How to Break Up with a Leo Woman

How to break the connection with Leo woman? No problem. You have already carefully read everything that was written. Therefore, certainly in the course. But for a refreshing memory: Talk about yourself. Try to get hold of the conversation. Contradict. When they affect their problems, or will express their own opinions - yawn. Forget the date of birth. St. Valentine, the anniversary of your acquaintance, the day when you first found yourself together in bed. Send a postcard with a postscript: "Better late than never!"

Do not bother admiring them. Criticize their manner of dressing, friends, apartment. Constantly letโ€™s understand that your career, your social life and sexual satisfaction are on the first place.

Never dress properly. Walk in the oldest, dirty and worn dresses. Do not change before going out. If you go to the cinema, let it be a local, three-time movie theater, choose the dirtiest sexual film. Exclaim in the course of his action in ecstasy, showing all his appearance that Leo has something to learn here.

Do not admire him as a lover, make it clear that all this is very ordinary. Knowingly cause jealousy. Be economical. Sting their vanity. Very soon the Leo will leave to be the queen in other jungle.

Break Up with an Leo Woman

Proud women Lions are often disappointed in their partners. And when the rose-colored glasses fall from their eyes, nothing and no one is able to persuade them to continue their relationship, they will still have to part with Leo. He will explain in a royally condescending manner that the further common path in life does not make sense, and for the good of the other party one must part. Talks about separation occur without mutual claims, but often in tears. If the abandoned partner does not give up, the Leo can leave very decisively. He just stops responding to phone calls. An exception are the very enamored Lions who still believe in their partner, although they realize his shortcomings. Such Lions, although they are thinking about divorce, will still fight for the relationship to the end.

If you leave Leo Woman...

The abandoned Leo is very afflicted and, as a rule, so that the partner does not see it. In addition to the despair caused by the end of communication, it painfully hurts the wounded ego. If the girl Leo quit, he usually leaves with a sense of dignity. Sometimes after parting, the Leo feels a desire to take revenge, but, as a rule, revenge ends even at the planning stage.

How to remain friends with Leo Woman

Leo loves to be in the center of attention and to be the master of beautiful rare things (to which he enumerates and his partner), which cause general admiration. Therefore, to the woman Leo left her partner, you need or stop admiring this King of Beasts (which, however, is fraught with trouble), or begin to compromise him with his gentleness and banality.

Refuse to go out with her "into the light," go home in a baggy robe, at the most inconvenient moment, start a conversation about childhood illnesses, demonstrate your ignorance and limitations in the company where Leo intended to "flash". This will be enough for her to try (of course, elegantly) to get rid of you. As for his future fate, you can not worry - Leo in two accounts: circling himself a retinue of fans who dream of sharing the crown with him.

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