Cancer Woman Leo Man

Their connection is the harvest of God, hardly anyone will be able to unravel the mystery of these categorically unlike people. Leo man, who lost his head from love for a Cancer woman, promises an interesting development and an unpredictable final of relations. Leo man and Cancer woman are intelligent, independent, logically thinking people. We must clearly understand that for joint existence they need to forget about ideas, subordinate, re-educate or manage the will of the partner. Everyone sensitively determines the slightest attempt to restrict freedom, and in a rage destroys the love halo of his half. Therefore, follow the tact, the ability to diplomatically negotiate, loyal to the personal space of the partner.

A simple flattery can tie a Leo man, but flattery is sincere, no one appreciates praise, appreciation for one’s actions, waits for worship and obedience on the part of a woman. He likes universal recognition, a wide audience, he likes to be in the spotlight. When he is noticed, admired, he literally shines, his posture expresses authority, masculinity, a true Leo’s nature. In his spirit, often disappear from home, do not delve into home life, he needs only his presence.

Woman-Cancer is a mistress, a wonderful mother, caring, attentive. She has all the positive epithets that can be considered a woman. She has an iron self-control, she is satisfied with the role of "in the shadows", adores solitude, fantasies and dreams that are unlikely to bring to life. Not slope to vivid impressions, does not like spontaneous acts and surprises.

The man Leo feels fine with her, it is satisfied with her some detachment from the world, mystery, incomprehensibility. Sometimes, of course, it can irritate her slowness, phlegmatic, but it is better to have an adequate, calm and reasonable wife than a person like him.

Cancer woman should try not to infringe the life of the Leo outside the house. Communication, meetings, friends, it’s his air, without it he "suffocates". If you still get him to give up his usual social life, he risks becoming a domestic dictator, an angry and unsatisfied man. Having lost credibility, the significance of it will only go out and be deeply unhappy. Fortunately, the Cancer woman is prudent and is unlikely to allow such a thing. A Leo man and a Cancer woman can become a happy compatible pair if they take a natural position. For example, she is a wife, mistress, mother, he is the breadwinner, patron, defender.

Cancer Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Cancer women and Leo-men — these people are opposite to each other, they can never change each other or affect a partner. But between them there will be the most fruitful and harmonious union that you can imagine. After all, they are the embodiment of the energy of the two luminaries, the Sun and the Moon. Like their cosmic counterparts, they do not intersect in characters, but are needed to each other for harmony.

Even if at the moment neither the man Leo nor the Cancer woman thinks about family ties, nevertheless, they both aspire to them all their lives. Although a Cancer woman and a Leo man can hardly be called similar, they are united not only by their views on marriage, practicality and love of solidity.

The Cancer woman does not seek leadership in the family, and for the proud Leo she is a real find in this regard. Usually in their marriage responsibilities are clearly distributed: the man-Leo is engaged in work and career, while the Cancer woman is happy to bring comfort to her home. True, the Leo man is not too happy with the habit of his wife to stay at home, while he himself loves going to parties and shining in society. However, in principle, there is everything in this union that can become for them a pledge of a successful marriage: both passion and respect for family values, and even a desire to understand each other. And although the latter for many other couples is from the realm of fantasy, the Leo-Cancer couple has a real chance of becoming a happy exception to the rules.

A pair of Cancer women and Leo men from the outside look very romantic and happy, which often causes envy among others. Even if their characters, education and views do not coincide, they easily adapt to each other, because to do this they just need to be themselves.

In an ideal pair of compatibility Leo-Cancer, both can realize themselves to the fullest. Leo man is a strong self-assured man, also generous and cheerful. In a pair with a Cancer woman, he develops his positive character traits to the maximum. This allows him to achieve great successes, posts, power and money, since the held Leo is beyond competition in all spheres. A caring economy of Cancer helps to save the acquired wealth and creates a comfortable life.

A soft, gentle Cancer woman, next to such a strong man as Leo, feels calm and confident. She also realizes herself as a real woman, taking care of her Leo. She becomes an excellent hostess, who is all well at home and always neat and beloved children. Cancer woman and Leo man usually have one or two little Children. They are well brought up and from childhood are able to build relationships with people.

The Leo man loves social life, parties and various cultural events. And he will try his best to make a sensitive home-woman cancer woman look like herself. At the same time, the Cancer woman is very jealous of Leo to his social life. Here it is necessary to understand both that you can not bring happiness to a person. If Leo moves and becomes a stay-at-home, then he will be a disgruntled and frightened tyrant. And if Leo "wins" and the woman-Cancer begins to attend cultural events, her psyche is significantly weakened, which can even lead to a nervous breakdown.

The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Cancer-Leo, which prevents both of them from living, is obstinacy. And the Cancer woman is stubborn. But she does not strive to change anyone, and the Leo man will press hard on his partner. The Cancer woman is ready to give in, sympathize and even sacrifice her own interests, but she will not change her identity under any circumstances, not even to please Leo. But the Leo is not inferior and the relationship in the pair can resemble a slow war, with periodic exacerbations in those moments when Cancer change’s mood.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Cancer-Leo — Cancer woman is soft and feminine, so she is quite able to avoid conflicts. If the Leo man begins to crush, then you should think about what does not suit him? Let’s open a little secret: firstly, the Leo wants his woman to be admired, but he loves even more when he admires and cares about him. Therefore, increase your concern for the man-Leo, make his life even more comfortable, and the psychological atmosphere in the house is even more pleasant. Feeling all this, Leo does not want anything to change. He will learn to appreciate a Cancer woman as she is — soft, caring, cozy and dreamy.

Another serious problem that can lie in wait for family life is the jealousy of the woman Cancer. It’s worth working on. Perhaps some kind of hobby and / or hobby, distracting from bad thoughts, will help. Also, it is worth remembering that if the Leo becomes obedient and domestic, then in time, instead of the king of beasts, he will turn into an ordinary domestic cat with a terrible character.

Also, the Leo man acts on the nerves of the often changing mood of the Cancer woman. And, one of the indispensable conditions for peaceful coexistence is that Cancer, as soon as Leo growls, immediately fell silent. And besides this, the Cancer woman needs to constantly and constantly praise him and admire him, applaud him. Before this, no Leo will stand, even the most savage, the most formidable.

Long before the marriage, the Cancer woman should carefully test herself to determine if she is capable of such a lifestyle, to a "feat" that can last for years and decades. Only if this condition is met, the Leo man will take care of her graciously, will finance it and even love it. And if it does not, then, of course, Cancer can not see either love or finance, nothing at all.

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