How to Break Up with a Scorpio Woman

Steps to parting are fraught with danger. Scorpio is a bad character, and a head-on collision with him can lead to disaster. It is better to resort to more subtle ways. Do not show frank affection, in which Scorpio so needs. Do not bother with the usual embraces, kisses or verbal assurances of love.

First of all, proceed from your interests. Complain about the lack of attention to you, be rude and unrestrained. Often and point out unequivocally the mistakes they made in society. Take the initiative in the conversation, even if you do not know what youโ€™re talking about. In the bedroom, do not let him or her act only in accordance with their own desires. Do not ever praise them.

Leave everywhere ash, throw clothes and newspapers, leave fingerprints of dirty fingers on the walls. Scorpio will never forgive someone who breaks the comfort in his house. Make Scorpio jealous, and then make fun of him and continue to behave in the same spirit. If they require an explanation, offer any option from the novels you know.

After that Scorpio will stay with you no longer than a thief-pickpocket. But remember: no disputes! You, perhaps, will break with him, but you will be carried away on a stretcher.

Break Up with an Scorpio Woman

A Scorpio woman does not admit defeat in any field, including in her personal life. If they make a decision that he wants to be with someone in a romantic relationship, then this person does not change the point of view. How do the Scorpions part if they are so purposefully fighting for the feelings of the person they are interested in?

The decision to break it makes you accept the betrayal and disloyalty of the partner. Then Scorpioโ€™s love turns into hatred, and he is ready to raze the former to the ground.

If you leave Scorpio Woman...

Parting with Scorpio is very difficult. He does not even want to listen when he is told that he was abandoned. First, first he will persuade the partner to stay and restore the relationship. If this does not help, the abandoned Scorpio falls into a rage, in anger ready for the worst of his words and deeds. Of course, Scorpio avenges the former - sophisticated, insidious, with passion and imagination. Then, when the act of revenge is completed, the ex-partner ceases to exist for him.

How to remain friends with Scorpio Woman

Scorpio is jealous, vindictive and intelligent. This is the most dangerous sign of the zodiac, so it is necessary to get rid of it with the mind. First, lose all interest in sex. This sign can not physically endure a long abstinence, and therefore quickly find someone on the side. When this happens, pretend to be a great martyr, but in no case do not make scenes.

Girls Scorpios simply adore outbursts of emotion, and a jealous hysterical partner can revive the extinguished passion. At this time, try to be uninteresting to him. Endure next to an "empty space" he will not. If your Scorpio is a highly developed personality, try to break some internal rules that exist for every Scorpio. Just make sure not to touch him personally - nobody is recommended to tease this sign.

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