direction that causes Virgo respect, then the Virgo man will do everything to his companion Aries forgot about everyday inconveniences. Of course, it would be more harmonious if the Virgo was a woman, and a man — Aries, but, nevertheless, there are such unions.

In the first year of living together, Virgo and Aries will have a particularly hard time. Both will be annoyed by a different temperament. The woman Aries is very impulsive, she first does, then thinks, Virgo, on the contrary, thinks a very long time and does little. A woman-Aries will be difficult with a constantly cautious man. She will not understand and his desire to live quietly and imperceptibly, avoiding acute sensations. And at the same time, Virgo will irritate the noisy and expressive behavior of Aries, her constant falling in history, and her sociability.

If both partners value each other, then they have a chance for a less happy family life. Over time, Aries and Virgo will see the benefits and benefits, and for their sake they will tolerate each other’s shortcomings. According to the compatibility of horoscopes Aries-Virgo — a good union is possible, if the woman-Aries learns to give in to the Virgo man and live less richly. It will be necessary to accept not to engage in extreme sports and not to lead a too active way of life, so as not to frighten the Virgo.

Virgo is afraid of quarrels, does not like openly finding out the relationship and avoiding irreversible decisions, if not calculated them to the smallest detail. Well, if Aries finds a safe (that is, understandable to the Virgo) sphere for the manifestation of these traits, for example, will direct energy into a career or sport. If possible, protect the Virgo from anxiety. A good union of the compatibility of Zodiac signs of Aries and Virgo is based on the benefits they receive, and on mutual concessions.

Virgo, for her part, must learn to respect Aries’ personal space, not to criticize and not pick on. To help Virgo in this, be friendly with him and do not frighten him with your energy, remember that for Virgo Aries is a symbol of catastrophes, extreme situations and transformations. The Virgo will scare much less if he does not fear: for him, criticism is a method of self-defense.

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