How to Break Up with a Taurus Woman

The longer you are with the Taurus woman, the harder it is to complete. At the beginning, the feeling can cool down because of your inability to meet the sexual needs of Taurus. The dissatisfied woman Taurus will not long tolerate you.

If you prove to a woman Taurus that sometimes you prefer to sit quietly and listen to Mozart, he will soon find another society. But if the connection continues to develop. Taurus will look at you as a good friend, and it’s hard to break with a good friend.

At this moment, if love is too long, and you are looking for an exit, you will have to do everything to it in defiance. Spend money to the right and left, treat cold and tasteless sandwiches, dress in worn clothing, make rough or tactless remarks.

Do not follow Taurus’s wishes, insist on what pleases you. In disputes, try your best to convince Taurus. Be intemperate in language. Flirt. Often take Taurus out of the house on the pretext of a desire for secular communication. Always invite your relatives. It may take time, but the slowest way is the most reliable. In the end, Taurus will graze on a strange meadow.

Break Up with an Taurus Woman

Every connection between the woman of Taurus is carefully thought out. He does not choose casual partners, and if he decides on a relationship, he is already convinced of the correctness of his choice. But what if it turns out that he was mistaken, that Taurus wants to part? This is very painful for him, he feels deceived and can not believe that he could have been so mistaken. The man of this sign of the Zodiac believes that he did everything for the relationship that he simply could not miss. For him, the divorce is the last instance. How do the Taurus part? They can leave in English, disappear without words.

If you leave Taurus Woman...

The abandoned Taurus suffers alone. He does not like to share his pain (but first of all - the sense of defeat) with the world. For a man of this sign of the Zodiac, self-esteem and image are very important, therefore he is not inclined to fight for someone’s cooled feelings and for revenge. Often after the Taurus parting, false friends are surrounded, who assure a friend / girlfriend of his / her perfection and the shortcomings of former partners. For this reason, the abandoned Taurus does not draw conclusions from its failed love experience.

How to remain friends with Taurus Woman

Taurus love comfort and coziness, like to eat well and can not stand the material values that have fallen into their hands. At the same time, they are very conservative and lazy, so getting them to leave is a rather laborious process. The main rule in this case: do not be angry! Girl Taurus boils not immediately, but, becoming angry, becomes extremely dangerous and ruthless.

However, to part with the mismanagement of an empty-headed and restless gentleman, she can be quite painless and, tormented by remorse, even sacrifice part of the property. She will not bear the other extreme. Various "tasteless" diets, an empty refrigerator will force Taurus to look for a more suitable companion, able to provide him with a homey atmosphere and a hearty meal.

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