How to Break Up with a Libra Woman

Communication is easy to break off - there are many ways to get bored with Libra. Gather weight, sloppy clothes, make appointments in crowded, noisy places, talk about trifles, object in everything. Ssetuyte their inaccurate attitude to money. Demand to give you a solution to all financial issues in order to control their spending. Express their displeasure with their optionalness.

Open their mail. Scales consider this invasion of their personal lives to be the most serious and unforgivable. Stop making compliments. Prepare the dishes recommended under the heading "To the hostess for a note". Do not change linens. Make love in a hurry. Why give this importance?

Be hysterical. If they react in their usual tolerant manner, try to get them out of themselves. Scold what they are cooking. Libra - men and women - are proud of their culinary talents. Tell them that the steak they cooked burnt.

If the parting is delayed due to the fact that in your time you worked too hard to strengthen communication, there is another reliable way. During the first dispute, give vent to emotions. This should work for sure. After this, you have to continue the dispute with the wall. Your Libra will leave you forever.

Break Up with an Libra Woman

The woman of Libra does not like and does not tolerate loneliness. She is ready to be in unsuccessful relationships only because she has no other alternative. Seeing the shortcomings of partners, representatives of this sign of the Zodiac are locked in themselves, but they can not make the last step. How do Libra part? Completion of a love affair in their performance is very vague. They do not know how to say that this is the end, very far from the partner or just disappear. Because of fear of loneliness, Libra after parting is ready to enter into another unsuccessful relationship.

If you leave Libra Woman...

Abandoned Libra is very strongly experiencing separation. They are convinced of their inadequate attractiveness and can become victims of scammers, marital swindlers who enjoy their weakness. If these people really love, then this is for a long time. It often happens that, years after the separation, Libra still can not forget her former partner.

How to remain friends with Libra Woman

The scales are peaceful, cold and refined. They do not like violent outbursts of passion, and the clarification of relations is considered tedious. They like luxury and sophisticated society, and do not like to over-bother themselves. This sign is non-conflict, but it is also heavenly, so itโ€™s quite easy to part with it. The first way is jealousy. Be jealous, check, watch the bothered Libra, even if there is no obvious reason.

Under the pretext of jealousy, try to keep a partner at home, depriving him of the usual society and piling on him many uninteresting domestic chores. Enter the regime of the strictest savings - collect money for something expensive, but boring, not elegant and threatening even more trouble, offer yourself to provide yourself with potatoes and vegetables. In this case, it is good to start every day to retell the next TV series. This will be the last straw.

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