Cancer Woman Taurus Man

About the compatibility of the Cancer woman and Taurus man can be said to perfectly complement each other, as they say, "two pair of boots". Both are economic, adherents of comfortable living conditions, cleanliness and comfort reign in their house, the Cancer woman always pampers her family with something delicious, she is full of fantasy and experiments in the kitchen.

Taurus and Cancer, they build their alliance on calm notes, without flashes, storms and scandals, they bypass it. In moments of partner anger, stay away, so as not to aggravate the situation. Taurus likes to spend time with the family, is able to provide his family with material wealth. He cares about the future of children, the satisfaction of the beautiful wife’s requests. He is devoted to blood, never leaves his parents without support, honors and respects family traditions.

Woman of the Cancer sign is an economic, intelligent, soft nature. She has a wonderful taste, she often changes the design of rooms, she likes to remodel everything in a fashionable way. In her house, all the latest technology, all the best. Woman Cancer, a man who loves himself, will never hurt himself, will not "plow" from dawn to dusk. She is inherent in suspicion, pickiness for trifles, demanding of her appearance. Young Cancer woman before marriage, devotes much time to study, she likes to play sports, she always follows her figure. She is alien to the generosity, the attitude of the soul to plowing. She does not feel comfortable in the company of strangers.

A remarkable feature, she is devoted to old things, do not be surprised if her house finds an antique thing and dear heart, grandmother’s casket. Man Taurus for love relations is cautious. In his biography there are no fleeting novels and relationships for one night. Taurus will be charmed by a prosperous, trustworthy Cancer woman. Her femininity drives Taurus crazy, he literally melts in the embrace of tenderness and sensuality in the hands of this woman.

Cancer will conquer the Taurus man with his intelligence, good manners, a manner of communication, a desire for a prosperous and full life. For marriage, the approach is thought out and weighed, thanks to the easy "pushing" of the Cancer woman. In pairs, both signs are true to their partner. In their relationship there is no place for falsehood, deception, betrayal.

Too adhered to each other, both are striving for a happy life. They are not scandalous, moderately jealous, adequate in their outlook on life and in general, there is a high compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac. Union of Taurus man with Cancer woman is considered successful, rests on a strong, but not passionate love, on the desire of both a calm and stable life.

Cancer Woman and Taurus Man Compatibility

According to the compatibility of the Cancer women and Taurus men — excellent relations can be formed between them and a complete understanding is a reliable pledge of a firm foundation, both for the marriage union itself and for marital relations and family life. They have a lot in common. Both love the home, dream of their own home — cozy and comfortable, about a garden with flower beds, a garden, etc. If Cancer and Taurus take under more strict control the negative traits of their character and disposition, they will impose a ban on stubbornness and obstinacy, then their marital relationship can become a lasting union "for ages", in which both partners truly love each other.

The Cancer woman is naturally domesticated, and the economic Taurus man strives for stability and well-being, so that both can fully appreciate the fidelity, constancy and comfort of the family hearth. In this union, each of them acquires a caring and faithful companion of life, which you can rely on in everything. A Cancer woman and a Taurus man have good sexual compatibility, in addition, they both expect marriage to be approximately the same: coziness, warmth, stability and comfort. Their relationship in both love and family can become almost ideal for them!

The feeling of mutual sympathy between them, as a rule, arises quite quickly, although at first their mutual relations are based only on a friendly basis. The sober realism of the Taurus man soothingly affects the agitated imagination of the Cancer woman.

Under the law of nature, each person attracts in his partner what he himself lacks, which could complement it. Cancers quickly become discouraged, fall and retreat from their goal due to lack of perseverance and endurance, endurance and perseverance, especially at longer life distances. That’s where their only hope and savior can be a man-Taurus, in abundance endowed with these qualities of character. And the feelings of duty and duty in Taurus are always marked only by the "seal of reliability", and this is exactly what is so necessary for Cancer and its life together with it.

Many people may feel life in the compatibility of Cancer and Taurus boring and monotonous. But, they are happy in their "paradise for two" — a strong relationship and a cozy home — this is the main thing that is important for them. The Taurus man acts as a reliable stone wall for the Cancer woman, behind which you can hide from stress. It is believed that Taurus is one of the best partners for the Cancer woman.

The motto of this union is strength. These people always try to be together, after work they hurry home. With children, as a rule, also a good relationship, because they gave their love to them in full. A woman cancer and a Taurus man together plan their future, rest together and with pleasure save money for something necessary.

Complexities in a couple Cancerwoman and Taurus man is little. The main problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac Cancer-Taurus is hidden in the character of the Cancer woman. It is emotionally unstable and has a tendency to dramatize or aggravate the situation. Man Taurus is an earthly sign, so it is difficult for him to understand women’s hints, overtones and mood swings. And this, accordingly, offends the woman Cancer, which, with its inherent introversion, will remember this offense, will keep it and experience it again and again, while the Taurus man does not even understand what he did or said something wrong. The good news is that Taurus is the only one of the whole Zodiac who calmly transports all the soul crises of Cancer without affecting the state of one’s own soul.

There are times when a Taurus man can start to consider a Cancer woman his property, to show excessive jealousy. Of course, such a relationship to a woman-Cancer is going through especially hard. A Cancer woman and a Taurus man are concentrated in their world for two. Taurus does not tolerate "outsiders", former friends and girlfriends. They are immediately eradicated. This is the insidious pitfall in these relationships. Over time, this can result in either boredom and fatigue from each other.

According to the compatibility of the horoscopes of Cancer-Taurus, the main thing that it is necessary to understand the Cancer woman is that one should not allow the Taurus man to treat himself as a property. Taurus perceives this as a weakness and eventually ceases to respect such a partner.

Also, the Cancer woman needs to understand and accept a certain earthiness of the Taurus man. You need to learn directly, but gently tell him what you do not like or what you would like. Do not expect from the Taurus manifestations of telepathic abilities. If you do not tell him, he will never guess. Many unpleasant experiences can be avoided if you are ready to not respond to your sentimental outbursts or depressions. This does not mean that he does not love you, he just does not understand you.

To maintain family harmony, the Cancer woman and the Taurus man need to have personal "external" interests. This will help to stay always interesting for each other. In addition, a small jealousy of the Taurus man to the interests of the Cancer woman will go only for the benefit of the relationship in this pair. It also helps to avoid typical manifestations of the middle-aged crisis in men.

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