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The real snow queen, inaccessible to such a man as Leo, the Capricorn woman is able to give him attention if he realizes that a person is able to make her happy, give unearthly pleasure, lead to perfection of personal qualities. Their relationship has clear contours, they do not have a blur or nebula. Everyone understands the outcome of the union perfectly, everyone’s reaction is predictable.

A great lover of the society of women, probably not found. Surrounded by women and at the center of their attention, he feels comfortable and at ease. The man-Leo is attractive, his character is flexible, his manners are refined, while he is brave, warlike, can safely disarm any impregnable lady.

To win and capture the heart of a Capricorn woman, you need a strategy, patience, you have to invent occasions for meetings, ingratiate, looking for a key to the soul of Capricorn. Capricorn woman is restrained, adheres to strict rules, strong life position, is firm in decisions, her opinions and choice are unconditional. Outwardly, the woman is cute, with impeccable taste, femininity, will not tolerate neglect, will not forgive betrayal, betrayal, both from girlfriends and lovers.

In a man, the desire to show her the world with all its colors will wake up, remove the mask of shyness, restraint. Attempts to get into the soul will be stopped, since for Capricorn more time, patience is needed. Capricorn shows a long-term distrust, afraid of disappointments, forced loneliness.

In relations with Leo, the Capricorn woman will demonstrate the ability to lead family life, their home will become a fortress, where comfort reigns, the atmosphere of peace and good. A woman in love Capricorn is capable of compromises, but only with a person who is sure. The leader in the relationship, no doubt, will be the Leo man, he will get this role without struggle and claims. The Capricorn woman sincerely believes that the head of the family should be a man, responsible for material prosperity and a prosperous life.

After a period of ups and downs, the couple may well expect a successful marriage. In adulthood, a couple will become less focused on small things, more to direct their aspirations to achieve professional growth, move along the career ladder.

Capricorn Woman and Leo Man Compatibility

The family compatibility of the Capricorn women and the Leo men can be long and happy only if the Capricorn woman develops her feminine qualities and learns to give in. Then she will become not only a wonderful wife and a caring hostess, but also the best friend of the Leo man.

The Leo-man and the Capricorn woman are two strong men. Between very often there can be disputes and conflicts because of the struggle for leadership. Both are proud and have a strong-willed character. If the Capricorn woman can not calm down her ardor and business activity, she can not give the reins to her man, then their family will crumble like a house of cards.

Capricorn and Leo are attracted to each other, and common goals and views on life help them overcome psychological incompatibility. A Capricorn woman and a Leo man in any society takes a leading position. Both partners are purposeful and powerful people who are leaders each in their own environment. Over the years, the Leo man becomes more and more serious and cold. He gives his warmth only to close people to those who are "from his circle". Capricorn in a perfect match with the man-Leo looks quite happy life, successful and self-confident.

If you look at the relationship of the spouses from the inside, you can see that both are quite pleased with their choice of life partner and marital status. Their passions and power struggle are quickly subsiding, leaving only affection and mutual calculation. Both the Capricorn woman and the Leo man are ready to easily abandon the senses, if instead of them they will receive respectability, reliability, stability, a stable position in life. Despite the successfully developing family life, even in the ideal pair of Compatibility Capricorn-Leo, romances on the side of both spouses are possible.

The main problem of compatibility of the Capricorn and Leo Zodiac signs is the same as that of all strong people. Both partners are powerful people, striving to take a leading position in everything. Well, if the Capricorn woman is successful in her career and realizes her ambitions at work, she plays the part of the boss, and at home, the Leo man completely gives her the head in the house as the mistress of the family hearth. But, if both spouses were unable to realize themselves in their careers, then they begin to demonstrate their strength to their partner.

The Capricorn woman turns into a vindictive, capricious, dissatisfied wife and all, literally surviving from her husband’s house. A Leo man, begins to behave in the family as a "capricious" king. In quarrels and disputes no one can yield and does not see his guilt. Just these two can not part, and they fight to the last.

It is worth noting that in this struggle there is no winner, only losers are. As soon as you feel that you want to tell the Leo to the man, tell him how he should act, or if suddenly you have a thought: "Nothing, I’ll take revenge for it" — you know, you took the path of war and Spoil not only your fate, but also the fate of your beloved Leo man.

According to the compatibility horoscope of Capricorn and Leo, the most important rule, observing which, they can achieve harmony is wait, endure, not throwing words of accusation and reproaches. All can be corrected until you have used your sharp tongue. If the clouds are clouded over your family, wait, after the rain the sun is necessarily looking out. A new day and new good moments with your loved one will show you that there is much good in your family. If you suddenly feel unhappy, do not show it, do not start quarreling and finding out the relationship. If the "storm" begins, the man-Leo will not forget him, and you are unlikely to stop halfway.

Another way, thanks to which in a pair of Capricorn female and the Leo male there will be fewer quarrels, and consequently more harmony — self-realization. Both partners just need something to do with the air. It will help them not only to open up, but also to redirect energy.

Also, the Capricorn woman needs to learn to play a secondary role, and just help her husband in his work. Becoming a reliable support for him in work and at home, you will receive a good reward — an excellent relationship in your pair.

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