Cancer Woman Gemini Man

The Cancer woman and Gemini man are two completely different, free personalities. Each of them chooses the road to life only in accordance with their own comfort and pleasure. The general qualities that couples are able to rally, is loyalty to difficulties, solving problems arisen quietly, without panicking.

Be a Gemini man with another woman, it is unlikely to be able to maintain balance and take adversity of fate. The Cancer Woman is a reliable support, knows how to correctly prioritize, with the help of her resolve any problem. From the side, people could say about them "live, each in itself." A changeable, impulsive man is a Gemini, he is not responsible, he does not bring things to an end. Assigning meetings, it may well forget, be late, postponed. As an employee, the authorities do not particularly favor. The Gemini man needs a constant "kick" to get the job done from him.

Cancer Woman A vulnerable, tender, trusting soul. Dreamer, loves loneliness, she is interested in her own world. In her dreams there is always a place for something unrealizable, incredible, all earthly desires are boring to her. In the union, the Gemini man and the Cancer woman are perfectly accommodating, she can "close her eyes" to excessive freedom, he will not bother her, does not burden her with her presence.

Relationships will be long, probably lead to marriage, if they communicate only in the home and relax together. It is not worthwhile for this couple to organize business, to work in the same enterprise, a joint stay will start to burden both. The compatibility of the Cancer woman and Gemini man will manifest themselves best if they have the opportunity to relax a little from each other. She is the best option for a beloved and loving wife who meets the tired Gemini who came from work.

The Gemini man sees in her a stable, prosperous, predictable woman. Some coldness and unobtrusiveness is more to his liking, than endless chatter, and open love. Cancer woman likes everything she does not like. He is such an inventor, an active optimist, a really thinking person.

In relations, the idyll can be disturbed because of outbursts of uncontrolled wrath of a woman Cancer, there is a secret desire to slightly "re-educate" Gemini, to prick a word, reproach, or impudently ridicule, subordinate control. The Gemini Man, sensing that someone is encroaching on his freedom, can hastily retreat.

In an intimate life of Cancer woman like unbridled, some rough partner. For her, the Gemini man is a kind of "teacher", she is his obedient "apprentice". Gemini embodies his immodest desires, he likes the suppleness and willingness of a woman. Stars are advised to be careful of pressure and hard pressure on each other, we should limit joint time, then a successful and long union is possible.

Cancer Woman and Gemini Man Compatibility

These signs have poor compatibility, but such pairs are common. According to the compatibility of Cancer women and Gemini men, their relationship is held either by great love, or by the benefits that one gets from another partner. In the first case, the couple is able to organize their little world for two, in the second they live in parallel with each other, not crossing anywhere except in everyday life.

The restless Gemini man and the thorough Cancer woman do not have much in common, however, they can complement each other. As a rule, the Cancer woman takes care of the house and the family budget for two, the Gemini man, too, for two, lives a busy, fairly free life.

In this situation, the Cancer woman has a lot of grievances, but she, unlike representatives of many other signs, usually avoids scandals, preferring to deal with insults in silence. An independent Gemini man is satisfied with this state of affairs. He hates most of all when he is sawed or cornered, so a patient Cancer woman for him in this sense is a real find. Marriage of the Gemini Cancer can last for a long time (until the Cancer woman has patience or until the Gemini man finds a new love), however, however well they complement each other, the true closeness between them, most likely, will not be.

A pair of Cancer woman and Gemini man is all different, and there is practically no common interest. But from the side to determine whether this couple is ideal, you can only on one basis — these people are happy and happy with life. Most often, relations in the compatibility of Cancer-Gemini are built on the fact that the extraverted Gemini man lives his life, and the introverted Cancer woman creates his rear.

Cancer is valued for its Gemini man for giving her the opportunity to realize herself as a woman. She can take care of someone, work at home, and provide emotional support. The Gemini Man is pleased and delighted with his economic and affectionate woman, but do not understand her, and does not particularly try. Gemini’s affairs in the outside world and their character, do not arouse the interest of the Cancer woman. Such pairs are ideal for their strength.

When the first enchantment of love subsides, the Gemini man and the Cancer woman see that they do not understand each other at all. Gemini is difficult with the vagaries and tacit grudges of Cancer, they either can not understand what happened, or do not notice the problem at all. In this case, the Cancer woman tries to bring the problem to Gemini, but she says it is in her own language — the language of emotions, and, to the Gemini, it seems that she starts to get even more capricious and hysterical.

The problem of compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac Cancer-Gemini is that the Cancer woman is strong with her feelings, and the Gemini man with her intellect. And as a result — a significant difference not only in views and opinions, beliefs, but even a different reaction to the same stimuli from the outside, from the outside. Hence, the complete mismatch of actions.

Such an alliance with a Gemini man brings to the Cancer woman many sleepless nights and a sea of tears. Exceptions and excitement alone, headaches and nervous attacks, eternal fortune telling and uncertainty: whether the husband will come home or not, whether he will go on a business trip or not, and if he goes — whether he will return from this business trip, for how long he leaves. Here, Cancer women can only give one advice — to live their minds, not to cry, not to put any ultimatums, for all this is simply useless. Do not wait for him every evening with tears and excitement, with a ready dinner and a cooked bed. The day will come and he will return.

A woman-Cancer is offended by the active social life of Gemini. She wants him to be with her as often as possible and pay more attention. She feels the need to share her dreams with a man, tell him about experiences, wants him to take all the tenderness and care that she can give — and instead the Gemini is always busy and too frivolous. And, when they try to explain each other’s needs to each other, they do not find the language that would be understandable to the partner. Gemini are too rational, and Cancers are too sensitive.

By compatibility horoscopes of Cancer-Gemini — it really is difficult for them to understand each other. The creation of a "one’s own language" and the search for mutual understanding can take a lifetime. And the Cancer woman is responsible for ensuring that this process is an exciting and interesting activity, not a burden.

The Gemini man is sociable and inquisitive. Like most men, he spends his life not only in relationships with his wife, but in a variety of other activities. A Cancer woman need to learn not to take offense at her man for the fact that he is often absent from home, but, on the contrary, is proud of him. You need to learn to spend time alone, rejoice at the meetings with the Gemini, but never demand them.

For a Gemini man — a Cancer female is a symbol of home, family care and warmth. Therefore, give it all to your spouse, and he will try to be at home more often. In addition, it is necessary that the Cancer woman in communication with the man-Gemini be sensitive, but not sad, emotionally mobile, but not capricious, interesting interlocutor and good mistress.

A Cancer woman does not need independence, and she subconsciously reaches out to strong men. If she chose Gemini, she needs to accept the fact that he always has many things to do and interests. This is an indication that he is a strong man, actively interacting with the world, and in fact she dreamed of a strong man! If he is attached to the house, he will become understanding and affectionate, then it is unlikely that he will become a reliable support for the tender and feminine Cancer woman.

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