Cancer Woman Capricorn Man

The Cancer Woman and the Capricorn Man are, in fact, completely different types, they have little in common and are unlikely to flare up at first sight. If the relationship acquires a serious and long-lasting status, then, most likely, the couple is held strong, indestructible love.

The favorite occupation of both will be an attempt to re-educate their chosen one, to change his way of life, habits to his point of view. Against this background, conflicts and disagreements are inevitable. Only the desire to be together, patience and wisdom are able to create a miracle and the union will be successful. Capricorn man initially makes for the future chosen too many unreasonable demands, claims.

He seeks to make a woman of perfection, which is clear only to him. Capricorn man is demanding the same way and to himself, forcing himself to be first everywhere. Cancer woman — fragile and very vulnerable. Attempts to withdraw her from her inner world or to sneak into her soul will cause a serious protest. Thus, the conflicting parties may long seek the ways of reconciliation or not at all to find them.

Man Capricorn is a calculating egoist, wayward careerist. For him there is only his opinion, and it is the only correct one, so deeply he is convinced of this. Do not go it roughly against it, if you need to change his point of view, you should use veiled manipulations. With all this, a Capricorn man is faithful, reliable, family. In relations, he values clarity, transparency, but he is capable of unpredictability and mysteriousness in his actions.

A woman is a dreamer, she likes to dream and make plans. She likes change, a diverse life full of sensations. Easily falls into dependence on the man, the character has a weak, feminine and naive. In a career can achieve great power, if you prove yourself to be a hardy and judicious girl. When the situation demands, the woman Cancer shows selflessness, never leaves in a trouble, will always support and will help.

If a woman Cancer go on about her principles and ambition, then the relationship may not have a rosy ending. If in this pair, the Cancer woman could become more loyal, softer and more accommodating, the Capricorn man will not change the position of the leader, the person to whom all must obey, never.

The chance of a successful union is, of course, there. Each of the signs can control their emotions, be able to negotiate, both can be humanly kind to each other. But the basis of compatibility and relationships should be loved, then there will be a beautiful and happy marriage.

Cancer Woman and Capricorn Man Compatibility

Both the Capricorn man and the Cancer woman can only be congratulated on the successful choice of a partner in life! Perhaps, from the outside this union does not look too passionate, but the words "they are so well suited to each other" they will hear in their lives more than once or twice. Feelings of feelings, but between these signs is clearly something more: these are the goals, aspirations, and views on life, and the reliability and solidity that the Cancer woman and the Capricorn man are able to give to each other.

According to the compatibility of Cancer women and Capricorn men — this is one of the most natural and harmonious pairs. It has a traditional distribution of roles. As a rule, in this alliance, Capricorn provides a family and rises up the career ladder, while Cancer takes great care of the house and the children. They do not have a struggle for leadership, on which many couples break down. Woman Cancer calmly recognizes the role of the head of the family as Capricorn. Of course, no one is insured from conflicts, but they do not turn into violent scandals. In other words, the Capricorn man and Cancer woman have all the chances to live happily in this marriage all their life.

A Cancer Woman for Capricorn Man is a true consoler of the soul, often falling into a deep depression. And for Capricorn this is very important, even necessary. And it’s not a secret if the Cancer woman is reliably provided with material goods, they always try to please, protect their partners in marriage, to thank with warm feelings, sincerity and tenderness, loyalty and devotion. It so touches Capricorns, that they even in the most difficult cases go on a compromise. And under such conditions, the marriage union has something to hold on and even prosper.

Despite the fact that the nature of Cancer and Capricorn are very different, they together perform well each of their purpose, can realize the full potential and base strong families. In a perfect pair, Cancer woman and Capricorn man has a clear and unquestionable distribution of roles. For all decisions taken, only the Capricorn man takes responsibility. Cancer woman is quite satisfied. Unlike other signs of the zodiac, she does not fight for leadership in the family, and obediently agrees with everything that the Capricorn man tells her.

Moreover, he, next to such a gentle and soft woman develops his best features: responsibility and dedication. The Cancer woman trusts him, because she does not risk anything, he knows how to find the right solutions in a variety of situations. If a pair of disagreements arise, the Cancer woman is able to soften the conflict with her soulfulness and tenderness. She does not allow herself to interfere in "masculine" affairs, but creates a good psychological atmosphere and provides a moral rest to Capricorn. In return, it reliably protects it in difficult situations.

It can not be said that the Cancer woman is completely subordinated to Capricorn. All that concerns the family, the house, the creation of comfort, this is only its sphere of influence. She realizes herself in this union as wife, mother, mistress of the house, and Capricorn is one of those signs that help her in this. Also, in the Capricorn-Cancer compatibility pair, the Capricorn man thanks to her Cancer woman becomes more confident and stronger, as she gives him emotions, care and the opportunity next to her not to think about deeds. A woman in her relationship with Capricorn strengthens her psyche, thanks to the stability and confidence in the future that the Capricorn man gives her.

The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac of Cancer-Capricorn is that in this pair quarrels can be due to different sensitivity to the attitude towards the world. A Cancer woman often causes discontent for a Capricorn man for his touchiness, whims and strange, illogical behavior (Capricorn seems like this). The fact is that the Cancer woman lives more with feelings and emotions than with reason, while the Capricorn man, on the contrary, is rational and completely insensible beyond measure.

The woman-Cancer builds her relationships with people, not looking at the actions of others, but on their feelings. This attitude to life, she puts the man-Capricorn at a dead end: he does not have empathy and builds life rationally. He does not feel at all those waves of emotions that are available to the Cancer woman, and from this, her actions, convincing and reasoned for herself, seem Capricorn whims. At best, he writes them off as "women’s intuition." In fact, the world of feelings, for Cancer, is as material as for Capricorn — the world of things.

According to the compatibility of horoscopes of Cancer-Capricorn — in order to maintain a harmonious relationship in the family, the Cancer woman needs to learn how to control her emotions. Emotionality is one of its strengths. If you look at it from the positive side, it is the ability to feel people and their needs, to intuitively find the right solutions. But, on the other hand, these are constant jumps of mood, whims and resentment.

If a Cancer woman learns to control her negative feelings, her behavior will become more equal and harmonious, which will have the best effect on communication with people, and first of all, on the relationship with the Capricorn man. Develop your Moon qualities (namely, the Moon is responsible for emotions), learn how to use them when and where it is needed. If you do it, then you will make life easier not only for your Capricorn man, but also step forward far in the path of self-improvement.

Also, the Cancer woman should stop taking offense at the dryness, coldness and callousness of the Capricorn man. Behind his rationalism are hidden strong emotions, feelings, doubts and hopes.

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