How to Break Up with a Gemini Woman

How to complete a relationship with a Gemini woman? Very simple. The method is extremely simple: be boring. Do not communicate. Tell long, intricate stories with unthinkable details. Gemini will have the appearance of a man drowning in a barrel of peanut butter.

Discuss controversial issues. Twins hate arguments. As long as you say, do not let them insert words. Share your problems with tons of tedious details. Other peopleโ€™s problems lead Gemini to a state of depression. Be impatient and temperamental. They can not stand it. Go constantly to the same places, meet with the same people, do the same, tell the same jokes.

Doing love, do not make any difference. Do not change the preliminary caresses. Be sure to talk a lot about it later. Look at all the bad side. Twins are notorious optimists. Let them know that as bad as it is today, tomorrow will be even worse. Limit them the freedom of movement. Invent the reasons for staying at home every night. Insist that you are helped with housework - the boring thing is nothing.

With the last guests leave and the Twins, so that they will never return again.

Break Up with an Gemini Woman

The Gemini woman is very practical about the love alliance. If it does not work out with one, then the next one will happen. If the partner does not meet his expectations, Gemini without the scruples of conscience will start looking for another. He believes that life is one, and it is not worth spending it on unsuccessful relationships. Therefore, the answer to the question of how Gemini parted, almost always implies the answer "Quite easily". Especially the young representatives of the sign are especially willing to break.

If you leave Gemini Woman...

Abandoned Gemini after the forced break will try to drown out the pain and quickly rush into the whirlpool of public life. They will be happy to go with friends to parties or travel. Are the Twins returning after parting? On this account, there is no need to be deceived.

They do not recognize the return and believe that you can not enter the same river twice. As the horoscope of parting, the Twins quickly draw conclusions from the past and are ready for other relationships. Having a rich experience, they choose a new partner very carefully. As a rule, this is the exact opposite of the former passion.

How to remain friends with Gemini Woman

Gemini such a sign, to get rid of which is simple - you just have to stop holding them and control them and they will find an adventure on their own. Since the union with the girl Gemini is primarily based on intellectual communication, make it so that you become bored.

Talk about children, the current crane and the prices of tomatoes in the market and in the store, this is enough that the Gemini would be homesick and begin to look around for something interesting. It is much more difficult to explain to them that at the same time it is necessary to take some measures - to change the place of residence to perform various legal procedures, to settle parental problems. Here it is necessary to show a soft perseverance, so that Gemini realized that you can only get rid of you only by overdoing it, but taking a sip.

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