Libra Woman in Bed

Libra woman is an ethereal being that if you are the chosen one she is willing to be surrendered but you have just to follow the rhythm. She does not like so much violence, sudden movements and simadia. It is important for Libra woman, her lover to feel and to understand her. Many times she does not say what satisfies her, she wants her lover to be experienced and understand by himself without instructions. She really needs to get satisfied and she is suffering if you do not succeed, usually without saying it. This means that you are not able to understand her. If you fail to satisfy her, she will not say anything because she does not want to insult you, but she will think that you have unconcern for her and she will fend off.

The passion and the events of his partner is an essential element for Libra, who considers it as indication of interest. She likes a lot of foreplay, where she can see her partner tactics and examine whether she is desirable to him. As long as this phase lasts the better for her! Her imagination runs wild and enables her to analyze you as a character. If she gets bored she will show it with manners! She requires from her lover to have imagination and variety because she gets easily bored and she wants to drift waves of passion in words and deeds! She would particularly like if there were mirrors in the room, but she hates vulgarity and leveling emotions.

Libra woman is feminine, exhibitionist, smart, kind and she takes initiatives. She likes to be seduced with manner. She is attracted by money and the professional and social status of the opposite sex. She achieves her goals. You have to think it twice before you make a sudden move, because the next time you will face a cold creature. If you are the right lover, she will respond to the fullest and you will live together very strong and happy moments. If not, she will not teach you that! Initiatives in love is a man’s job! They have to learn the right techniques! She feeds you with magic and sensuality! The rest is in your hands!

Libra Woman Sexual Traits

Libra woman are natural charmers and attractive as it is in their trait. Libra woman is the kind of woman who turns heads everywhere and anywhere she goes, because she is a natural charmer and she does not need to put any efforts either to make you laugh or to attract you in any manner. These girls are very social and they can get friendly with everyone easily and as a result, they will also have a lot of ‘friends with benefits’ type of friends. She is the kind of woman who like small gestures from her partner be it giving a kiss in front of his friends or whispering something in her ears, she likes such things a lot and would do anything for it. She thoroughly enjoys the intimate lovemaking which includes a lot of kissing, hugs and foreplay including the oral sex.

She enjoys such things much more than sex which she considers only a physical activity. She is the ultimate girly girl when it comes to the bed and would always ask for his partner’s attention. To arouse her, you just need to compliment her, let her know how beautiful she is and she will be all yours in a very less span of time. She is also very possessive and caring towards his partner and even though they have many hook-ups due to their socializing nature but even they tend to get emotionally attached to someone once they get physical with them. She is extremely passionate in the bed and will always try her best to satisfy herself as well as her partner.

She is also the kind of woman who is always willing to try out new things provided her partner is also game for it. She also has a wild and kinky side which she may occasionally reveal to her partner in the bed, so don’t be surprised if she asks you get naked and than she ties your hand with a sex toy just to go down on you and make out with you.

These girls are totally uninhibited with their body and they are confident running around naked or even nude in the bedroom once they get too close with their partner. She is the kind of woman who will be difficult to please at the first moment but in reality she is quite friendly and approachable. Amongst the twelve zodiac signs, Aries and Libra woman tops the horny list and their sex drive is considered to be the highest and wildest. Overall if you have a Libra woman as your girlfriend or as your wife, you already know how lucky you are because you get to spend some of the most amazing time with her in the bed.

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