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Their family is an example for many, their mutual love, peace and harmony, their relationship is perfect for other people. Horoscope shows that the man Cancer, like the woman Cancer see in the creation of the family only support, support, they are like an "unsinkable ship", with dignity endure the trials of fate. This couple lacks living energy, there are many rules, prohibitions, categorical views in their lives, their opinions often coincide, but sometimes they want to break something, but often it is still in the plans.

The Cancer man is always accompanied by his companion, he is not comfortable alone, he is looking for a society with close and dear people. Short breakups lead to discouragement and a depressed mood. Man-Cancer constantly needs custody, optimistic words and support from his beloved. Woman Cancer is the very person who needs to splash avalanche of tenderness, to show maternal instincts, it does not bother her and does not tire her.

Intimate biorhythms, sensual passion reveals them from a more active side. In her family life the couple is liberated, romantic, tender and quivering. In intimate relationships, words, frankness, complete harmony and understanding are important to them, then both are happy. This is their true compatibility.

Man Cancer shows its economy, appreciates financial stability, strive for cash savings, does not accept to borrow or get involved in credit. Woman Cancer for her husband is always a clever and beautiful woman, a prosperous woman. Reliable companion, faithful companion. She knows how to plan a family budget, not a spender, and considers all debt financial obligations a utopia. Able to direct her husband to career development, sometimes they become high-ranking officials, influential people, and at home these are "henpecked", in a good way.

In a union, a couple can upset mutual apathy, the ability to literally infect a partner with a bad mood, irritability. As a rule, a sensitive and sober mind quickly returns them to the normal course. Immaculate Cancer woman can fail, she, like all women, is able to show women’s whims, in some cases not manageable. A weak woman protest in this way, she wants to see a leader in a man, a daredevil, a leader of a pack, more patriarchal.

It does not matter when and at what age a man and a Cancer woman will meet, most likely the marriage will be stable, successful, happy. In their house there is comfort, comfort, a real family idyll.

Cancer Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Cancer women and the Cancer men — this is not such a good union, as it may seem at first. Two Cancers understand each other well, but their mutual obstinacy and touchiness spoil their lives. Between the two Cancers, long-term relationships are possible only if they are both very successful: secured, having reliable friends and a good profession. Otherwise, they will stop their communication with mutual reproaches and resentments.

The common denominator in Cancer-Cancer compatibility is a clear predominance of feelings, constant mood changes, subordination to the rhythms of the lunar phases. Their life is more or less bearable, while the mood swings do not coincide. Then one of the partners should go for a walk "to ventilate", at least for several hours. They categorically should avoid and bursts of emotions, and scandals, and tears.

It should be noted that women-Cancers, in everyday life are more understandable than Cancer man. They, despite a very strong ambition, always fuss, somewhere rush, but at the same time rather helpless. Throughout life — these are big children, who always and constantly, everywhere and everywhere require a nanny — help from outside, especially from the side of a loved one, a close person.

When a Cancer man and a Cancer woman only meets, they immediately develop an amazing mutual understanding on any issues — from where to rest and how to spend money, to philosophical and philosophical principles. In this alliance, partners often find their soul mate. Practical and dreamy Cancers are so comfortable and comfortable in each other’s society that all sorts of friendly parties and outings can gradually remain for them in the past: traditional entertainment they usually prefer the comfort of a family hearth.

They have so many common interests, especially those related to home and family, that even after living a lifetime side by side, they may never get bored with each other. Another question is that such complete self-sufficiency sometimes leads them to some isolation: the happy Cancers simply does not have incentives to communicate with friends and relatives. Of course, if the house has "harmony and love, all other problems are not so important, but Cancer can still be advised to diversify their lives (including sexual), so that their marriage does not become a habit.

In a perfect pair, the Cancer man becomes the getter, and the Cancer woman provides him with comfort and comfort. In this situation both the man and the woman develop their natural energy. The Cancer woman becomes a real woman, and the Cancer man is strong and brave. For him, this union is especially favorable, because with another more powerful woman, he could become a homebody, and he cares about his Cancer.

In the family, Cancer man and Cancer woman usually have many children. Both become very caring and good parents, despite the fact that they themselves constantly require caress and care. A man-Cancer couple and a Cancer woman rarely have conflicts. They perfectly understand and feel each other. But, nevertheless there are situations when they can quarrel. In addition to astrological characteristics, each person’s education is influenced by the way of life of his parents. The main problem in the compatibility of the signs of Cancer-Cancer is that, having quarreled, these partners, unlike other couples, do not know how to tolerate.

Often their quarrels end in a break in relations. This is due, first of all, to the fact that they both do not know how to forgive, are very vindictive and resentful. And if there are any disagreements, then none will yield. They will remain silent, offended, and as a result, the wall will grow very quickly between them. Moreover, the offense can also concern cases that took place long ago, when the Cancers were not even familiar, since they live not only in the present, but also in the past.

Boredom often arises in this union. True, the Cancer themselves say, and even argue that boredom is better than friction, quarrels and quarrels, scandals and confrontation, unrest and anxiety, tears and discord. Probably, they are right. With boredom, you can always fight and have something to fight. And the best medicine for her is physical work or intellectual, or any activities, hobbies, hobbies.

According to the compatibility horoscope Cancer-Cancer — in order to harmony in the family of Cancers, one of the two must learn to give in. It will be more logical and easier for a woman to do cancer. Thus, she will strengthen her feminine qualities even more, and the man-Rook will not obstruct obstinacy, because his duties include the ability to protect and protect his family.

Therefore, for the harmonization of relations, the Cancer woman should first go to reconciliation, be softer and more compliant. It will be wonderful if over time the couple will be able to agree in which spheres of life whose voice will be decisive and will not be contested. This will greatly reduce the number of reasons for quarrels.

It is worth paying attention to the fact that the Cancer woman should be more interested in harmonizing family relations. Firstly, because to build relationships in the family, this is a purely female role, and secondly, the Cancer woman suffers more from the quarrels with her husband. For a Cancer man, it is perfectly permissible to find "comfort" on the side, and relieve the emotional tension, and the woman will be left alone with her resentment. And how will it hurt if the partner’s betrayal accidentally opens!

Also, despite the fact that Cancer homebodies, they also do not put from time to time to shake up, get new impressions. The stock of energy is well supplemented by short trips and short trips, or even simply cultural enterprises or sports entertainments. And rest assured — nothing better than them rejuvenates and does not diversify the conjugal and conjugal life.

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