Cancer Woman Aries Man

The Cancer woman is externally fragile and refined, definitely, the Aries man will pay attention to her. Irreproachable manners, impeccable culture of communication, femininity, magically attracts a man-Aries. The character of the woman-Cancer is cunning, and at the same time soft, by nature she theatrical actress is able to play real scenes, has a huge reserve of life potential, strong will power, "steel grip", the desired one gets in spite of everything.

A great strategist, he knows how to build a logical chain. The most amazing thing is that at first sight, you will never say that before you a real "fighter". Man Aries, an absolute man, he is characterized by militancy, courage, unrestrained behavior. He is able to beautifully look after a woman, knows the subtleties of women’s tricks, knows how to maneuver with emotions, achieves reciprocity. Compatibility of Cancer woman and Aries men is quite high, although sometimes he has to be nervous enough because of the sensitive nature of his girlfriend. In everyday life they do not create problems, they do not pay attention to small things.

The issue of the upbringing of children is treated differently. Sometimes the intransigence of Aries, and the firmness of the Cancer woman, are capable of destroying relationships on this ground. Everything can go on mutual insults and reproaches, forgetting the original topic of the dispute. The Cancer woman tries to achieve excellence in the upbringing and development of children, irrepressible control, excessive guardianship, without the right to choose or any kind of freedom. The Aries man tries to free the children from the control of the mother, does not restrict freedom. In this case, Aries is able to fiercely defend his education line, because of which quarrels often come out.

A man-Aries likes to be shown to him with high attention, praised for good deeds and just like that. He must feel like a king in the circle of his family, that every word of his is "law." From the feeling of a dominant role, he finds wings, and feels happy. In moments of melancholy and apathy, he seeks the support of his partner, a Cancer woman can take him out of the blues, cheer up her Aries man.

A Cancer woman in a bad mood can cry all day long, sad eyes, dullness, maybe even a little scare the Aries man, but eventually he will understand that she should just be pity, hug, and listen. Together the couple goes through all life situations and problems, successfully overcoming, the longer their relationship, the stronger they are. Having passed the course of life, together, they gratefully treat each other, considering their life to be happy.

Cancer Woman and Aries Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Cancer women and Aries-men — this union is not often found, as partners live in almost parallel worlds. Self-confident Aries does not recognize any framework, and a cautious Cancer woman, on the contrary, builds her life according to clear laws.

On the other hand, in a life together, such dissimilarity has its advantages: an ambitious Aries is quietly engaged in work and career, while his beautiful half is occupied by home and family. True, sometimes Aries presses too much on Cancer, which makes her angry and self-conscious.

Between Cancer and Aries there is always a strong sexual attraction, but a long-term alliance is very problematic. The Aries man attracts the Cancer Woman with his energy and strength, but an overabundance of the same force can provoke an inner protest and rejection: a partner can not live with him, and without him. In this union much depends on the character of Aries.

A female Cancer, as a rule, does not need great passions, although she involuntarily calls them from her partners. It requires and needs harmony of feelings, harmony of communication. She is very fond of her home. As a vital bread, it needs and needs moments of seclusion and seclusion, moments for calm inner contemplation. But Aries stands out of the house, absent, as soon as there is anxiety, emotional anxiety. And, conversely, with his arrival, the Cancer woman immediately comes to life, becomes cheerful and affectionate, tender and good-natured, cordial and sincere.

The Cancer Woman admires her Aries infinitely, this "eternal whirlwind", the inner world of which is constantly in a state of excitement and excitement, in which the need for self-expression and self-affirmation is the force that motivates him to new and new exploits-new ideas and plans, Action and initiative. Woman Cancer, although she likes peace, but for a long time still can not remain alone. She needs the presence of a strong and strong, intelligent and fearless partner, which is his Aries.

In a couple, a Cancer woman with an Aries man will always be the leader of Aries. In an ideal couple, overcome all the difficulties, the husband earns money, the wife brings comfort to the house. Woman Cancer is very worried about the material situation, so it’s very good if Aries’ income will be high enough.

In the compatibility of Cancer-Aries, if Cancer Woman can be soft, intuitive and will patiently withstand short-term outbursts of Aries discontent — then this will be an ideal relationship. For the Aries, this family will be a real fortress, where he can rest between "battles" in the surrounding world. However, the woman-Cancer will be difficult to adjust to the temperament of Aries, as subconsciously she seeks peace and stability.

If so different people are associated with strong love, then in time they can become a harmonious complement to each other. After a short period after living together, the man-Aries suddenly discovers that his chosen one is not so tender and weak as it seems at first glance. In this woman lies power, and if necessary she can resist the pressure of her partner. This is good, because it is important for Aries to periodically receive similar shocks and see an equal partner with them. Cancer also burns its fears and complexes in the fire of Aries and is charged by it with energy.

This marriage is very problematic. The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Cancer-Aries is that, despite the existence of a strong physical attraction, this pair has very large discrepancies in many spheres and areas of life. Especially serious are the contradictions in ideological attitudes, beliefs and outlook.

In the relationship of a man-Aries and a woman-Cancer, there is often a storm in a glass of water because the opposite traits of character and nature do not contribute, do not allow to enter the state of "soul into the soul." Cancers, as a rule, always and always are in eternal captivity of their own feelings, go on about their mood of spirit and constantly changing moods. Man-Aries for a woman-Cancer is a real purgatory of the soul. With his fire, temperament, he erodes and expels from Cancer all his conserved complexed feelings.

But as soon as Aries begins to show its distinctive features more vividly and impressively, demonstrating their hidden habits more clearly, as immediately as Cancer, like a snail, hides in its shell and all communication with Aries is interrupted for some period. Therefore, in this union, it is much more difficult for a woman. She simply needs to get rid of her complexes and shyness, learn to show willpower and character, while remaining gentle and tactful.

Also, in this pair often there are quarrels because of money. A thrifty Cancer woman can not calmly watch how a decent amount of money is thrown to the wind by the broad gesture of the Aries man. Aries likes to live effectively, brightly and enjoy this moment, while a practical Cancer woman thinks about the future. Do not try to put pressure on Aries, he does not like it and can get worse. Find a compromise and do not seem to your Aries a boring bore. In this pair it is very important that the man earns well: then the Cancer woman feels more protected.

A Cancer woman is very caring, but in a relationship with Aries, this can be superfluous. The Aries man is freedom-loving and excessive care, caress and care can be perceived by him as a desire to bind to himself and limit his freedom. Another difficulty is friends. Aries does not understand your friends, and you are uncomfortable with his company. Here, too, will have to look for a compromise.

Compatibility horoscopes Cancer-Aries — to preserve harmony they need to find some joint business, a hobby. In other pairs, this happens naturally, here both will have to try. The Aries man and the Cancer woman are very different people, and in order for their relationship to not break in time, they need to talk about something, do something together.

Disagreements on financial issues will be easier to resolve, if both earn a lot, or Aries — very much. Also, a Cancer woman should show patience and understanding if the Aries man suddenly starts looking for a female society. It is necessary for him to make sure that he is "still macho". In general, this marriage is not so bad. In addition to love, they also learn a lot from each other. Next to Aries, the Cancer woman becomes more bold and decisive, and Aries begins to show such traits as insight and restraint.

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