How to Break Up with a Virgo Woman

As a rule, the Virgo reluctantly breaks the connection. But they have a weak point. If you want to give a "reverse", then there is a whole list of recommendations. Use vulgar language. Rarely wash. Dirty dress yourself. Drop the ashes from the cigarette into the coffee cup. Do not create coziness in the house.

Never come on time on a date. Take the girl to the cinema on a low-grade movie or invite to visit a striptease. Be unsympathetic. Reject criticism. Be overly frank in public. Challenge any offer of the Virgo. Make suggestions without consulting the Virgo.

Tell dirty anecdotes in mixed companies. Play for money. The roar that you just heard is from the door slammed by the Virgo. She left.

Break Up with an Virgo Woman

Parting for a Virgo woman is a huge personal defeat. She will not allow herself this opportunity for as long as possible. As the horoscope of parting assures, Virgo avoids the cardinal decision to stop the connection. Even if this person is unhappy in his personal life, he still does not want to say the last word, postpones indefinitely. Therefore, the unfavorable relationship of the Virgo most often ends up in the fact that they abandon her, and not her.

If you leave Virgo Woman...

Abandoned Virgo, faced with the refusal of the partner in the continuation of the relationship, completely loses faith in himself. To part with a Virgo is to condemn her to deep thought. She puts the connection on the shelves, looking for the moment when she made a fatal mistake. She believes that if she tried more, everything would end in a different way. Are the Virgins returning to their former partners? Yes, and quite often, and after another parting they take on a new guilt. Abandoned Virgo believes that if they are separated from a partner, then she does not deserve love, and nothing good in life will not meet again.

How to remain friends with Virgo Woman

Virgo is methodical, fanatically hardworking, irritable, hypochondriac. Parting with it does not work, but if it is done "inaccurately", you are expected by the most tedious lawsuits, petty, but lasting for years revenge, gossip and complaints, falling on the heads of your mutual acquaintances. To avoid this, it is necessary to bring the woman of the Virgo to the idea that the continued existence under one roof with you can adversely affect her health.

To do this, be late for yourself and force your Virgo to be late, take the Virgo from work in the office - silly calls, at home - no less stupid questions, prevent her from following a diet, never put things back, buy completely useless (from the Virgo’s point of view), but expensive things. First you will try to re-educate, and in six months you will be offered to discuss the section of jointly acquired property.

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