How to Break Up with a Cancer Woman

When you want to leave, it will not be easy. It’s hard to get rid of Cancer. They are sticky, like chewing gum. A sharp attitude can turn a woman to flight, but if you are very stubbornly bend your line, she will endure and try to keep in touch.

Her weapons are nitpicking, she is unique in this. It is much better to act in less outright ways. She is looking for tenderness and needs it. Hold on to it dryly, not allowing it into your life, letting you know that its role is to wait. This should cause her anxiety and uncertainty. Be in a bad mood - this will affect her feelings.

Criticize her behavior in the bedroom. She already has the feeling that she is boring in this area, let her know that you think the same way. This is unforgivable! Cancers need, in attachment. Refuse him in it. They need emotional support, and you are too busy. Cancers like to give advice - do not listen to them. Cancers prefer old and cozy establishments. Go to the most modern tavern that you can only find.

And most importantly, criticize everything. Cancers suffer greatly from this, criticism comes to their sore spot. Tell anecdotes about your mother-in-law!

Break Up with an Cancer Woman

Woman Cancer believes in a big, beautiful, romantic love for life, so she will do anything to avoid parting. He will turn a blind eye to all the first bells and signs of the coming end of the relationship. He himself will never be able to decide on parting. Cancer will give itself more and more new chances and treat all dubious situations in its favor.

If you leave Cancer Woman...

When the partner tells him that he is leaving, Cancer will hang on his neck, not allowing him to make a step. He will explain that this is only a temporary misunderstanding that can still be explained and corrected. When a partner disappears around the corner, the abandoned Cancer runs into an abyss of despair. He will call, beg, ask, blackmail, trying to speculate on pregnancy (in most cases invented) or threatening to commit suicide. And all this to the accompaniment of sorrowful music. The calmness of the abandoned Cancer after the parting will be restored when he meets the next love of his life - the only one and forever.

How to remain friends with Cancer Woman

Cancer woman are homebody with a soft poetic character, become attached to the house and adore children. All these qualities make parting with them especially difficult. Strictly speaking, there is only one way to leave Cancer-woman, without making her unhappy, - to attach it "in good hands."

You should have a friend who is profitable different from you shyness, romance and dreams of a big house by the water, in which there will be at least four children frolicking. You urgently need to turn into a donjuan, surrounded by fans, or into a business man, immersed in the head, into work that is abhorrent to everything connected with the household. After a while, Cancer, embarrassedly lowering her eyes, will say that she met her Love.

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