Cancer Woman Aquarius Man

Woman Cancer and Aquarius man have bright prospects. Despite quite different characters, there is much that unites them. Successful compatibility will help to realize in family relationships, find yourself in the profession, open your talents or business acumen.

Aquarius man is a single person, it is difficult for him to let a person close to the soul. He is characterized by freedom, he does not accept control and restrictions. He sees his life colorful, festive, easy. Does not go into problems, avoids responsibility and independence. Life and domestic affairs are boring and uninteresting for him. It does not become attached to a person, it is easy to part, cherishes only by its own interests and freedom. Attracts a man Aquarius Cancer woman with her spontaneity, sharp sense of humor, promises and assurances of solvency and unrealistic possibilities.

Woman Cancer is suspicious, incredulous, practical nature. She is preoccupied with her comfort, material stability, she is worried by wealthy and authoritative men. More than once a man Aquarius will reproach her for her commercialism, pettiness, captiousness, in fact she needs this for a sense of confidence in the future. Against the background of financial disagreements serious conflicts will erupt.

Finding common ground in financial matters, the couple will be much easier to get along together and enjoy life. Woman Cancer wants to establish rules and conditions of family relations in her own way, likes to put ultimatums. But it is unlikely to help here, the natural freedom of Aquarius, indifference to family values will not keep him even near the beloved woman. Fortunately, in adulthood, he is inclined to change and perhaps the family will become for him the main meaning of life.

The expression of the Aquarius man love looks somewhat unacceptable for a woman. He is ready to give a holiday, bring diversity to life, pour promises and dream of a bright future. He is an irrepressible romantic, a flatterer, a saint. Cancer woman and Aquarius man doom themselves to constant trials, re-education. Brings together the intimate side of life, the harsh everyday life ruins the outer shell of the relationship. In the relationship there is always a place for quarrels and fervent reconciliation.

Arrival to the level of an exemplary and ideal family will help the arrangement, self-sacrifice and loyalty to the partner. To set clear tasks with a time factor for the Aquarius man, the Cancer woman to participate, support, does not skimp on praise, when the partner makes an effort for the benefit of the family or relationship. Putting family relationships on the definition of stability, confidence in each other, the couple has a great chance of being happy.

Cancer Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility horoscope of Cancer women and Aquarius men - one of the complex unions. The life goals of Cancer woman and Aquarius man are different. Unpredictable freedom-loving man-Aquarius and cautious woman-Cancer are different like heaven and earth, however, they are drawn to each other. They have good sexual compatibility, but in everyday life a conservative woman, Cancer, finds it difficult to understand the creative, controversial nature of the Aquarian man. Usually he is not ready to provide her with stability, which, she, aspires with all her soul, and is not at all tuned to marriage. Aquarius is not happy with Cancer’s measured way of life and inability to share with him his numerous hobbies and hobbies.

Over time, these contradictions tend to deepen, and the union of Cancer-Aquarius can disintegrate, unless the Cancer woman and the Aquarius man learn to live with each other’s interests. In order for them to become a happy couple, a greater spiritual maturity of both is needed. Much more often there are unsuccessful unions, where Aquarius uses Cancer as a servant or Aquarius Cancer — as a source of resources. In these cases, everyone gets what they want, but it is unlikely that they become happier.

Happy pairs of Cancer women and Aquarius men are rare. The surrounding they seem unusual and original pair. Learning to live together, without altering each other, the Aquarius man and the Cancer woman find many benefits from their union. Cancer, living near Aquarius, expands its horizons. Thanks to the man-Aquarius, the life of the woman Cancer becomes brighter and more interesting. Aquarius is an inexhaustible source of new ideas. He constantly carries them into the house, and the Cancer woman applies them and keeps them. Next to the Cancer woman the Aquarius man becomes a real earner of money, and the economic Cancer, skillfully disposes of them. As a result, the pair of Cancer-Aquarius in compatibility achieves much in spiritual development, but also does not forget about the vital and material.

Most often, such pairs are formed when they are people of one circle, habits and views, and which are united by something transpersonal. These can be general, large goals, scientific work, or, conversely, a common struggle with the disaster. The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Cancer-Aquarius is that they love completely opposite things. The Cancer woman is really calm and well only in her own home. A man-Aquarius always seeks to go on a visit, loves travel, and he does not recognize any boundaries and conventions. Because of these differences, this couple has disagreements even during the period of tying the relationship. Aquarius feels himself belonging to the whole world, he has a lot of ideas for extravagant rest, and the Cancer woman so requires the warmth of the home, just to sit next to her beloved man.

If the Aquarius man starts inviting friends to visit (and this necessarily happens), then the Cancer woman begins to feel that he is destroying her little world, created only for two. She sees this as a real threat to the established order in the house. Also, it will be unpleasant for him to ignore the traditions and rules of the house, which existed long before his appearance. To all attempts of the Cancer woman to tame the man Aquarius to the house, he treats suspiciously and accuses her of commercialism and can even use it as a domestic servant, manipulating her desire to be a good hostess.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Cancer-Aquarius, it should be noted that the Cancer woman should not "re-educate" the Aquarian man. Firstly, it probably will not work, and secondly, it will not benefit from this. Use the originality of the man Aquarius in everyday life and relationships, it will help not to freeze in one place and remove boredom. And those that are fundamentally important for Cancer woman things, it is worth defending.

The best option is to show by example how something is changing for the worst for Aquarius himself. For example, if a Cancer woman has a bad mood, then the comfort in the house disappears. This is especially clear if the life is organized with the interests of the Aquarian man. Show him that it is these spheres that are the first to "suffer" from the indiscriminate and unorganized behavior of Aquarius. A Cancer woman should not save offense and wait for Aquarius to understand her feelings. Do not be silent, speak and show by example.

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