How to Break Up with a Capricorn Woman

If Capricorn got everything he wanted, she would leave herself. Without loud words, quarrels, violence. Capricorn just go away. To bring it to this is not difficult. Make fun of their inability to stay in the company. Say that their head looks like a clogged kitchen sink. Ask Capricorn if he is born a bore.

They can not stand being teased. Although they like jokes, they do not tolerate humor directed at them. Especially disgust at them cause gross jokes. Capricorns hate flat jokes. Criticize without end. They react badly to criticism.

Women Capricorns have a special love and respect for their family. Insult her mother, father, badly answer about the little brother. Spend money on trifles. Arrange scenes of jealousy - Capricorns do not tolerate any manifestation of proprietary instincts, invading their intellectual sense of solitude.

Refuse to observe the schedule for the day. Eat only when hungry, sleep, only when you are tired, make love only by inspiration, no matter where you are, and what you are doing at that moment. Try to make them live in a whirlpool of social life. Even with the best scenario they will be unhappy. So your Capricorn goes away - you will not see him again.

Break Up with an Capricorn Woman

A woman Capricorn often takes an interest in love - and is mistaken. Therefore, when he discovers that he has made a mistake again, he immediately ends the relationship. How do Capricorns part? This is quite cruel in its sincerity, people who do not spare the partner. Capricorn believes that he must be frank, but does not see and does not understand how sometimes it is ruthless.

If you leave Capricorn Woman...

Abandoned Capricorn never looks back. As assures the horoscope of parting, he quickly enters into regular relationships and looks at the past without regret. He believes that he lives here and now, and crying for the former and remembering something is a waste of time. If Capricorn was very keen on relationships, he drowns out his sadness with work. No one talks about their feelings, so itโ€™s often not known to others that their friend, Capricorn, is already "ex" because with someone broke up.

How to remain friends with Capricorn Woman

Capricorn - suhar, an individualist and careerist. The best way is to interfere with his work and promotion. Girls Capricorns - big ambitious, but in a material sense are ready to be content with small. Therefore, if you force her to leave a promising job and start making money to meet your needs, sooner or later she will prefer to sacrifice you.

Capricorns do not like noisy crowded companies, so crowds of guests staying up to night will annoy the owner. If she works at home, distract him with all sorts of nonsense. It will cause vexation and extravagant management and clothing partner, especially if the witness of this will be the captain of Capricorn. Capricorn will come to the conclusion that the case and the marriage - two things are incompatible, what you one fine day and will inform.

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