Capricorn Woman Aquarius Man

The airy, fabulous relationship between Capricorn woman and Aquarius man is like a real story from a soap opera. Representations about life are both far from the vital problems of life, they do not tend to correctly perceive reality and therefore frequent impulses to solitude, melancholy. Being together in a pair each of them lives his life, there is no mutuality and common understandings, goals.

In the union, an example for others to follow is their mutual assistance and support. In difficult situations, they are not given to relaxation and despondency, they are armed with optimism and follow the right and deliberate steps together. It is possible that after passing the period of love, everyone will see the essence of their partner and be upset. Because in the first minutes of love in their partner they see only positive and acceptable qualities.

Capricorns in their character warehouse are rather two-faced persons. They perfectly know how to hide their true face, giving out what they want to see to their interlocutor. The same similar tricks are used by Aquarius. Because their relationship is very rare. There is no clarity, an understandable and stable outlook. Man Aquarius is looking for simplicity, modesty, sincerity in a woman. In the woman Capricorn, cunning, vindictiveness, stubbornness is getting on.

A woman Capricorn adapts to any conditions, everywhere finding a benefit and a comfortable side for herself. It is inherent in secrecy, the ability to be mysterious, but for many strange. Make every effort to tame the freedom-loving Aquarian man, to entrust to him a heap of duties and responsibilities. A man of Aquarius misses domestic chores, is irritated and dull from grayness and everyday life. It is alien to monotony, dimensionality, calm lifestyle, it draws to adventure, he is a dreamer, inventing different stories. Often such men do not burden themselves with physical labor and in general with work. But they all change this position, if there is a strong incentive, an inner impulse. It’s great if Aquarius finds himself in art, opens talent, chooses a humanitarian kind of development in the profession. Where there is no clarity, there are no borders, there are no specific restrictions and laws.

The pair is considered difficult to be compatible, but there are chances. Go to the level of good and good relations will help a strong love, respect for his chosen one. The simplest way with a sense of humor, you can avoid many scandals and ridiculous quarrels. Having manifested endurance, coming out to established family traditions and life style, life will flow calmly and measuredly.

Capricorn Woman and Aquarius Man Compatibility

In compatibility, the Capricorn woman and Aquarius man are not very similar to their views on life, but, nevertheless, they are able to become very happy. In emotional terms, the family compatibility of Capricorn and Aquarius is quite complex. The Aquarius man is eccentric, and the Capricorn woman is very serious. They are drawn to each other, finding in the partner what is most lacking. The Capricorn woman admires spontaneity and inner freedom in the Aquarius man. A man-Aquarius appreciates the goal-orientation and organization in the Capricorn woman. He can always count on her help in implementing plans and desires.

In everyday life, a man Aquarius can be irritated by the desire of a Capricorn woman to subordinate her life and the lives of others to a clear order. In a perfect pair of Capricorn female and Aquarius male, both partners complement each other and find in the spouse what they themselves lacked. So, the Capricorn woman feels always young, if there is a partner, born in the sign of Aquarius.

If Capricorn is still young enough, next to a man Aquarius, she becomes more relaxed, her seriousness and responsibility are pushed to the back. She feels the support of a male Aquarius and knows that in case of any problems he will help her and will necessarily figure out how to cope with them. In adulthood, the Capricorn woman next to the Aquarius man sees new perspectives. Thanks to him, her horizons expand, and she already sets higher goals than just career growth or social status.

The Aquarius man next to the Capricorn woman is never a failure. A lucid Capricorn woman helps him stay practical at a time when the idea completely captures him. At the same time, she carefully takes care of him and at the same time acts as a breakthrough manager. Therefore, her favorite genius alongside her achieves great results.

The problem of the compatibility of the signs of the Zodiac of Capricorn and Aquarius is that in their family union quarrels can arise at the everyday level. Difficulties in relations will arise because of an attempt to "educate" and to impose their views and views on life on the man-Aquarius.

For the Capricorn woman, stability in relationships and certainty are important, and this, just the same, is the weakest place for the Aquarian man. The Capricorn woman is a leader by nature, and she will certainly try to correct her man, but, until good, it will not lead. The Aquarius man is stubborn and can not be changed. Unpredictability, freedom and indispensability are the qualities that a Capricorn woman will hardly accept. It is also difficult for her to get used to the originality and extravagance of the Aquarian man, to his joke-jokes and unconventional outlook on life.

Aquarius man, in a family union with a Capricorn woman, can irritate her excessive desire to restore order to everything and subordinate life to strict rules. In such cases, the Aquarius man can simply escape from pressure, leaving the family for a while or forever. To prevent this, the Capricorn woman needs to become less demanding, and the Aquarius man - to learn to observe at least elementary rules in life.

It is worth noting that the problem with freedom-loving and non-mandatory Aquarius man is mainly found in young couples whose relationships are just starting to get tied up. When the family is already established, this issue is not urgent. Wife-Capricorn — calm, not curious and does not want to be aware of all matters of the husband-Aquarius.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Capricorn and Aquarius, in order for the Capricorn and Aquarius women to have a harmonious relationship, the Capricorn woman will need a little effort to prevent quarrels with her husband. It is worth noting that if the relationship has deteriorated, then the quarrel can be very protracted, so do not bring to this. A Capricorn woman has very good personality traits that will help her keep her family well. One of them is leniency. If a Capricorn woman is strong, but there are almost no weak "goat-pigs", then she is able to forgive a lot for others.

The second feature is a sense of humor. The Aquarius man, like no one else, is able to appreciate the specific sense of humor of the Capricorn woman. If you feel tense situation, then just laugh at the situation. When a Capricorn woman take herself as a rule to do so, she will soon discover that she no longer wants to remodel Aquarius. For it, his friendliness, originality of thinking and fearlessness will become important.

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