How to Attract a Pisces Woman

Looking at this charming, feminine creation that can give the impression of a naive person, it’s hard to believe how much this woman is picky in love. She is interested in not every man, but only one who, along with other virtues, is able to become her reliable life support. Despite the fact that the contradictory in all the Pisces woman sometimes still chooses to be weak in the physical development of the male, more often she is interested in knights with fighting qualities, strong and spirit, and body.

With regard to women of this sign of the Zodiac, the principle that the lack of attention to the lady evokes her interest works very well. The indifference of a man can turn him into a desired object for her. However, we should not seek an answer to the question of how to fall in love with a female Pisces, conquer it, in an excessively dispassionate, deliberately cold behavior: overdoing it, you will frighten her forever.

A typical way of loving relationships with Pisces women usually begins with a normal friendship, a friendship that is slightly colored in romantic tones. A cautious Pisces will be frightened if they try to take it with a fight, taking too active actions. The woman of the Pisces sign can not submit to a person who does not yet trust, and she begins to trust only after a certain period of acquaintance. There is no reason to be alarmed if such a woman sees in you only a friend - on the contrary, this is an encouraging sign.

Winning a Pisces Woman

Understanding a Pisces is not easy, and yet it is. It is about paradox and mystery. A strong Pisces trait is intuition (to the point of appearing psychic). So the best approach to a Pisces woman it to be sincere, be real. She will likely seem to know when you are faking it or trying to deceive her. She may even pretend to be deceived just to see what you are up to. With this intuitive nature comes a rare sensitivity. If you do deceive a Pisces woman, even in fun, she may not trust you again. We are talking sensitive here, as in if you tease her or express even a small amount of meanness towards her, her feelings will be hurt … and that just is going to sink any chance for romantic possibilities.

Pisces Woman Interests

Want to attract or impress a Pisces woman? Be sincere. Be polite. Being a show-off or acting disinterested (hoping a display of confidence and ‘coolness’ will impress her) just will not work. Pisces women are attracted to confident men, but generally, only men who are friendly, polite and considerate. When talking with a Pisces woman, talk about the things that matter to you. Do you love your dog? This is a woman who will truly appreciate your love of animals. Do you have a dream about the future? Pisces women tend to be fascinated by what people are passionate about. If a Pisces woman decides to open up to you and share her hopes and the things she enjoys, be VERY understanding. If she loves fishing and you think fishing is one stupid hobby, do NOT make fun of fishing. This is not about you. Just say fishing is something you never tried. Chances are, if she is available, she will invite you to come with her sometime.

What Attracts Pisces Woman

If you are looking for a fast, uncomplicated and drama-free relationship, then a Pisces woman is not for you. But if you want to be cherished and be willing to lavish your woman with attention (a Pisces woman can be somewhat like a princess), and have the patience to wait for your prize.

  • Understand her and be patient: The first thing to do is to understand exactly what she wants. A Pisces woman usually has a very strong desire to be needed and in return, she will protect and cherish her partner. The Pisces woman tends to be drawn to two different types of men who require similar roles from her. On the one hand, she is drawn to the assertive, alpha male for whom she can play an yielding and feminine role. On the other, she can be attracted to the man with a had-luck story, for whom she can play a supportive role. If your personality is neither than of an alpha male or that of an underdog, you can still woo a Pisces woman; just be sure that you tell her you need her.
  • Make the First Move: Be sure to make the first move, because a Pisces woman will usually not do so, even ifqualities-good-husband she is attracted to you. But don’t rush her or coerce her; you may find that you will have to be friends before you can progress to the next stage. Also, don’t attempt to play games with her – once you’ve got her number, get in touch with her as soon as you can. Most people stick to the ‘three day rule’, which the Pisces girl may not like though she puts up with it. But don’t wait any longer than that. You need to let her know that you are genuinely interested, or she will bolt before you know what you are doing.
  • Show Relaxed Confidence: A Pisces woman can sense insecurity and is immediately turned off by it. So learn how to look and act confident. Start up interesting conversations to grab her attention – don’t be only the listener when you are in a group. Another way of appearing confident is by not coming on too strong, or you risk freaking her out. Instead, a simple warm smile and a hello is a good way to start. Keep the conversation light and put her at ease. And no matter how you approach her, be sure to look genuine about it or she will sense insincerity and that will be the end of it.
  • Be a Gentleman: A Pisces woman wants her man to be polite and chivalrous. This means that you should open the door for her, foot the bill, hold her hand from time to time, give her your jacket if it’s chilly outdoors and generally spoil her a bit (not too much, because she wants to be able to respect a partner who will gently pull her back to earth if she goes overboard). Also, always be tactful. This means that yelling at the waiter during a date is absolutely out of the question. She is always polite to everyone around her, and she will want you to be the same. Don’t be the guy who eats all the pizza but doesn’t chip in.
  • Open Up to Her: Let your Pisces mate see the world from your point of view, because that is what she wants. Open up to her and let her show her empathetic side; you will find that she can be the most compassionate and self-sacrificing of all the zodiac signs. At the same time, she needs to be trusted in order to trust in turn. So you should start first, by opening up to her, and when she finds she has your trust, she will trust you as well.

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