Cancer Woman Pisces Man

The couple of Pisces man and the woman of the Cancer sign, as an example of understanding, trusting and affectionate relationships. Their union is based on sensuality, kinship of souls, ideal understanding of a partner, his thoughts, desires, mood. And the couple is able to feel the state of the partner even at a distance. Especially clearly transmitted anxious and gnawing feelings of danger or foreboding.

Their characters are different, but not contradictory, unites their desire for self-knowledge and self-improvement, spiritual growth. Man Pisces and woman Cancer can change in character if they are together for a long time. Pisces man is a serious, modest, melancholy person. He is incredulous, struggling to get in touch with strangers. At the same time he has many friends, he likes companies with close people. In a Pisces man the Cancer woman finds firmness, confidence, experience. She is interested in his inner world, his soul, his thoughts. His calmness, composure, not the manifestation of violent feelings of love causes tension in her, because she thinks that the reason is indifference to her.

Pisces man sees in a woman Cancer an energetic, optimistic, emotional nature. She will subdue him with her care, attention, gentleness, femininity. It is desirable for a Pisces man to step over and eradicate his shyness, shyness, coldness, and become gentle, romantic, sentimental. In this case, the pair will deservedly be considered ideal and strong. In an intimate life, they have a mutual understanding and idyll. Both perfectly feel the partner, hear his desires, thus obtaining an absolute harmony and unity.

In a pair, both are committed to each other, do not lie and do not falsify. There is justice between them, there are no secret grievances, all claims are expressed without blunders and delicately, without offending the chosen one and without causing conflict. Both are very careful about their relationships, they value their chosen one, they see in him positive qualities, disadvantages cause leniency and loyalty. Small problems can arise only at the level of life, which is unlikely to destroy their relationship, but to spoil the blood with quarrels is quite capable.

Unfortunately, such couples rarely achieve high material well-being, so from time to time there are some manifestations of discontent. The couple needs to make plans for a comfortable existence, creating material savings, a financial base. Step by step, thinking through ways of obtaining results and ensuring life. Working together, they will find solutions and correct accents for effective achievement of the goals.

Cancer Woman and Pisces Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Cancer women and Pisces men — between this pair there can be not only a harmonious friendship or favorable cooperation, but also deep, mutual love, a happy marriage. And love often flares up here even "at first sight." Both Cancer and Pisces are well in this union.

A Cancer woman at first can think that she would be happier with a stronger man. But the longer she lives with the man Pisces, the clearer she understands that she is unlikely to get along with someone who is stronger than her, just as well as with soft dreamy Pisces.

The Pisces man and Cancer woman are very similar and therefore perfectly understand each other. In their life together there is usually no place for scandals and quarrels, although their dry relationship can not be called: they are wonderful lovers, together they are easy and good. A pair of Cancer-Pisces is a union of two dreamers and visionaries with a rich inner world.

The man-Pisces itself is impractical, but in life with the Cancer woman, as a rule, he begins to bring much more money into the house and in general becomes more responsible and rational. Woman-Cancer is able to diligently manage the economy and raise children, so that their quiet family life, full of tenderness and mutual understanding, can be called almost ideal.

This couple is bathed in love. Both the Cancer Woman and the Pisces Man never tire of saying tender words to each other, they are attentive and caring towards each other’s needs. These pairs are never created by calculation, they have a lot of sincere love. And Cancer, and Pisces next to yourself like that, can not hide their thin, vulnerable soul. They trust each other and share all dreams and experiences.

The fact that at times they are immersed in their inner world, as a rule, does not interfere with either one or the other. Their spiritual compatibility and unshakable mutual understanding help them everywhere and everywhere, especially when one or another high altitude flights alternate with severe falls. They always find the strength to help each other, to console, not to stint on support — and this is the main force and pledge of the fortress of their marriage.

In the compatibility of the Cancer-Pisces — both always have many ideas and plans that are jointly considered and discussed. Only if the Cancers live and are more in the world of illusions and fantasies, in the world of imagination, then the Pisces still recognize and prefer the real world with all its earthly joys and material goods.

Pisces is extremely in need of maternal feelings and unlimited care, tenderness and softness of Cancer woman. And accustomed to this, they can no longer do without their marriage partners "Cancer". Naturally, in these cases, their union can become both long and happy. On the other hand, the tenderness of Pisces, their strong sense of duty and responsibilities, a sense of responsibility create an extremely favorable microclimate for the "Cancers" both at home and in the family.

Next to the Pisces man, the Cancer woman becomes very strong and ceases to be a child. For her companion, Pisces, she becomes like-minded and reliable friend. The Pisces man often suffers from the fact that reality is rude and cruel to him, and thanks to the Cancer woman, he feels the vulnerability of his air locks. The Cancer Woman does not need the business successes of Pisces, and therefore instead of very average "generally accepted" successes Pisces develop their best features: mercy, kindness and imagination. As a result, they both become extraordinary personalities, and besides are happy.

The Cancer woman and the Pisces man understand each other very well, so serious quarrels between them are rare. Of course, they can take offense at each other, but quickly forgive and reconcile. The compatibility problems of the signs of the Zodiac Cancer-Pisces are not inside this pair, but in the outside world. Both male-Pisces and female-Cancer adapt very poorly to the surrounding reality. Both of these signs are too emotional, too sensitive. When you need to take some weighted decision, they are both helpless. Both Pisces and Cancers live in the heart, not in the mind.

The Cancer woman is a little stronger than the Pisces man, she can relocate herself and take responsibility. In terms of relations, she acts wisely, and in terms of money, she helps to solve the problem of her practical vein and caution. But, in other cases, often its solutions turn out to be wrong. With age, both - Pisces man and Cancer woman recognize the limits of their strength and try to avoid events that are beyond their ability. But a young couple often makes the wrong steps.

Another disadvantage that may be present in this pair is alcohol. When everything goes "smooth", both partners enjoy life, are happy and happy. But, if something went wrong, as they wanted, then often both begin their troubles to heat in alcohol or jam in the fog of drugs. This can continue for a long time, since both do not have the strength to cope with the difficulties. They can swim until they go to the bottom together with all their troubles, or a miracle and a worsened social situation or an unstable material basis suddenly and unexpectedly, through some happy event, begin to normalize. Then this couple again goes to the next period of recovery and happiness.

Compatibility horoscopes Cancer-Pisces — they are so similar that they have the same disadvantages. When a problem happens, they are very supportive of each other morally, but they can not find a way out of the situation. In such cases, they need help from the outside. The Cancer Woman and the Pisces Man are accustomed to living alone, and very rarely open their souls to outsiders and generally come close to people with difficulty. They rarely come to visitors, and they have full friends, but few close friends.

If a woman-Cancer is comfortable in her own home and with a male-fry good relationship, then she generally can be closed, since she needs nothing more. But in order for the couple to come to help in a difficult moment, you need to communicate with people. Find yourself friends, be friendly and learn to trust a few, but trustworthy people. You need to understand the importance of friends in your life and not isolate yourself and your partner in four walls. Then, in case of any difficulties, your friends will help you.

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