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The Capricorn woman and the Cancer man are wonderfully compatible and complement each other. Absolutely clearly, as if by instinct, they take their roles in everyone’s life. Capricorn woman is strict, responsible, by nature "educator", who knows how to praise and punish. Fair, she estimates all the actions of her man. A Cancer man, with such a lady, feels "at ease", since it is such a role that a slave likes. He is proud of his own ingenuity, a mind that allowed him to conquer such a woman.

Woman Capricorn values’ transparency of relations, does not allow falling into any kind of dependence, mental, material, love. The Cancer man does not understand how to comprehend and even subjugate this woman a little, to point out his masculinity. Therefore, he takes offense, goes "into himself." Capricorn does not like tears, panic, she has a man’s character traits. But outwardly she is feminine, refined, monitors fashion, chooses only the best for herself. They say about it, "iron will", "a man in a skirt".

In the union they lack the wisdom, patience to listen and penetrate into the meaning of the words of the partner. But they perfectly cope with the lessons of life, benefit from the mistakes made. Excellent in this pair is that they understand the weaknesses in their relationship, working on the mistakes.

Man-Cancer is an incredible owner, protecting his half from male attention. True jealousy of his amusing and sweet, and, fortunately, not dangerous to others. Jealous Capricorn, in this case is very aggressive and is able to greatly damage his opponent. In general, a couple has the same views on relationships, they are not inclined to intrigue, treason, the role of adultery is not for them.

For this pair, the joint business, the common cause, will be very beneficial and effective. Her mind and intuition, his patience and consistency can bring them huge dividends. However, the conclusion of marriage at a very early age can involuntarily "grow" a Cancer from a Cancer and a bore who will never cease to need custody. Ideally, if a man-Cancer is several years older than a woman Capricorn.

Behind the mask of a low-key Capricorn woman lurks a passionate nature in bed, a lover of a romantic halo, as she grows up, becomes a liberated, temperamental priestess of love. Cancer in the vicinity of Capricorn experiences real magnetism, gaining real pleasure from owning this woman. The exchange of emotional flow helps them gain additional energy and improve their tone.

Successful development of relations is not only determined by horoscope compatibility. Separately, these signs are similar in their energy, they are easy to understand the partner, they equally perceive life. The Union is just doomed to a happy and long life.

Capricorn Woman and Cancer Man Compatibility

Family compatibility of Capricorn women and Cancer men meets quite often. It can be safely said that these two are literally created for each other. When they meet, they immediately get a mutual sympathy, they are drawn to each other, but the relationship develops slowly, but they get stronger day by day and can survive if not all life, then long enough. A Capricorn woman and a Cancer man have much in common. For them, the main values are the house and family, the traditions of the family. In marriage, Capricorn and Cancer can safely rely on each other, in their lives there are no scenes of jealousy and violent clarification of relationships, but calm love, support and mutual understanding reign.

It is in marriage with a Cancer man that a Capricorn woman can discover in herself inexhaustible reserves of truly feminine qualities, which she herself had never suspected before. A man-cancer in union with this woman becomes more courageous and bold.

The only thing that marred the family life of an ambitious Capricorn woman is the reluctance of the man Cancer to reach career heights. Although, very often, a representative of this sign is used to count on herself and on her own strength. Therefore, she is ready to exchange her "places" with her husband and give him all the trouble on the au pair, while she herself will try on the role of a successful businesswoman.

The family union of the Capricorn female and Cancer male can rightly be considered the happiest of all the zodiac. The Capricorn woman and the Cancer man perform the same karmic task, but approach it from different angles, so it seems to many that they are opposites. In fact, these two perfectly complement each other and help to see their own sphere of interests, but on the other hand they also find new ways of self-realization.

In this couple, the leader of the couple, most often, is the Capricorn woman, and the Cancer man occupies the position of a homebody. The Capricorn woman provides reliable stability due to her circumspection and caution, and the Cancer man perfectly feels any changes.

In a pair of compatibility Capricorn and Cancer can also realize the classic version of the family union, where Capricorn is firmly established as a wife and engaged in household management, and the Cancer man, thanks to such a reliable rear, makes a successful career. In any case, no matter how the roles are divided, this couple will be happy and successful.

The main problem of compatibility of signs of the Zodiac of Capricorn and Cancer is a different temperament and emotionality. The Capricorn woman is amazed at the speed with which the Cancer man’s mood changes. She can not follow these swings from wild joy to sudden sadness. Moreover, he can easily abandon the plans she planned because of the surging sadness. The Cancer man is very sensitive and can take offense at anything. Disrupt it can as the events of the day, so unpleasant memories (sometimes even made-up).

When a Capricorn woman encounters this behavior of her spouse, she immediately starts or solves a problem that makes the Cancer man’s mood spoiled, or tries to cheer him up, stir up, cheer. But it turns out that this behavior makes a very big mistake. Man-Cancer in moments of emotion is not waiting for the solution of problems, but for participation and encouragement. At this time there is nothing more important than he himself with his feelings. As a result, the Capricorn woman, trying to help the Cancer man, becomes insulted by him.

It is especially difficult when a Cancer man is hiding in his burrow and is experiencing difficulties silently. The Capricorn woman also does not like superfluous words, but when problems arise, she tries to discuss and constructively solve them. And what is happening in the soul of her husband, she is extremely difficult to understand.

According to the horoscope of compatibility of Capricorn and Cancer, so that in their family harmony reigns, the Capricorn woman will have to learn to understand her husband, and this will require the talent of a psychologist and ... patience. As for the latter, the Capricorn does not hold him. Give time for the Cancer man to learn to trust you, and then he will willingly share with you his feelings. His isolation concerns only strangers, and with loved ones he willingly discusses his experiences. At this time it is very important not to break it, do not show that it is not interesting to you at all, and not try to solve the problem right away. In a relationship with a Cancer man, the best help is to listen carefully to him and show respect for his feelings.

One more thing, which is worth mentioning, is the apology. It so happens that the Cancer man suddenly spoiled the mood, and the Capricorn woman is busy with important matters and forcedly ignored it. Do not leave an apology for later. People born under the sign of Cancer are very vindictive. In addition, past grievances are as important to them as the real ones. It may happen that, after many years, the Cancer man will go into depression, remembering this episode of your inattention.

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