Cancer Woman Scorpio Man

The relationship between a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man begins with affection, a habit for each other. Often spending time together, they will find the opportunity to create a wonderful love relationship. Their external coldness for others is just a good mask, which disappears alone behind closed doors. Both can not tolerate the demonstration of their relations, the flashing of feelings and the love storm.

The Scorpio man is a calm, thoughtful, calculating man. In union, the man Scorpio will find in his chosen one so lacking tenderness, feminine tenderness, natural feminine beauty, he will admire his treasure, protect from adversity and take care of like a "little girl". This pair, capable at almost the level of an invisible connection, is sensitive to hearing the mood and desires of a partner, in truth, created for each other.

In the union, each of the partners, will study, feel the nature of the chosen one, wishing to understand his soul, literally read his thoughts, understand from a distance. At the same time, mutual affection will not become boring, in such close relations they are both happy and satisfied. Unpleasant moments, which can upset both, are quick temper, fierce anger, Scorpio men. In his spirit, scolding a lot of offensive, unfair words about the vulnerable woman Cancer.

Woman Cancer is vulnerable, sensitive, accepts words of injustice too close to the heart, it can lead to long-term isolation, closeness and unwillingness to go to reconciliation. Fortunately, the woman Cancer can quite stop and quench the conflict at its very beginning. Is able to diplomatically and delicately close the topic, bypass the outbreak of male anger.

The woman of the Cancer sign is a born mistress, mother, keeper of the hearth. She perfectly manages to combine homework, the education of children, and develop in the area of interest, engage in the implementation of their own projects. Woman Cancer is patient, ready to "close eyes" to Scorpio’s love, forgiving him for fleeting intrigues and hobbies. A prudent woman, is able to curtail her ambitions in favor of preserving the family, for the sake of children. For her, family values, man and children are important, she rarely decides to divorce.

The factor that can make Cancer decide to break is humiliating actions, a rude treatment to it. Fortunately the Scorpio man is not a despotic person. The stars assure that a couple of a Scorpio man and a Cancer woman can become happy, but under certain conditions. In order to achieve harmony and happiness, the man of Scorpio must regularly prove his loyalty, reliability, strong love and affection. Woman Cancer is able to appreciate the nobility, love and loyalty of a partner, in turn, it will maintain peace and idyll in family relationships.

Cancer Woman and Scorpio Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of Cancer women and Scorpio men, this is a good and interesting combination. The Scorpio man and the Cancer woman, as a rule, are drawn to each other, they are well together, and the feeling of novelty may not pass even in a year of close relations. They are interested in being together, because no one will ever understand them the way a partner understands. The Scorpio man, having met the Cancer woman and feeling the arrow of the Cupid in his heart, immediately rushes to a legitimate marriage. And if the partner is already busy, then he will be quiet and calm, humbly waiting for "his own hour."

In a pair of Cancer-Scorpio, any everyday problems disappear by themselves. The only thing that Cancer always and constantly has to reckon with is the jealousy of Scorpio — with the monolith of unshakable views, opinions, beliefs that you can not move, you will not change, you will not destroy. God forbid that a flame of jealousy should inflame, it is very difficult to extinguish it, and in the future neither vows nor assurances will help either. And, the result will be sad and bitter for both sides.

From the side of the couple, the Cancer woman and the Scorpio man seem calm, stable and prosperous. But, within the pair itself passion is boiling. They are sensual and sensitive, but prefer not to show their emotions in the presence of strangers. A Cancer woman and a Scorpio man seemed to find their soul mate. They are two parts of one whole. They share common interests, similar temperaments. Even the disadvantages they have been the same. They are friends for each other, friends, lovers and partners.

For both, a big role is played by children, their upbringing, as well as family values and traditions. They carefully store old albums, letters, and in the evenings love to revise them and indulge in memories. In their family they find understanding and support. Since in a pair of Scorpio-Cancer compatibility, a lot in common, they can always agree. Both are rather jealous, but they understand each other’s feelings, so they try not to give the partner grounds for jealousy.

The difficulties in this pair are few and if desired they are easily eliminated. First of all, in this pair the Cancer woman suffers from the coldness of the Scorpio man. A Cancer woman is very important to know that she is loved, Scorpio is trying to show her feelings to her, but, according to Cancer, not often enough. As a result, the Cancer woman may take offense and become withdrawn in herself. The Cancer woman is used to experiencing grievances in silence, but it is better not to allow this.

The problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Cancer-Scorpio is that the Scorpio man is a fighter, he stubbornly moves forward and is set for battles of universal scale, and for the woman Cancer the problems of home and comfort are first. With his violent outbursts of emotion and burning jealousy, Scorpio can hurt Cancer, she is inclined to drive her insults inside.

The Scorpio man values in his chosen one a mystery that can not be fully understood. So do not show your dependence on Scorpio. Both a Cancer woman and a Scorpio man are quite thrifty and do not like to spend money on trifles. But, it brings boredom and routine into their life. It is necessary to allow yourself to sometimes relax, for example, to arrange a romantic dinner, which, of course, will have to be spent.

In addition, both partners who are inclined to sit at home, should occasionally go out into the "light." According to compatibility of horoscopes of Cancer-Scorpio — harmony in this marriage union, basically, it is created, supported and depends on the woman-cancer, which more "thinks" the heart than the head. She with true skill creates that atmosphere of the house, that warm microclimate in the family, which is so necessary for her partner-Scorpio.

It is important, and perhaps most importantly, that both partners, except for the warm hearts and ardent feelings, also have a strong desire to preserve their joint life as long as possible. Fidelity and devotion to common ideals, common goals, as well as a common desire for this is a solid foundation of this union.

In order for the family to be always in harmony, it is not worth sacrificing one’s interests for the sake of each other. No matter how well you are together, sometimes let your friends into "your world for two". Do not confine yourself to each other’s company, otherwise sooner or later you will become, read each other’s books and get bored. Also, different interests will warm up the interest of the Scorpion jealous you, but at the same time accustom him to the idea that you can be trusted.

The Scorpio man is faithful to his partner, so the Cancer woman should not make him stormy scenes of jealousy, or do it so gently and subtly that it flattered the self-esteem of the Scorpio man and did not cause resentment. Also, the Cancer woman should understand the temperament of her partner and the fact that if he does not tell you about love every day, it’s only because he believes that everything is clear, why unnecessary words. So its some coldness is not a sign of alienation, but a property of character.

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