How to Break Up with an Aquarius Woman

How to finish it all? Do not worry. The Aquarius woman will go first. Her intuition will warn her long before you say something. While listening to the orchestra, they know that the ball is over. However, if this is a difficult case, here are some tips to help you tell Aquarius that the magic has disappeared.

Be a homemaker. Watch the TV at home, instead of going to a meeting with friends. Be tight-fisted. Complain, but do not take advice. Be mysterious, do not share secrets. Aquarius hates this. Scoff at anyone who believes that people are motivated not by one selfishness. Make fun of Aquariusโ€™ charity work and his sympathy for the unfortunate.

When Aquarius makes a mistake, act like this is unforgivable. Stick to old-fashioned traditional views on every possible issue. Insist on your own choice of their clothes. Try to cut them off from old friends. Very soon you will get the desired freedom. Your Aquarius will leave without leaving even a trifle reminding you of him and happy times.

Break Up with an Aquarius Woman

Woman Aquarius in love affection keeps enthusiasm, fascination with a partner. When she disappears, he will quietly disappear without a twinge of conscience. How do Aquarius part? They do not like sentimental scenes and desperation and do everything to avoid it. He will leave home in the absence of a partner, change the phone number and ignore any attempts to contact him. When he decides that the time of "mourning" for the second half has passed, he will contact his former partner and check if everything is in order. Then, maybe, between Aquarius and the former partner, a sincere friendship, often accompanied by a friendly intimacy, will begin.

If you leave Aquarius Woman...

Abandoned Aquarius convinces himself that, apparently, his unfortunate personal life is written to him on the family, and is completely given to his hobbies and work. And so it will be until he falls in love again.

How to remain friends with Aquarius Woman

Are you sure that you have it? Aquarius loves to change partners, so part with it is quite easy. In addition, this sign is not touchy and easy to communicate, so in this case, you can simply invite him somewhere in a cafe and tell you that you do not fit each other and you better part. There are all chances that you will part good friends and sometimes go to visit each other.

If the simple statement is not enough, show that you are tired of noisy companies, extravagant tricks and decided to do business - write a thesis, earn a lot of money, do gardening and so on. Girls Aquarius can not stand jealousy, suspiciousness and domestic affairs, so an attempt to expel from the house of her friends or take up an economy will cause her to immediately flee this hell. Q.E.D.

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