Cancer Woman Libra Man

Relations of a woman Cancer and a man Libra at first glance seem quite cloudless and the first time it is. But in the love relationship of the Libra man and Cancer woman can be absolutely unpredictable development and finale. If it comes to the registry office, then most likely they will be happy, will live long and amicably. But this is provided, if they stand all the obstacles, the difficulties of misunderstanding their partner.

Woman Cancer is a quiet woman, a lover of solitude and romantic dates. Love is looking for the unearthly and the eternal. In her dreams and illusions, the elect now and then confesses feelings, showering with ardent and greedy kisses. She sees what is wanted in the Libra man, and indeed, he is courteous, passionate, knows how to look beautiful, with flowers, poems and walks under the moon. In it there is a natural generosity, courage, a brave shoulder.

Libra man will not remain indifferent to the tender woman Cancer, she is feminine for him, dear, he will want to surround her with his caress, protect and protect. In a woman, Cancer lives a beautiful actress, her violent reactions to events in life, will amaze with the multifaceted roles and playing emotions. When next to Libra woman Cancer, then it awakens a stimulus for action, a desire for material achievements. Woman Cancer must take into account that for constant attention to yourself, a man needs to pamper, flirt, even if you are together for many years. The Libra man, in fact a "big child", for whom praise, a kind word, flirtation will never be superfluous.

Woman Cancer is a homemaker, does not like society, avoids contact with strangers. Her road is security, quiet life. Libra man on the contrary, seeks to communicate with numerous friends, friends, loves to demonstrate and manifest themselves in public. In this issue, an agreement is needed, otherwise the quarrel can not be avoided. The problem can also become indecisiveness, doubts in solving various issues and problems. Woman Cancer expects firmness, ingenuity from her Libra man, and he, in turn, causes constant irritation.

As a result, Cancer will have to be responsible for two, to take solutions to problems in their own hands. Otherwise, due to such disagreements, a protracted conflict is possible, even a gap is not ruled out. One way out, become loyal, do not conceal insults, close your eyes to the little things of life, give oneself to the feelings of love for the chosen one. The mutual portion of tenderness, love and kindness will help you find rest and peace. When there is no lack of feelings, attention, then love becomes only stronger.

Cancer Woman and Libra Man Compatibility

Relationships in this pair are difficult, but interesting: first the partners long and painfully learn to understand each other, which is not as simple as it seems. Then their union acquires an amazing harmony. According to the compatibility of Cancer women and Libra men, in this union, partners are in many respects similar, and this is both his dignity and his lack. The Libra man and Cancer woman are emotional and thoughtful natures, and can walk around the bush for a long time before making any important decision. That is why the period of courtship in this pair can drag on for months, if not for years.

In the life of a pair of Cancer-Libra, everything is usually progressed at the same snail’s pace, but thoroughly: first they can meet for a long time, then live together with their parents for a long time. But, if their relationship has started, then, as a rule, they last for many years, if not all their lives. In their life, they are very rare quarrels and violent clarification of relations: the Libra man prefers to discuss problems, and the Cancer woman experiences them silently.

The Libra man is more emotional and sometimes, in a bad mood, able to bring the Cancer woman to tears, but she knows how to quench conflicts in the very bud. In addition, they have excellent sexual compatibility, and their home, due to the economic nature of the Cancer woman, is usually a model of family comfort and comfort.

The ideal woman-cancer couple is a Libra man who was able to overcome difficulties and learn to respect each other. They do not seek to re-educate their partner, but accept him as he is and see the positive aspects in his "shortcomings". The Cancer woman and the Libra man are very different, but they have a rather harmonious and unusual union, full of romance and tender feelings for each other. The Libra man always knows how to please his partner, he spoils her with flowers, sweets, tickets for the concert — by what he considers to be pleasant and worthy gifts. Woman Cancer, in perfect harmony, is not jealous of her lover, trusts him completely and knows how to let go, because he knows that the Libra man values his freedom and respects the freedom of the partner.

As a rule, this couple has a beautiful, well-maintained house, where Libra strives to return. Of course, during the arrangement there were not any easy conflicts: the Libra man, undoubtedly, wanted the newest equipment and the most expensive household appliances, and Cancer considered such expenses to be in vain. But, in the end, they were able to agree in a way that suits them both. Interests in compatibility of Cancer-Libra are often different, therefore the house for them is something like a quiet harbor where there is only them, a little romance, humor and relaxation from the busy world.

In a woman-Cancer and man-Libra couple, there are a lot of difficulties. The Libra man is overly sociable, and devotes much time to the outside world. The Cancer Woman is jealous of him for all his numerous friends and endless work. The Libra man first stops at work, then goes to help friends, friends of friends, and then to all people on the planet Earth. Naturally owner — Cancer gets much less time than she would like. But the more she tries to limit the freedom of the Libra man, the more often he leaves home.

The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Cancer-Libra is that if the Cancer woman lives more in her inner world, then the Libra man prefers fun and entertainment in secular companies. Acclimatization, habituation and adaptability to this joint union are worthy of cares and troubles no less than "forty bags", and hard work - do not count. The lack of patience and goodwill often dulls feelings, cools the home microclimate, interferes with mutual understanding. And family life often looks in such a way that the Libra man spends all the time in a society where he is definitely the soul of the company, where he can falter "till I fall," then only the house, the kitchen and the children remain the lot of the Cancer woman. True, it is dominated and controlled only by it.

Often arise in this pair of disputes over money. The Libra man likes chic gestures, unplanned waste, chic surprises. He, without hesitation, can spend a monthly salary for a burning trip to some exotic country, and the economic woman-Cancer is not only uninvited, but also terrified. After all, with this money you could make repairs or buy a new washing machine. Of course, all attempts to "teach" a man-Libra treats money more carefully, are perceived with hostility.

The Cancer woman is very touchy and this also brings a lot of problems to this union. She is sensitive and can take to heart some words of Libra, and he does not even understand what he said that hurt. Also, at the beginning of the relationship, some hesitation on the part of Libra is possible. In this case, if you are firmly confident in the feelings of your chosen one, it will be appropriate to lightly push on it — perhaps, the only case when Libra needs to be pushed.

Compatibility horoscopes Cancer-Libra — in spite of the fact that there are a lot of difficulties in this union — all of them are surmountable if you are genuinely interested in the harmonious existence of your family. Firstly, both of you, and especially the Cancer woman, must accept that the partner is completely different from you, and treat this as a given. Of course, it will be better if the Cancer woman and the Libra man meet each other at the age of "a little over thirty".

As a rule, by this time both of them already have enough wisdom and some capital, thanks to this they are easier to negotiate. But, in any case, the woman-Cancer is worth remembering as an axiom: on Libra you can not push and try to manipulate them under any circumstances. The only thing you can do here is, in a calm environment, together consider all the pros and cons of this venture. The Libra man weighs everything, thinks and does it the right way, and not the way he wants.

The Cancer woman is quite touchy and the Libra man often does not even understand why he was offended. Do not save in yourself grievances, it is better to be gentle, tactful, but honestly express all the claims. Another problem for the Cancer woman is the congestion with the contacts and friends of her chosen one. Do not limit the freedom of the Libra man, it will only get worse. Show female cunning. Become the best for your Libra. Better friends, better than women, trying to seduce your chosen one - because Libra always chooses the best.

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